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fingly, insomuchane its Sanéti which a vihat the othekerc one scomall not

372 Jesus foretells the Destruction of the Temple. Sect. 160. Deliverances received, had hung up on the Walls [one of them faith unto him, M and Pillars of it, besides what was laid up in its S

• Master, see what manner of

nd Johor B.::. Treasuries (6) ; one of (them) says unto him, Master, are here.] [MARK XIII. i. behold what vastly large and curious Stones, and Luke XXI. 5.) what stately Edifices (are these.]

And Jesus replying said unto them, [As for 2 And Jesus (answering] these Things which ye beħold with fo much Admi- said unto them, [Luk. As

for these Things which ye ration, do you not see the Splendor and Magnifi- behold, See ye not all these cence of all these great and pompous Buildings, [great Buildings?) Verily I which are the Pride of the Jewith Nation, and say unto you, [Luk. the

Days will come, in the the Wonder of all the rest of Mankind? Yet not

I the reit of Mankind! Yet note which 1 there thall not be withstanding all the present Grandeur of this left here one Stone upon anstately Temple, verily' I say unto you, that the other, that Thall not be

[ MARK Days will quickly come, in which a victorious thrown down.

XIII. 2. LUKE XXI. 6.] Enemy shall profane its Sanctity, and deface its Beauty, insomuch that there shall not be left one fingle Stone upon another bere, that shall not be entirely demolished (c), till no Remains of any Part

of it shall be preserved. 3 And when he was retired from the City, as : 3 And as he sat upon the

he sate down upon the Mount of Olives, which Mount of Olives, Coverwas over-against the Temple, and commanded the Disciples SPeter, and fames.

against the Temple, ) the finest Prospect of it from the East, the Disciples, and Joha, and Andrew, I Peter, and James, and yohn, and Andrew, who came unto him privately,

saying, (Luk. Master,) tell were favoured with a peculiar Share of his Inti- ;

• us, when shall these Things macy and Confidence, came to him privately, Jay- bes and what fhall be the ing, Master, we intreat thee, that thou wouldnt Sign of thy Coming, and of tell us, when these awful Things fall happen? and

the what (hall be ) the Sign of othy second Coming,

when :(6) Costly Gifts, &c.] Hanging up such avewald, or consecrated Gifts, was common in most of the antient Temples. Tacitus speaks of the immenfe Opulence of the Temple at Jerufalem. (Hiftor. lib. v. $. 8.) Amongit others of its Treasures, there was a Golden Table given by Pompey; and several Golden Vines, of exquisite Workmanship, as well as immense Size; (for Josephus tells us, in the Chapter cited above, $. 4. that they had Clusters (erd pomrxes) as tall a Man;) which, some have thought, referred to God's representing the Jewin Nation under the Emblem of a Vine; Tja. v. 1, 7. Pfal. lxxx. 8. Ezek. xv. 2, 6.

And Josephus likewise asserts, (ibid. 5. 6.) that the Marble of the Temple was so white, that it appeared to one at a Distance like a Mountain of Snow; and the Gilding of several of its external Parts, which he there mentions, must, especially when the Sun Tone upon 'it, render it a moft splendid and beautiful Spectacle.

(c) There soall not be left one Stone upon another here, &c.] It seemed exceedingly improbable, that this should happen in that Age, considering the Peace of the Jews with the Romans, and the Strength of their Citadel, which forced Titus himself to acknowledge, that it was the fingular Hand of GOD, which compelled them to relinquish Fortifications, which no Human Power could have conquered. (Foseph. Bell. Jud. lib. vi. cap. 9. (al. vii. 16.) §. 1.) — Bishop Chandler juftly observes, that no Impostor would have foretold an Event so unlikely, and so disagreeable. Defence of Christianity, pag. 472, 473.

(d) The


His Disciples enquire, when these Things Mall be. 373 the End of the World, when thou wilt execute thy Vengeance on these Sect. 160. [when all these Things thall thine Enemies; and of the End of the present Age w be fulfilled?] [MARK XIII. 7,4. LUKE XXI. 7.] and Dispensation (d), when all these Things shall",

be accomplished, to make Way for the brighters
Glories of that Kingdom, which thou wilt esta-
blish, when all thy Sufferings are over, and every

