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difficult vehicle to manage (varnish) in not to allow it to touch the blank applying it to the glams, the manufac paper; then lay the drawing, face turer now preparex his paper differently, downward, on the object to be ornia in order to allow the use of parchment mented, taking care to place it at once size in sticking them on the gluma. The where it is to remain, as it would be

1 liqueur diaphanie, which is finally ap- spoiled by moving. If the varnish, on plied, renders them perfectly transpa- its first application, is too liquid, alrent. In this mode of operation, no low the picture to remain for about ten delay is requisite, the designs being minutes to net. Moisten the cloth with (applied to the glass immediately after water, and lay it gently on the draw. laying on the size, taking care to pressing which has been previously laid in out all the air-bubbles, for which purpose its place on the object to be decorated; a roller will be found indispensable. then rub it over with the paper-knife The designs should be damped before or roller, so as to cause the print to adthe size is applied to them.

here in every part; this done, remove DECALCOMANIE.-This recently the cloth, well soak the paper with 4 discovered and beautiful art consists in camel-hair brush dipped in water, and transferring colored drawings to glass, immediately after lift the paper by one porcelain, china, wood, silk, furniture, corner, and gently draw it off. The plaster of Paris, alabaster, ivory, paper, picture will be left on the object, while paper hangings, windows, tea trays, oil. The paper will come off perfectly white. cloth, and all kinds of funcy articles; Care must be taken that the piece of in short, materials of any kind, shape, cloth, without being too wet, is sufor size, provided they possess a smooth ficiently so to saturate the paper comsurface, can be decorated with decal pletely. The drawing must now be comanie; the immediate result being washed with a camel-hair brush, in an exact resemblance to painting by clean water, to remove the surplus hand. The art itself is simple and in- varnish, and then left till quite dry. genious, and while affording agreeable On the following day, cover the picoccupation to ladies, it may be made to ture with a light cost of the fixing serve many useful purposes, on account varnish, to give brilliancy to the of the numerous objects which will ad-colors. mit of being thus ornamented.

TO ORNAMENT DARK-COLORED THE MATERIAL EMPLOYED IN OBJECTH, such as the bindings of DECALCOMANIEC are - 1. A bottle of books, Russia leather, blotting-cases, transfer varnish for fixing the draw- leathern bags, etc., the picture must be inge. 2. A bottle of light varnish to previously covered with a mixture of pams over the drawings when fixed. 8. opaque white varnish, taking care not A bottle of spirit to clean the brushes, to pass beyond the outline of the deand to remove those pictures which sign. On the following day, proceed ; may not be successful. 4. A piece of according to the instructions given in beaver cloth about nine inches square. the preceding paragraph. 6. A paper-knife and roller. 6.* Two TO ORNAMENT SILK PAPER, OR or three camel-hair brushes. 7. A ARTIOLEH WHICH WILL NOT BEAR basin of water. 8. A bottle of opaque WETTING. - Varnish the picture with varnish.

the transfer varnish, as previously exINHTRUCTION).- Thoroughly clean plained, following the outline of the and free from grense the article to be design, then allow it to dry for an hour decorated; then, having cut off the or two ; when quite dry, pasy a damp white paper margin of the drawing, sponge over the entire surface of the dip one of the brushes into the trans- sheet, so as to remove the composition fer varnish, and give it a very light which surrounds the picture, and coat, being especially careful to cover which may spoil the object. Let the the whole of the colored portion, but paper dry once more, and varnish the

picture again with the transfer varnish; | most important duties have fairly in about ten minutes, place it face begun. The errors of youth may be downward on the object to be deco overlooked; want of purpose, and orated, and rub it with the paper- even of honor, in his earlier days may knife or roller, over the whole of its be forgotten. But from the moment surface. Finally, moisten the paper of his marriage be begins to write his with a wet brush, allow it to remain indelible history; not by pen and ink, sufficiently long to become moist, then but by actions—by which he must ever strip the paper off. To remove a spoiled afterwards be reported and judged. picture from any object, dip a soft rag His conduct at home; his solicitude in the essence, and rub it over the i for his family; the training, of his surface.

children; his devotion to his wife; his TO INSURE A SUCCESSFUL Result, regard for the great interests of etercare must be taken to give a very light nity: these are the tests by which his coating of varnish to the parts to be worth will ever afterwards be estitransferred. When the varnish is mated by all who think or care about first applied it is very liquid, and must him. These will determine his posi. remain ten minutes, the best condition tion while living, and influence his for transferring being when the var- memory when dead. He uses well or nish is only just sticky, without being ill the brief space allotted to him, out too .

