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ADDISON, JOSEPH. Works: a new Edition, with Notes by Richard Hurd. LONDON, Cadell, 1811.

6 vols. roy. 8vo, maroon morocco gilt. (Hayday.) With a portrait engraved by Picart.

ADUNATIONE de i quattro evangelisti in uno, cioe vita, passione & resurrettione di Jesu Christo nostro Salvatore. Con una breve espositione molto utile e necessaria ad ogni fidel Christiano. VENETIA, ne la contrata de S. Maria Formosa, 1556.

I vol. 8vo, brown morocco.

The covers of this copy bear the Arms of Louis-Charles de Valois, comte d'Auvergne.

Aurea verba. See GERSON, J.

ÆLIANUS, CLAUDIUS. Varia historia, ad mss. codices nunc primum recognita et castigata, cum versione Justi Vulteii, sed innumeris in locis ad græcum auctoris contextum emendata, et perpetuo commentario Jacobi Perizonii. LUGDUNI IN BAT., 1701.

I vol. in 2, 8vo, with an engraved title-page and vignettes, brown morocco. (Clarke.)

ÆSCHINES. Due orationi, l' una di Eschine contra di Tesifonte, l'altra di Demosthene à sua difesa, di Greco in volgare nuovamente tradotte per un gentilhuomo Firentino. VINIGIA, in casa de figliuoli di Aldo, 1554.

I vol. 8vo, brown morocco.

ÆSCHYLUS. Æschyli tragœdiæ sex (græce). VENETIIS, in ædibus
Aldi et Andrea soceri, 1518.

I vol. 8vo, blue morocco gilt, lined with silk. (Bozérian.)
First edition. From the library of M. YEMENIZ, No. 1864.

Tragedies; literally translated, with critical and illustrative Notes, and an Introduction, by T. A. Buckley. LONDON, Bohn, 1849. 1 vol. 8vo, half calf.

ESOPUS. Æsopi fabulæ cum interpretatione vulgari: et figuris acri cura emendatæ. BRIXIE, impendio Ludovici Britanici: et fratrum, MD. xxij. Die xij. Octobris. (1522.)

I vol. 4to, with woodcuts, green levant morocco.



From the library of M. YEMENIZ, No. 2068.

ÆSOPUS. Æsop's Fables, with his Life: in English, French, and Latin.

Newly translated. Illustrated with 112 sculptures. To this Edition are likewise added 31 new figures representing his life. By Francis Barlow. LONDON, 1687.

I vol. folio, large paper, brown morocco. (Bedford.)

Fables of Æsop and other Eminent Mythologists. By Sir R. L'Estrange. LONDON, 1738.

I vol. 8vo, calf extra. (Bedford.)

Select Fables of Esop and other Fabulists; in three books. LONDON, Dodsley, 1761.

I vol. 8vo, calf extra.

Beautiful edition printed by Baskerville, with medallion cuts.

Æsop's Fables, embellished with 111 elegant engravings. [Samuel Croxall.] LONDON, printed by Davidson, 1818.

I vol. 8vo, calf.

Æsop's Fables; a new Version by Rev. Thomas James. With more than fifty illustrations by J. Tenniel. NEW YORK [1848].

I vol. 8vo, cloth.

The Fables of Æsop, with a Life of the Author, illustrated with one hundred and eleven engravings from original designs by Herrick. NEW YORK, 1865.

I vol. 12mo, maroon morocco.

AGASSIZ, LOUIS. Lake Superior; its Physical Character, Vegetation, and Animals. With a Narrative of the Tour by J. E. Cabot. BOSTON, 1850.

I vol. 8vo, with illustrations, cloth.

AGRICOLA, DANIEL. Passio domini nostri Jesu Christi. BASILEÆ, T. Vuolff, 1520.

I vol. sm. 4to, half red morocco.

AGUILAR, GRACE. The Women of Israel. NEW YORK, 1851.

2 vols. 12mo, morocco.

AKENSIDE, MARK. Poetical Works. LONDON, Bell and Daldy, 1866. I vol. 16mo, calf. (Matthews.)

ALBERTIS, LEO BAPTISTA. Leonis Baptista Alberti Florētini viri clarissimi libri de re ædificatoria decē. PARRHISIIS, B. Remboldt et L. Hornken, 1512.

1 vol. 8vo, vellum.

ALBERTUS DE PADUA. Incipit solene opus expositiōis Evangelioru dominicaliu tocius anni reverendi magistri Alberti de Padua ordinis fratru heremitarum sci Augustini. (In fine:) Liber VENETIIS impressus per magros Ada de Rotuuil et Andrea de Corona finit āno 1476.

I vol. folio, 248 leaves, in 2 columns, rubricated capitals, half red levant morocco. (Hardy-Mennil.)

ALBERTUS MAGNUS. Incipit liber Alberti magni ordinis predicatorum de adherendo deo. Tractatulus de remediis contra pusillanimitatem scrupulositatem contra deceptorias inimici per Johannem Gerson. Epistola domini Bonaventure cardinalis de modo proficiendi compendioso. Brevis et utilis doctrina juvenum domini Bonas. 1. et a. [ULME, J. Zainer, circa 1473.]



I vol. folio, 40 leaves, rubricated capitals, half brown levant morocco. (Hardy-Mennil.)

ALBIN, ELEAZAR. Insectorum angliæ naturalis historia: accedunt annotationes a Guil. Derham. LONDINI, 1731.

