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you, nor need you care to know. Try effectual method is to wrap a rag wet it. It won't cost you near as much as with hot water around the neck, and quinine or patent medicines,

let it remain a few seconds. The heat When travelling in Europe, some will expand the neck of the bottle, years ago, we had a severe attack of when the stopple can be removed becolic, and was told if we would crawl fore the heat penetrates the stopple down stairs head-foremost, it would itself. eure it, we doubtod; but the pains SQUINTING. - Squinting frewere so severe, we were ready to try quently arises from the unequal anything; so down wo went, - and strength of the eyes, the weaker eye hard work it was ; but we forgot all being turned away from the obabout the colio! It is good exercise | ject, to avoid the fatigue of exer-- lifting oures are nowhere, compared tion. Cases of squinting of long to it. Lazy people do not like this standing have often been cured by cure, but it will (for the time) cure covering the stronger eye, and thereby even laziness,

compelling the weaker one to exorTo Remove a Fish-bone, or any- tion. thing sticking in the throat, take a Method of Ascertaining the State fresh hen's egg, break the shell, and of the Lungs. - Persons desirous of swallow the contents raw.

ascertaining the true state of the lungs To Restore Faded Writing: are directed to draw in as much breath When writing by common ink has as they conveniently can; they are become faded by age, so as to be nearly then to count as far as they are able, or quite illegible, it may be restored to in a slow and audible voice, without its original hue by moistening it with drawing in more breath. The number a camel's-hair pencil or feather dipped of seconds they can continue counting in tincture of galls, or a solution of must be carefully observed; in a conferrocyanide of potassium, slightly sumptive, the time does not exceed ten, acidulated with hydrochloric acid. and is frequently less than six seconds; Either of these washes should be very in pleurisy and pneumonia, it ranges carefully applied, so that the ink may from nine to four seconds. When the not spread

lungs are in a souud condition, the time Sharpening Lead Pencils.--A nar- will range as high as from twenty to row blade ---- à pen-blade -- should be thirty-five seconds. used for this purpose, as the back of a To Avoid Catching Cold. - Acouswide blade is almost certain to break tom yourself to the use of sponging the lead point just before the point is with cold water every morning on first finished." A little thought will readily getting out of bed. It should be folshow the reason of this,

lowed by a good deal of rubbing with Removing Corks from Bottles. - a wot towel. It has considerable Sometimes a cork is pushed down into effect in giving tone to the skin, and the bottle or vial which it is desirable maintaining a proper action in it, to remove. A very effectual way to do and thus proves a safeguard to the init is to insert a strong twine in a loop jurious intluence of cold and sudden and engage the cork in any direction changes of temperature. Sir Astley most convenient. It can then be Cooper said, “The methods by which withdrawn by a strong pull," the I have preserved my own health are-cork generally yielding sufficiently to temperance, early rising, and sponging pass through the neck.

the body every morning with cold Loosening Ground Glass Stopples. water, immediately after getting out -Sounetimes the ground glass stopples of bed, a practice which I have of bottles become, from one cause or adopted for thirty years without ever another, fixed in the neck, and cannot catching cold." be removed by pulling or torsion, An How to Prepare Sea - Water.

There cannot be a question that by far compulsion, or procured by fraud, it the simplest plan would consist in the may be voided, evaporation of the sea-water itself in A CONTRAOT may be orally, or in large quantities, preserving the result-writingIf formally agreed to, either ing salt in closely stopped vessels, to orally or in writing, it is special. If prevent the absorption of moisture, inferred from the acts of the parties, it and vending it in this form to the con- is an implied contract. sumer; the proportion of this dry, A Bond is an instrument in writing saline matter being fifty-six ounces to under seal. The party giving the bond ten gallons of water less three pints, acknowledges his indebtedness to a This plan was suggested by Dr. E. certain amount, with a provision that Schweitzer, for the extemporaneous if the party who gives the bond does formation of sea-water for medicinal some particular act (for which the baths. The proportion ordered to be bond was given as security) then the used is six ounces to the gallon of obligation is void, otherwise it shall water, and stirred well until dis- remain in tull force, solved.

Idiots, LUNATIOS, common drank: Indelible Ink TO MARK LINEN | ards, minors, and those incapacitated WITH A PEN, – Twenty two parts car- by age or intirmity, are not competent bonate of soda are dissolved in eighty- to make contracts, tive of distilled water, and twenty parts