, to build up a THE FOLLOWING Designs WILL BE founded upon the most solid of all FOUND THE MOST ELEGANT AND AP- foundations-private worth; and God PROPRIATE.- Flowers of every variety, will judge him, and man judge of him, bouquets, tropical birds, flowers and accordingly. fruits in imitation of aquatint, garlands Custom entitles you to be considered with cupids after Watteau, and gar- the “lord and master” over your lands with birds, domestic scenes, pears household. But don't assume the and cherries, apples and plums, white master and sink the lord. Remember grapes and plums, black grapes and that noble generosity, forbearance, peaches, plums and mulberries, large amiability, and integrity, are among bouquet of roses, bouquets of moss roses the more lordly attributes of man. As and pansies, bouquets of small came- a husband, therefore, exhibit the true lias, bouquets of wall-flowers and pop- pobility of man, and seek to govern pies, bouquets of orange-blossom, me- your own household by the display dallions, various subjects, birds' nests, of high moral excellence. A domiGothic initials and monograms, fleurs- neering, spirit-a fault-finding petude-lis ; borders various.

lance-impatience of trifling delaysHERALDIC DECALCOMANIE is an and the exhibition of unworthy pas. extended application of this art, the sions at the slightest provocation, can arms and crests of persons or families add no laurel to your own “lordly” being emblazoned in their proper col- brow, impart no sweetness to home, ors according to the rules of heraldry, and call forth no respect from those and prepared for decalcomanie. Ar- by whom you may be surrounded. It morial bearings, thus embellished, serve is one thing to be a master—another admirably to ornament and identify thing to be a man. The latter should the books of a library and pictures of a

be the husband's aspiration; for he a gallery, to decorate the theme of a who cannot govern bimself is ille banquet, the invitations to a soirée, qualified to govern another. and by their brilliant colors will give If your wife complains that young an elegant effect to the table decora- ladies “pow-a-days" are very forward, tions.

don't accuse her of jealousy. A little Hints for Husbands. When once concern on her part only proves her a man has established a home, his love for you, and you may enjoy your triumph without saying a word. Don't streams, and leap from their element evince your weaknenn either, by com- in rowintless costasy ; cattle group in plaining of every tritling neglect, penoeful nooku, by cooling streams ; What though her chair is not sot no even the flowers seem to love, as they close to yours as it used to be, or twine their tender arms around onch though her knitting and crochet soom other, and throw their wild tresses to absorb too largo a share of her about in beautiful profusion; tho attention, depend upon it, that as her happy mwain nits with his loved and eyou watch the intertwinings of the loving mistrons beneath the sheltering threads, and the manqúvrou of the onk, whose arms spread out, as if to needles as they dunoo in compliance whield and manotity their pure attachto her delicate tingors, who is thinking mont, What shall the husband de of' courting days, love-letters, smiles, now, when earth and heaven seem to tears, suspicions, and reconciliations moet in happy union ? Must he still by which your two hoarta boonmo pore over the calculations of the ontwined together in the network of counting-house, or ceaselessly pursue love, whose moshen you can neither the toils of the work-room--- sparing no of you unravel nor oscape.