1 vol. 4to, Holland paper, colored plates, green morocco. A Natural History of Birds. LONDON, 1731-38. 3 vols. 4to, Holland paper, colored plates, green morocco. ALBRITIO, LUIGI. Panegirici sacri del padre Luigi Albritio della Compagnia di Giesu. ROMA, I. de Lazzeri, 1655.

I vol. 8vo, red morocco gilt.

ALBUM DU CHASSEUR. Illustré de 12 photographies d'après les dessins de M. C. F. Deiker; légendes par M. de La Rue. PARIS, Rothschild, 1865.

I vol. ob. folio, half morocco.

ALBUM VON MÜNCHEN: verlag von A. Meysel in Dresden. Debit

bei H. Manz.

I vol. ob. 4to, cloth.

ALCIATUS, ANDREAS. Andrea Alciati emblematum libellus, nuper in lucem editus. VENETIIS, Aldi filios, 1546.

I vol. 8vo, with woodcuts, red levant morocco, gilt and marbled edges. (Hardy-Mennil.)

"Il est fort rare, et on y trouve 84 fig. en bois.” — Brunet.

Clarissimi viri D. Andreæ Alciati emblematum libri duo. LUG-
DUNI, J. Tornasium et G. Gazeium, 1554

I vol. 16mo, with woodcuts, calf extra. (Koehler.)
From the library of M. YEMENIZ, No. 2101.

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ALCIATUS, ANDREAS. Les Emblemes de maistre Andre Alciat, mis en rime françoyse, et puis nagueres reimprime avec curieuse correction. On les vend a Paris en la maison de Chrestien Wechel a lescu de Basle. M. D. XL.

I vol. 8vo, 115 woodcuts, green morocco.

"Exemplaire AUDENET. Edition en caractères italiques."
From the library of M. YEMENIZ, No. 2108.

ALCOCK, SIR RUTHERFORD. The Capital of the Tycoon; a Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Japan. LONDON, Longmans, 1863.

2 vols. 8vo, half calf.

ALEXANDER, JAMES W. Consolation: in Discourses on Select Topics, addressed to the Suffering People of God. NEW YORK, Scribner, 1853.

I vol. 8vo, dark morocco.

Discourses on Common Topics of Christian Faith and Practice. NEW YORK, Scribner, 1858.

1 vol. 8vo, dark morocco.

Forty Years' Familiar Letters. YORK, Scribner, 1860.

2 vols. 12mo, with portrait, cloth.

Edited by John Hall. NEW

The Man of Business considered in his various Relations. By J. W. Alexander, J. Todd, W. B. Sprague, S. H. Tyng, I. Ferris, and J. F. Stearns. NEW YORK, 1857.

I vol. 12mo, half calf.

2 vols. 12mo, cloth.
ALEXANDER DE ALES. Summa universæ theologiæ. Pars prima.
(In fine:) Finis prime partis. Per Joanem antonium de birretis ac
Fraciscum gyrardenghum. Papie M. CCCC. LXXXIX.

I vol. 4to, 224 leaves, in 2 columns, half red morocco.
ALFORD, HENRY, Dean of Canterbury. How to Study the New Tes-
tament. LONDON, 1868.

I vol. 16mo, cloth.

Letters from Abroad. Second Edition. LONDON, 1865.
I vol. 12mo, cloth.


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ALISON, SIR ARCHIBALD. History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Accession of Louis Napoleon, 1774-1852. EDINBURGH, Blackwood, 1860–69.

22 vols. and Index, 8vo. Atlas, ob. folio, calf extra. (Hayday.)

Miscellaneous Essays. with the author's corrections.

I vol. 8vo, half morocco.

Reprinted from the English originals,

ALLIBONE, S. AUSTIN. A Critical Dictionary of English Literature, and British and American Authors, living and deceased. PHILADELPHIA, 1870-71.

3 vols. roy. 8vo, half brown morocco.

ALT, RUDOLF. Malerische Ansichten von Wien. WIEN, verlag von L. T. Neumann, s. a.

I vol. 4to, cloth.

AMBROSIUS S., mediolanensis. De officiis libri tres. (In fine:) Impressus mediolani per Christoforu Valdarfer Ratisponensem M. CCCC.


I vol. sm. 4to, old calf.

"Premier livre impr. par Valdarfer à Milan.” — Brunet.

In this copy thirty leaves, containing the Life of St. Ambrosius and other pieces, are wanting.

AMERICAN ECLECTIC; or, Selections from the Periodical Litera

ture of all Foreign Countries. Conducted by A. Peters, S. B. Treat,
and others. Jan., 1841, to Nov., 1842. NEW YORK, 1841 – 42.
4 vols. 8vo, half russia.

AMERICAN PIONEER; a Monthly Periodical devoted to the Objects of the Logan Historical Society. CINCINNATI, 1842-43.

2 vols. 8vo, half morocco.

AMES, FISHER. Works with a Selection from his Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his son, Seth Ames. BOSTON, 1854.

2 vols. 8vo, calf.

AMES, JOSEPH. Typographical Antiquities; or the History of Printing in England, Scotland and Ireland; containing Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of the Books printed by them. Begun by the late Joseph Ames; considerably augmented by Wm. Herbert; and now greatly enlarged, with copious notes, and illustrated with appropriate engravings; by the Rev. T. F. Dibdin. LONDON, printed for W. Miller by W. Savage, 1810 – 19.

4 vols. 4to, calf extra.

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