Annual Report of the Indiana State Board of Agriculture, Volume 30

Front Cover
Indiana State Board of Agriculture, 1889
Vols. for 1869- include Annual report of the Geological Survey of Indiana.

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Page 530 - Resolved, That it is but a just tribute to the memory of the departed to say that in regretting his removal from our midst we mourn for one who was in every way worthy of our respect and regard.
Page 105 - ... far as possible, the instruction which he receives. He, for example, not only receives instruction in regard to the theory and principles of drawing, pattern-making and machine construction, but he is required to make working drawings himself, to construct patterns, to make the castings in the foundry, to finish and set up the machine and to operate it when it is completed. This combination of the theoretical and the practical, characterizes the...
Page 245 - commercial fertilizers," as used in this act, shall be taken to mean any and every substance imported, manufactured, prepared or sold for fertilizing or manuring purposes, except barnyard manure, marl, lime and wood ashes, and not exempt by the provisions of section one of this act. Section 8.
Page 525 - Make your home beautiful, bring to it flowers, Plant them around you to bud and to bloom ; Let them give life to your loneliest hours, Let them bring light to enliven your gloom...
Page 107 - ... artificial, with experiments designed to test their comparative effects on crops of different kinds...
Page 3 - Returned by the Auditor of State, with above certificate, and transmitted to Secretary of State for publication, upon the order of the Board of Commissioners of Public Printing and Binding.
Page 245 - The professor of Agricultural Chemistry at Purdue University is hereby constituted the State Chemist of Indiana; and it shall be his duty to comply with the provisions of this Act so far as they relate to him, and for...
Page 106 - ... features of the Convention, and deeply impressed all with the great benefits arising from this line of education.) Continuing, President Smart said: You ask, how is this accomplished? In the first place the boy is instructed in the theory of work; he is taught in respect to the use of tools; he is set to work to do the thing himself under competent instructors; no attempt is made to make money out of him. So soon as he learns to do one thing well, he is immediately set to work on another, involving...
Page 105 - University is to afford to young men and women of Indiana an opportunity to acquire a good college education in mathematics, science, literature, and art, and at the same time to secure instruction and practice in such lines of work as will fit them to engage in the practical industries.
Page 107 - ... comparative effects on crops of different kinds; the adaptation and value of grasses and forage plants; the composition and digestibility of the different kinds of food for domestic animals; the scientific and economic questions involved in the production of butter and cheese ; and such other researches or experiments bearing directly on the agricultural industry...

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