THE SUBJECTS of contracts must be of pulverized gum arabic are dithised legal acts or transactions; but illegality through the menstruum. Eleven parts will not be presumed, it must be of nitrate of silver are then liquefied in shown. twenty parts of ammonia. The mixed CONTRACTS to do illegal acts are fluids are next warmed in a tlusk, by void. The law will not compel any which they become grayish-black, and person to break it, or enforce immopartly coagulated; subsequently brown rality. and clear; then, when ebullition com- THERE must be a valuable consider mences, very dark, and of such a con- ation in contract to make it valid--it sistence that it will tlow readily from may be relationship or attection. The

consideration may not be adequate, but INDELIBLE INK FOR MARKING it must have some real value, and must LINEN WITH STAMPS OR STENCIL | be stated, PLATES. --Five parts nitrate of silver, A WRITTEN contract must contain twelve parts distilled water, tive parts the whole of the agreement; oral testipowdered gum arabio, seven parts car- mony will not be admitted to vary it, bonate of soda, and ten parts ammonia, GooD FAITH is essential to a valid Mix the carbonate of soda and the gum contract; fraud will make it void, arabic in the distilled water, then in PARTIES to a contract are supposed a separate vessel, dissolve the nitrate to know the law; their ignorance in of silver in the ammonia, then mix the relation to a question of law will not two liquids and heat them in a flask, invalidate a contract; but ignorance of until it acquires a very dark tint, the fact excuses an illiterate man who Both of these inks become blacker by signs a deed which is read to him washing

julsely, and will invalidate it.

An Assignment is a transfer in " I wish every man knew enough law to keep out of it." - Lard Bucu.

writing of the title or interests of one

party to another, and is only valid An Agreement is a contract be- when made in good faith, tween persons to do or refrain from An Assignment made with intent to doing certain things,

hinder, dolay, or defraud creditors, is A CONTRACT, to be binding, must be void, 'It made for the benetit of ered. mutually understood. If made under | itors, it must be an absolute surrender

the pen,

of all the debtor's effects. If any he must consent to act in the matter, effects are secretly held back, it is if the two arbitrators come to a deci. fraud and punishable.

sion, the referee is not called upon to An assignment, like any other con- act; but if they cannot come to a deveyance of land and other property, cision, the points in dispute between must be acknowledged and recorded. them are submitted to the referee,

No particular form is required. Any whose decision is final. language showing an intention to AFFIDAVITS. -- An affidavit is a transfer an interest is sufficient, statement in writing, subscribed to by

Know all men by these presents, That the party making it, and sworn to I, A, B., of Boston, in consideration before a notary public, or other qualiof one hundred dollars, to me in hand, fied officer. paid by C, D., have sold and assigned RECEIPTS. – A receipt is a writto c. D, and his assigns, all my ten acknowledgment of payment, but right, title, and interest in the within it is not absolute in its character. If written instrument, and to the pro- error or fraud can be proven, the receeds thereof; and I do hereby au- ceipt will not stand, thorize him, in my name or otherwise, A receipt given for money wherein but to his own use and at his own the person signing it is to use the cost, to enforce the same according to money for a certain purpose, is an its intents.

agreement, and will bind the giver of Witness my hand and seal, this the receipt to use the money as deseventh day of August, 187

scribed in such receipt.

A. B. (SEAL.) A receipt given in full of all deExecuted and delivered

mands, is only good for its face. If a in the presence of

larger amount is legally owing, it may Arbitrations and Awards. --- An be collected on proof. But it may be agreement by parties to refer mat. rendered good for the full amount by ters in dispute between them to other referring to it as a compromise, and parties for a decision, is called a sub- stating that it is given as a settlement mission.

for the greater amount. Where it is The persons to whom the point in intended to be a legal release of all dedispute are referred, are called arbi-mands, it is better to take a receipt in trators. An award is the decision the form of a release, stating a considrendered by the arbitrators.

eration, The submission may be withdrawn by either party from the arbitrators, $50.

PHILADELPHIA, Maroh 10th, 187 any time before the award is made, Received of A.' B., fifty dollars on the party so withdrawing paying the account.

C. D. whole costs. But if the award is made in writing, it can be enforced. While an award must not embrace

New York, February 8th, 187

$100. any extraneous matter, it must em

Received of A. B, one hundred dolbrace everything submitted ; must not lars, in full of all demands for labor to bo uncertain in its character, but spe


C, D, cific in its terms, and clear and dis- I, A. B., of Chicago, in consideration tinct in language.

of one hundred dollars to me paid by In ordinary cases of arbitration, it c. D., the receipt of which is hereby is usual for each party to name a per- acknowledged, do hereby release the son as his arbitrator, and for those said C, D, from all demands of any arbitrators so appointed, before consid- kind or nature which I may have ering the matter submitted to them, to against him. As witness my hand and appoint a referee; this referee must seal, this tenth day of June, 187 . be satisfactory to both arbitrators, and

A. B. [SEAL.]

A Bill of Exchange is an instrue $700.

Boston, June 1211, 187 ment in writing drawn by one persou Four months after date, I promise upon another, requesting him to pay a to pay to Charles (oles, or order, seven sum of money to a third person, or to hundred dollars, for value receivedl, himself, or to his order, absolutely and with interests at all events

And, in default of payment, I hereby When no time for payment is stated, appoint A. B, or any attorney-at-law, they are payable on presentation. to appear in any court of record, at any

When no place is named for pay time, to waive the service of procere, ment, they should be presented at the and confins a judgment in favor of said place of business, or at the residence, Charles Coles, or his assigns, of the acceptor.