Thing which opposes thy Triumph subdued ?
4 And Jesus [ answering And Jefus answering them, began to say, with 4
them, began to say,] Take an Air of Solemnity agreeable to the Importance
heed that no Man deceive of the Subicet on which he was going to discourse;
you. [MARK XIII. 5.
LUKE XXI. 8,-) * As to the Event concerning which you now en-

quire, let me in the first place caution you, that
you see [ to if] in the most solicitous Manner,

that no Man deceive you with false Pretences to a 5 For many shall come Divine Revelation and Commission. For many 5 in my Name, laying, Jam Mall come in my Name, and with the Title pecuChrift;[LUK.and the Time ***** draw- liar to me, saying, I am the Meffiah (e); and the


(d) The End of the present Age.) So ouulen etee 78 ditivos. may well be rendered. Compare · Mat. xii. 32. Rom. xii. 2. i Cor. x. 11. Eph. ii. 2, 7. and Heb. vi. 5. ix. 26. in all which

Places uw may be rendered Age.-- Archbishop Tillotson, and many other excellent Writers, would retain our Transation, and suppose here are Two distinct Questions; What should be the Sign of his Coming to punish the ungrateful Inhabitants of Jerusalem? and what the Sign of his final Appearance to the universal Judgment? And that Christ answers the First Question in the former, and the Second in the latter Part of the Chapter : Tho' where the Transition is made, has been, among those that embrace this Interpretation, Matter of much Debate. - Others have supposed, the Apostles took it for granted, that the World was to be at an End, when Jerusalem was destroyed; and that Christ was not solicitous to unde- , ceive them, as their Error might make them fo much the more watchful; and therefore answers in ambiguous Terms, which might suit either of these Events. But it seems much more natural to conclude, that they expected the wicked Persecutors of Christ, (in which Number most of the Magistrates and Priests were,) would by some fignal Judgment be destroyed ; and that hereupon he would erect a most illustrious Kingdom, and probably a more magnificent Temple, which they might think described in Ezekiel: An Expectation, which they did not entirely quit, even to the Day of his Afcenfion. (See Aets i. 6.) Our Lord, with perfect Integrity and consummate Wisdom, gives them an Account of the prognosticata ing, and concomitant Signs of the Deftruction of Jerusalem; and then, without saying one Word of any Temporal Kingdom to be erected, raises their Thoughts to the final Judgment, (to which the Figures used in the former Description might many of them be literally applied,) and sets before them an Heavenly Kingdom, and Eternal Life, as the great Object of their Pursuit. Mat. xxv. 34, 46. This I take to be the Key to this whole Discourse; the particular Parts of which have been admirably illustrated by many learned Commentators; but the whole Scope and Connection of it, so far as I can recollect, fully explained by none.

(e) Many shall come in my Name, &c.] See Jofeph. Bell. Y ud. lib. ii. cap. 13. (ál. 12.) S. 4, 5. Christian Writers have always with great Realon represented Josephus's History of the Jewis War, as the best Commentary on this Chapter; and many have justly remarked it, as a wonderful Instance of the Care of Providence for the Christian Church, that he, an Eyewitness, and, in these Things, of so great Credit, should (especially in such an extraordinary Manner) be preserved, to transmit to us a Collection of important Facts, which so exactly illustrate this noble Prophecy in almoft every Circumstance. (Compare Holeph. Bell. Jud. lib. iii. cap. 8. al. 14.) But as it would swell my Notes too much, to enter into a parti


374 He foretells the Calamities that would begin their Sorrows. Sect. 160. Time of Deliverance, so long promised, and so draweth near :) and shall deMat. XXIV. w long expected by the Jewith People, is now ceive many: (Luk. go yo

not therefore after them. ] come (f), when the Yoke is to be broken off from

[MARK XIII. 6. LUKE their Neck, and their Enemies are to be subdued XXI. --8.] under them; and by these plausible Pretences they shall deceive many : But do not ge therefore go after them; for all their Promises and Hopes will be vain, and sudden Destruction will over

take them and their Followers. 6 But when ye shall bear of Wars, and Rumours 6 (Luk. But when) ye of Wars among the Jews, and Seditions raised by thall hear of Wars, and Ru.

mours of Wars, (LUK. and them in several Places against the Romans, fee Cominotions, 1 tee that re that you be not troubled (and) terrified, as if the be not troubled (Luk. and great Event that I have now foretold would im- terrified:]for all [LU K.these

Things) must [LUK. first] mediately happen; for all these Things must first come to pass; but the Ená come to pass, and be the gradual Openings of it; is not yet. (MARK XIII. 7. but the End of them, in the utter Destruction of LUKE XXI. 9.] the Jewish State, is not yet : Nay, some of you, my Disciples, will have several important Services to perform here, after these Alarms are begun ; Services, which even by means of these Alarms you may pursue with some peculiar Advantages.