moment to taste the joys which heaven You can hardly imagine how refroslı- measuros out NO liberally , No! ing it in to occasionally call up the l'o- Como, doar wito, let us once more collection of your courting days. How broathe the fresh air of heaven, and tediously the hours rolled away prior look upon the beauties of earth. The to the appointed time of meeting; how summon are fow we may dwell toswiftly they seemed to fly when you gether; we will not give them all to had met; how toud was the first groot- Mammon. Again lot our hearts glow ing: how tender the last embrace; with emotions of renewed love our how forvent were your vows ; how foot shall again trend the green sward, vivid your dreams of nature happiness, and the musio of the rustling trees when, returning to your home, you shall mingle in our whisperings of felt yourself nooure in the confessed love!" love of the object of your warm attoo- If you meet losses, and times are tions! Is your dream realized I are hard, tell your wife just how you stand. you us happy as you expected? Con Show her your balance sheet Let her sider whether, as husband, you are look over the items, You think it an forvent and constant as you were will hurt her foelinga. No, it won't do when a lover. Remember that the any such thing! She has been taught wito's olains to your unremitting ro- to believe that money was with you, gard, great before marringe, are now just as little boys think it is with their exalted to a much higher degree. She Mathers - terribly hard to be reached, hun left the world for you --the home yet inexhaustible. She has had her of hor childhood, the tireside of her suspicions already. She has guessed parents, their watchthil care and sweet you were not no prosperous N you Intercourse have all been yielded up for talked. But you had no betogged your you. Look, then, mont joulously upon money aftairs that she, poor thing, all that may tend to attract you from knows nothing about them. Tell it homo, and to woakou that union upon right out to her, that you are living which your temporal happiness mainly beyond your income. Tako her into depends; and believe that in the partnership, and we'll warrant you 'll solemn relationship of husband in to never regret it. be found one of the best guarantees for A Wifo's Power. --The power of man's honor and happiness,

wife for good or evil in irresistible. Summer in the nouson of love! Home must be the seat of happiness, Happy birds mate, and ning among the or it must be forever unknown, A trees; tiskos dart athwart the running good wito is to a man wiadom, and


courage, and strength, and endurance. the exclusion of that pleasing converse A bad wife is confusion, weakness, dis- which you formerly enjoyed with him. comfiture, and despair. No condition Don't hide the paper ; don't give it to is hopeless where the wife possesses the children to tear; don't be sulky firmness, decision, and economy. There when the boy leaves it at the door, but is no outward prosperity which can take it in pleasantly, and lay it down counteract indolence, extravagance, before your spouse." Think what man and folly at home. No spirit can would be without a newspaper. Treat long endure bad domestic influence. | it as if a great agent in the work of Man is strong, but his heart is not civilization, which it assuredly is,adamant. He delights in enterprise and think how much good newspapers and action ; but to sustain him he have done by exposing bad husbands needs a tranquil mind and a whole and bad wives, by giving their errors heart. He needs his moral force in to the eye of tbe public. But manage the conflicts of the world. To recover you in this way: when your hushis equanimity and composure, home band is absent, instead of gossiping must be to him a place of repose, of with neighbors, or looking into storepeace, of cheerfulness, of comfort; and windows, sit down quietly, and look his soul renews its strength again, and over that paper; run your eye over its goes forth with fresh vigor to en- home and foreign news; glance rapcounter the labor and troubles of life. | idly at the accidents and casualties ; But if at home he find no rest, and is carefully scan the leading articles; and there met with bad temper, sullenness, at tea-time, when your husband again or gloom, or is assailed by discontent takes up the paper, say, “My dear, or complaint, hope vanishes, and he what an awful state of things there sinks into despair.

seems to be in Europe!" or, "What a Hints for Wives. If your husband terrible calamity at Santiago !” or occasionally looks a little troubled “Trade appears to be flourishing in when he comes home, do not say to the north ; " and depend upon it, down him, with an alarmed countenance, will go the paper. If he has not read “What ails you, my dear?”. Don't the information, he will hear it all bother him; he will tell you of his own from your lips; and when you have accord, if need be. Don't rattle a done, he will ask, “ Did you, my dear, hailstorm of fun about his ears either. read Banting's Letter on Čorpulence ? Be observant and quiet. Don't sup- | And whether you did or not, you will pose, whenever he is silent and gradually get into as cosy a chat as you thoughtful, that you are of course the ever enjoyed; and you will soon discause. Let him alone until he is in- cover that, rightly used, the newsclined to talk; take up your book or paper is the wife's real friend, for it your needlework (pleasantly, cheer, keeps the husband at home, and supfully; no pouting---no sullenness) and plies capital topics for everyday tablewait until he is inclined to be sociable. talk. Don't let him ever find a shirt-button Don't imagine, when you have obmissing – a shirt-button being off a tained a husband, that your attention collar or wristband has frequently pro- to personal neatness and deportment duced the first hurricane in married may be relaxed. Then, in reality, is life. Men's shirt-collars never fit ex- the time for you to exhibit superior actly; see that your husband's are made taste and excellence in the cultivation as well as possible, and then, if he does of your dress, and the becoming elefret a little about them, never mind it; gance of your appearance. If it remen have a prescriptive right to fret quired some little care to foster the about shirt-collars.

