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Successors as

associations to have centennial exercises in their made by the various local committees having the various State localities. It is intended to be the celebration in charge. lawyers' day in every part of the Union, in order to realize the full extent of the original proposition.


CENTENNIAL VOLUME. COMMEMORATION EXERCISES BY COLLEGES, UNI- It is the special desire of the national committee VERSITIES, Law Schools, ETC.

that orators should be chosen from different localiOne of the original suggestions, which has already ties, in order to give the celebration a national been adopted by Yale College, was to interest edu- character. It is also suggested that invitations be cational institutions in the proposed celebration, forwarded at once, in order that the orators may and sufficient encouragement has already been have ample time to prepare for the centennial work. evinced by various college presidents, in communi- it is most likely that a centennial volume will be cations to the writer, to warrant the statement that authorized by the American Bar Association, in general interest will be shown in this matter. It which the great celebration will be detailed and at is more than fitting that these educational institu- least some of the orations will be republished in that tions dwell with emphasis on the exalted character form. of John Marshall as America's great expounder of

CONCLUSION. the Constitution.

In asking for the recognition of “ Joli Marshall MEMORIAL EXERCISES IN Public SCHOOLS AND

Day," we appeal to the patriotism and the intelliACADEMIES.

gence of the great profession, which, since the era This suggestion has been heartily indorsed and

of civilization, has been charged with the duty of encouraged by various school authorities in Wis- guarding the liberties and the rights of property of

the people, and which, among its ennobling ideals, consin, Missouri and Michigan who have taken the matter into consideration. This matter can be fur

treasures the memory of the great chief justice, who

so successfully labored in his high office to prethered by application to the State school superin

serve the rights of the nation, as well as of the tendents and county and city superintendents to aid states in blended harmony, and who taught us to the bench and bar in this matter. The schools appreciate what was aptly expressed by one of his should be addressed by members of the bar desig

an indestructible Union of indestrucnated for that purpose by the local committees and

tille States." the many points in the military career of Marshall,

“ Marshall's fame,” said Judge Story, “will flow fully stated in the address of Horace Binney, of Philadelphia, republished through the courtesy of tion of this country should perish, his glorious

on to the most distant ages. Even if the ConstituCallaghan & Co., of Chicago, will be of especial judgments will still remain to instruct mankind until interest to the young student.

liberty shall cease to be a blessing and the science CLOSING OF THE COURTS AS A TESTIMONIAL TO

of jurisprudence shall vanish from the catalogue of

human pursuits." THE Day.

Respectfully submitted, One of the means suggested to give emphasis to

ADOLPH Moses, the celebration is the closing of the courts to secular

CHICAGO, July, 1900. business and this necessarily includes the closing of all law offices, which fact will free the American lawyer from professional care for one day, which

APPENDIX itself will be deemed a valuable acquisition. If the day is spent in the contemplation of the great period

Bibliography . of State builders and in the work of Marshall's contemporaries, the educational influence of the

No attempt has been made to include biographical celebration will be immeasurable in its effect on the dictionaries, encyclopedias or works of reference. present generation of men in whose hands as

John Marshall is referred to in all biographies of his profession all the essential interests of government contemporaries, to which the student and general have been confided by the American people.

reader are referred. If important omissions have It is suggested that on Saturday (or some other been made, the compiler begs to be informed

thereof. day) preceding Monday, February 4, 1901, some designated member of the bar will appear in eachi

JOHN MARSHALL (Author). American court house and move the court, in writ- MARSHALL, John. (1755-1835.) ing, that Monday, February 4, 1901, be observed Expediency of Direct Taxation; speech, June 10, by the American bench and bar as “ John Mar- 1788. (Library of Amer. Lit. 1888. v. 4, p. shall Day," and this motion may be accompanied 58-59.) with appropriate remarks, to be responded to by the The Federal Constitution; speech in the Robbins court, the whole being spread of record as a lasting

(preceded by biographical notice. memorial of the centennial day. The designation of (Moore, F. Amer. Eloquence. 1876. v. 2, members of the bar for this purpose should be

P. 7-32.)







2v. 8o.