Witness my hand and seal, this

twelfth day of June, 187 $200. PHILADELPHIA, May 21, 187

PHILIP JONA. (BRAL} Thirty days after date pay to the Allesi, Georar AUSTEN. order of Jolin Jones, two hundred dol

A Letter of Credit is a letter writlars, for account of merchandise, Feb

ten by one person to another, request. ruary 24, 187

ing him to muvance money, or sell Value received, and charge the same goods to the bearer or person named, to account of


and undertaking that the debt which To HENRY HARRIS,

may be thus contracted shall be paid. Albany, NY

PHILADELPWA, August 3d, 187 BONTON, Maroh 4th, 187

Meeers. J. B. & C., Fulton , New York. $100.

Gentlemen : Mr. Edwin James is At night, pay to the order of George coming to New York to buy goods for Davis, one hunden wir dollars, for his business, Will you please deliver balance of account to date. Value received, and charge the same

to him goods to any amount not over

two thousand dollars, and I will hold to account of CHARLES L'ABCHAL

myself accountable to you for the To HENRY ANUMBAI),

amount, if Mr. James does not pay New York


Please inform me of the amount A Promissory Note in much the you give him credit for, and, if he de same me a bill of exchange, being a

Tault in payment, advise me immewritten promise by one person to pay

diately to another persona certain, eum of

I am, gentlemen, your obedient een money, absolutely and at all events.vant, FRANKLIN J. WILLIAMS If made payable to order, it is nego- A Promise to pay something, not tiable.

money, is not a promissory note, but $200. PennuANT 24th, 187

an order.

When given for a certain amount Four months after date, I promise to or money, payable in merchandise, pay to the order of A. B., two hundred and the payment is not made within doilare, value received. 0. D.

the time mentioned, the amount can *3300.

JULY 1rl, 187

be collected in money. It can be arTen daya alter date, I promise to pay signed to other parties by indorsement, to A. B., ihree hundred dolla, value re- $300.

('HICAGO, July 2001, 181 ceived.

C. D. Thirty dny Mer date, I promise to A Judgment Note is a note with pay Henry Miller, or order, three power of mitorney attached, authorining hundred dollars, in mod merchantthe holder to enter up judgment if it able hay, at market price. is not paid when due.

Joun D. UALE

A Due Bill is simply a written tract, if the person buying them refuse acknowledgment by one person that a to receive them, the seller may retain certain sum is due to the person them, and, first giving notice to the named.

buyer, may sell them, and, if loss from Bostos, 9th June, 187 . it, he can recover from the refusor. Due John Hall on demand, seventy Landlord and Tenant. -- The perdollars, value received.

son from whom houses or lands are FRANK SURE.

holden, or rented, is the Landlord. An Order is a written request from The person who holds, or rents, a one person to another.

house or land, is the Tenant. Boston, 9th June, 187 . A lease is a contract, by which a To Henry Jones & Co.

landlord empowers a person to take Please pay to John Hall, or order, possession of a certain house or land one hundred and fifty dollars, and in consideration of a certain rent. charge the same to my account.

A lease for a longer period than a FRANK SURE. year must be in writing. A Check presented at a bank where : PRECAUTION. – In taking a lease, payable, for certification, and marked the tenant should carefully examine good by the proper officers of the the covenants, or if he take an underbank, will bind the bank to pay it. lease, he should ascertain the cove

A person is not compelled to accept nants of the original lease, otherwise, or pay the draft of another, although when too late, he may find' himself so be inay owe him as much, or a larger restricted in his occupation that the amount of money, unless he received premises may be wholly useless for such money for the purpose of protect his purpose, or he may be involved in ing such draft, except he be a banker; perpetual difficulties and annoyances ; in this case, if he holds enough funds for instance, he may find himself reof the drawer, he must pay it. stricted from making alterations con

An Agent is one authorized by venient or necessary for his traile; he others to act for them in transactions may find himself compelled to rebuild, with other parties, and may be either or pay rent in case of fire; he may special or general. Special is when find himself subject to forfeiture of the agent is authorized to act in cer- his lease, or other penalty, if he should tain cases, or capacity named.

underlet' or assign his interest, carry The appointment may be in writing on some particular trade, etc. or orally, or implied from the action COVENANTS. — The covenants on the of the principal, without showing any landlord's part are usually the grantexpress authority.

ing of legal enjoyment of the premises À Factor can sell goods, deliver to the lessee; the saving him harmless them,

and take payment therefor. from all other claimants to title; and A Broker differs from a factor in also for future assurance. that he only arranges the business for A tenant is not liable for taxes unless two principals, but his bought and it is so stated in the lease. sold potes bind both parties to a con- AssignmENTS. — Unless there be a tract. He may receive the purchase covenant against assignment, a lease money only when authorized to do so.

may be assigned, that is, the whole inIn contract for sale, the title does not terest of the lessee may be conveyed to pass to the buyer on delivery, if the another, or it may be underlet; if, condition be made that the title shall therefore, it is intended that it should not pass until the goods are paid for, al- not, it is proper to insert a covenant to though they may be delivered at and re- restrain the lessee from assigning or main in the store of the purchaser. underletting. Tenants for terms of

When goods are sold, and only years may assign or underlet, but ten. require delivery to complete the con- | ants at will cannot.

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