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pensation, as well as the Jewish, there are many things by you to be done and avoided; the omission or commission of which will occasion a forfeiture of the reward, notwithstanding all that Christ hath done and suffered to insure it to you.-God, therefore, seeing how present enjoyments would affect us, than future, in both cases ordained punishments to be a second part ; and a tremendous part, of his fanction.


Let any one read over the remaining part of the 28th ch. of Deuteronomy, and he will see all the blefsings I before described, changed into curses, denounced against the disobedient; and cannot but tremble at the terrible denunciations ; more ef



pecially when he finds in the sequel of the sacred history, that all these threatnings were literally executed.

But what is the expulsion from the land of Canaan, to a privation of the heavenly Jerusalem, and to be thrust into outer darkness! What the loss of father, mother, brother, wife, and children, to the exclusion from the conversation of saints and angels? to weep and wail and gnash the teeth with condemned sinners, and infernal fiends ? What the burnings of a fever or a pestilence to the scorching torments of the fire, that never shall be quenched; or the bite of the most venomous serpent to that of the worm that never dieth? What even the displeasure of God for a season (though that is intolerable) to his


everlasting vengeance poured forth upon disobedient, impenitent, and incorrigible offenders.

Would you

Are these things harsh and grating to your ears ; and do they discompose your careless ease, and disturb your imaginations ? Are they not also true and certain to come upon you, unless you watch and labour to keep them from you. have me only prophecy unto you smooth things ; to hold up to your view (as it were) a landscape of heaven for your curiosity and entertainment? without unfolding to you the draught that is 'annexed to it, of the horrors of hell and the torments of the damned, to awake your conscience and to alarm your fears? Then should I be an unworthy minister of


the glorious gospel of Christ ; ungrateful to you, and unfaithful to my God.----Be it therefore my glory (as it is my duty) to say with Moses, (and may I always truly say it) “See, " I have set before thee this day, life

and good, and death and evil! I

call heaven and earth to record " this day against you, that I have

set before you life and death, blessing and cursing : therefore chuse life, that both thou and thy feed

may live ;” and that eternally ; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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MATT. XX. 6.

Why sand ye here all the day idle ?


ITH what propriety this

question was put by the master of the vineyard, in a worldly senke, will easily be understood, and readily be acknowledged. All must be sensible of the evil effects of idleness in men of any worldly occupation ; because their welfare is immediately, and their very subsistence would in the end be affected by it. And the only allowable excuse that could be made, by the husbandmen, who had continued unemployed till the last hour of the day, was the



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