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I 20.

PP. 78. 8o.

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And thy administrators, heirs, assigns, chester: New Jersey, R. W. Parker, Newark; New Mexico, Henry L. Warren, Albuquerque; New Correct thy pleadings, my own baby boy, York, John S. Wise. New York; North Carolina, Let there be an abatement of the joy; John L. Bridgers, Tarboro; North Dakota, J. H. Quash every tendency to keep awake, Bosard, Grand Forks; Ohio, H. C. Ranney. Cleve- And verdict, costs and judgment thou shalt take. land; Oklahoma, Henry E. Asp, Guthrie: Oregon,

Boston Transcript.
Charles H. Carey, Portland; Pennsylvania, S. P.
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Eaton, Providence; South Carolina, George Lamb
Buist, Charleston; South Dakota, Bartlett Tripp,
Yankton; Tennessee, Edw. Baxter, Nashville;

Texas. F. C. Dillard. Sherman: Utah, Richard B. UDGE John J. Jackson, of the United States
Shepard, Salt Lake: Virginia. Jackson Guy, Rich- District Court of West Virginia, delivered a few
mond: Vermont, Elihu B. Taft, Burlington: Washi-days ago a notable charge (published in full below)
ington, C. H. Hanford, Seattle: West Virginia, W. to the federal grand jury before him, in which he
W. Van Winkle, Parkersburg: Wisconsin, R. M. sounded an alarm, timely and telling, on the subject
Bashford. Madison; Wyoming, Nellis E. Corthell, of ballot-box corruption.

It were well that every judge should follow the COMMITTEE ILLINOIS STATE BAR ASSOCIATION.

course Judge Jackson has so courageously blazed.

The purchase of votes bas become as common, parFor Chicago.

ticularly at presidential elections, in this country, Azel F. Hatch. E. B. Sherman, William S. For- as the barter of beans. A purchased ballot poisons rest, Axel Chytraus. James B. Bradwell, E. P. Pren- the very source of political purity and strength, and tice, George W. Miller, E. A. Otis, W. J. Calhoun, Jacob Newman, Merritt Starr, Thomas Taylor, Jr. Jchise, can endure, where the exercise of it does not

no government, grounded upon the elective franFor the State.

express the free, unbribed action of the electorate.

Judge Jackson's charge was as follows:
Lester H. Strawn, Ottawa: Lewis B. Parsons,
Flora; George A. Lawrence, Galesburg; W. A.

" You will possibly have some very important Northcott, Greenville: George A. Sanders, Spring- matters before you, under various statutes of the field: Charles Dunham. Geneseo; Samuel L. United States, but, before I enter upon that, I wish Dwight, Centralia: William M. Provine. Taylor- to make some remarks to you about the rights of ville: E. B. Hamilton, Quincy: C. W. Raymond, citizens growing out of our elective franchises and Watseka.

the rights of the federal government. Have you

ever weighed how vital to the welfare and prosperity COMMITTEE CHICAGO BAR ASSOCIATION.

of this country is a pure election? There is no Adolph Moses, chairman: Thomas A. Moran, government in the world like ours. Nations have John H. Hamline, Judge Jesse Holdom, Robert watched our remarkable growth. There never was Mather, Charles H. Aldrich, Horace K. Tenney. such a country within the knowledge of history.

The government is founded upon the assent of the COMMITTEE COMMERCIAL LAW LEAGUE OF

people. That assent is expressed through the AMERICA.

ballot. Albert N. Eastman, chairman, Chicago; E. M. “ You must reflect that all powers in this country Baillett, Omaha, Neb.; J. S. Leisenrig, Altoona, emanate from the free and untrammeled will of the Pa.; George S. Hull, Buffalo. N. Y.; George Clap-people. Whenever the people of this country perton, Grand Rapids, Mich.; L. M. Merchant, become corrupt, when the vote of this country can Binghamton, N. Y.

be determined one way or the other by the use of

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