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“ all her paths are peace,” notwithstanding he found it burthened with many troublesome rights and ceremonies; well therefore might our blessed saviour, when he had freed it from those incumbrances, say of it,

My yoke is easy, and my burden

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" is light.”

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The principal rules whereby ye

to regulate your conduct are these, " Whether ye eat or drink,

or whatsoever ye do, do all to the

glory of God;” and “ sanctify the " Lord God in your hearts." These rules duly observed, ye will keep up a constant frame of religion in your minds; and in all your lawful occupations, to which the duties you owe to your families or your country may call you, even there it is poflible for K


you to serve God at the same time, and in short ejaculations to present your hearts before him. Nor is it to be doubted, but the humble and sincere,

God be merciful to me a fin56 ner!”, fent

up in the hurry of bufiness to the throne of grace, will be accepted, as well as the more leisurely and orderly performances of devotion,

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Nor is God so rigid a task-master as to allow no relaxation. For however active and indefatigable the soul may be, yet the body would link under the incessant labour of the mind.

He hath therefore ordained the night for our repose; and innocent and lawful recreations and a musements, by diverting the attention for a little time, serve to whet


the appetite for divine contemplations; and to make us return to our duty with alacrity, and perform it with liveliness and chearfulness : not with a gloomy backwardness; as if compelled by necessity: but as of choice, and with eagerness.

Let me, however caution you to look

upon religion as the end of your being, and therefore your fole business in this life; so that whatever your various occupations may be, they are to be subservient to this main end, the glory of god and the

your own souls :---and with this admonition I conclude, heartily praying to God, that when ye shall be called to an account at the last day, ye may not be found to have


good of

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stood all the day idle; but that every one of you may receive his hire ; may be admitted into the kingdom of heaven; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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G A L. vi. 7.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked : for

whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

The covered

, immediately relate

HE words before me, it must

be owned, immediately relate to one particular duty, that of hearers communicating to their teachers in all good things. But the motive which the apostle uses to enforce the practice of this one duty, may with equal propriety be applied to the practice of all others belonging to the christian religion;

6. God is not ? mocked; for whatsoever a “ soweth that shall he also reap.”



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