admiration of a lover, how much more Never complain that your husband is requisite to keep yourself lovely in pores too much over the newspaper, to | the eyes of him to whom there is now no privacy or dinguino -- your hourly of domestic happiness, the amiability companion! And if it was due to your of the wife and mother is of the utmost Jover that you should always prenent importance -- it is one of the best neto him, who proposed to wed and curities for the II AVVIN DAM ON Hlomu. cherish you, i nent and lay like Perchance you think that your hususpect, how much more in he entitled band's disposition is much changed ; to a similar mark of respect who has that he is no longer the sweet-tem. kept hin promine with honorable fuelrlity, pered, ardent lover he used to be. This and linked all his hopes of future hapa may be a mistake. Consider his strug piness with your ! 1' you can manage glem with the world - his everlasting those matter without appearing to rnce with the bully competition of mtudy them, so much the better, Home trade. What is it makes him no enger husbands are impatient of the routine in the pursuit of gnin #o energetic of the toilette, and not unterunably by day, so pleepless by night but his MO

they pontosan active and energetic love of home, wife, and children, and spirit, morely disturbed by any warto * dread that their respectability, wcof time, Home wives have discovered conding to the light in which he has an almirable fucility in dealing with conceived it, may he encroached upon this difficulty; and it is a secret which, by the wtrife of existence? This is the having been discovered by some, may true secret of that wilent care which be known to all, and is well worth the prey upon the heart of many men ; finding out.

and true it in, that when love I least It is astonishing how much the apparent, it is nevertheless the metivo cheerfulness of a wife contributes to principle which animate the heart, the happiness of home. Hhe is the sun though fears and diappointments make

the centre of a domestic system, and up a cloud which obscures the warmer her children are like planeth around element, As above the clouds thero her, reflecting her raya. How merry is glorious sunshine, while below are the little ones look when the mother in showers and gloom, no with the conjoyous and good-tempered; and how duct of man behind the gloom of emily and pleasantly her household anxiety, in a bright fountain of high labors are overcomel ller cheerful and noble feeling. Think of this in new is reflected everywhere: it is seen thong moment when clouds moem to in the pontneme of her toilette, the lower upon your domestic pence, and, order of her table, and even the most by tempering your conduct record. Honing of her dishem. We remember ingly, the gloom will moon Pass away, bearing a husband any that he could and warmth and brightness take it always gauge the temper of his wife hy place, the quality of her cooking good tem- Woman has always been described por oven influenced the rendoning of IN clamoring for the last word : actors, her soups, and the lighthoem and deli- authors, prouchers, and philosophers, cacy of her pustry. When ill-tomper have up reed in attributing this trait to pervadea, the pepper i dushed in his a her, and in censuring her for it. Yet cloud - penchance the top of the pep why they should condemn her, unless per-box is included, as 'n kind of a they wish the matter reversed, and thus diminutive thunderbolt: the mult in all committed themselves to the error in in lumps; and the spices neem to be puted to her, it were difficult to die tuke themselven to one spot in a pud-cover. However, wo it is; and it reding, as if dromling the frowning face mains for some one of the nex, by an above them. If there be a burimind exhibition of noble example, to nid in who could abuse the smiles of a really sweeping away the unplesuant impu. good-lompered wife, we should like to tation. The wife who will entablish Took at hím | No, no, such a phenome the rule of allowing her husband to non doon not oxint. Among olomonta | have the last word, will achieve for

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