And then be further added, and faid to them, 7 (Luk. Then said he ludea shall not be the only Seat of War at that unto them, J. i Natio

against Nation, and KingTime; for in the neighbouring Countries Nation dom againft Kingdom: and fall rise up against Nation, and Kingdom against

· there Kingdom (g): And partly as the Consequence of

these cular Detail of those Circumstances, I must content myself with referring to Dr. Whitby's excellent Notes on the xxivih of Matthew, and to Archbishop Tillotson's large and accurate Discourse on the fame Subject, in the Second Volume of his Pofthumous Works, Ser. 183,-187. p. 547,& feq.

00) The Time is come.] The Word yg sereg may signify, either the Approach, or Arrival of the Time, and may with great Propriety express the first Opening of a Scene to be gradually disclosed, in which Sense it is applied to Chriff's Kingdom, as preached by himself, and his Apostles, during the Time of his personal Ministry. -- Such pretended Meffiahs did indeed arile towards the Close of the Jewish State. See 1 John iv. 1. Aets. v. 36, 37. and Joseph. Antiq. lib. xx. cap. 8. (al. 6, 7.) S. 6, 10.- The Rhemist Jefuits, as much as they triumph in their infallible Guide to the Interpretation of Scripture, ridiculously explain this as a Prophecy of Luther and Calvin; which I mention only as one Instance among many more, of their contemptible Ignorance, or wicked Prevarication.

(8) Nation shall rise up against Nation, &c.] Grotius gives us a particular Account of several Wars, of the Yews among themselves, and of the Romans with the Syrians, Samaritans, and other neighbouring Nations, before Jerusalem was destroyed. There were also Earthquakes at this Time, in Apamea, Laodicea, and Campania : ( See Tacit. Annal. lib. xii. S. 43, 58. lib. xiv, 27. lib. xv. 22. Sueton. Nero, cap. 48. Galb. cap. 18.) The Famine in the Days of Claudius is mentioned Aets xi. 28; as well as recorded in History ; (Sueton. Claud. cap. 18. and Eufeb. Hift. Eccl. lib. i. cap. 8.) and many perished by it in Yudea. 70/eph. Antiq. lib. xx. cap. 2. §. 6.

(b) A


. His Disciples should first be violently persecuted. 375 there shall be Famines, and these Ravages and Slaughters, and partly by the Sect. 160. Pestilences,and [LUK.great] immediate Hand of Providence

great] immediate Hand of Providence on sinful Men
Earthquakes in divers Places,
Cand Troubles:][Luk. and who have rejected the Gospel, as also to exercise at
fearfulSights, and great Signs the Faith and Charity of its Professors, there shall
Thall there be from Heaven.] be severe Famines, and mortal Pestilences; and there
XXI, 10, 11.]

shall also happen great and terrible Earthquakes in
various Places, and Troubles and Anguish of Mind
in the Apprehension of yet greater Calamities.
Here at Home there shall also be dreadful Sights,
and great Signs from Heaven, particularly a Co-
met like a flaming Sword waving over Jerusalem,

and the Appearance of contending Armies in the
8. All these are the Air (b). But all these Things [ are only the 8
(Beginnings) of Sorrows. Beginnings of those Sorrows and Alarms, that will
[MARK XIII, -8.]

issue in the Destruction of Jerusalem. : Mark XIII. 9. But take. But take. ye heed to yourselves, and be cautious Mark XIII. heed to yourfelves: for(LUK. how you behave ; and tho' you meet with the 9. before all these] they (Luk. feveren Perfecutions, be not discouraged from pershall lay their Hands on you, and persecute you, and shali fisting in the Truth, and from continuing faithful deliver you up to Councils, in your Regards to me: For before all these Things (Luk. and to the Syna. n gogues, and into Prifons.; fhall happen, they fall lay their violent Hands upon (to be beaten (and afficted, you, and persecute you with the greatest Cruelty and fhall kill you :) and ye and Rage ; (and all deliver some of you up to [Ihall be hated of all Nations, and] shall be brought before

the greater Councils, [and] cite others of you to

Rulers and Kings for my appear before the inferior Courts in the Synagogues,
{Name's] sake, for a Tefti- and shall cast some of you into Prisons, to be se-
mony against them. (Mat. verely scourged land): otherwise affiliated by Con-
XXIV.9. LUKE XXI. 12.]

finement and a variety of Hardships there (i);
and indeed they all go so far as to kill some of
you in a few Years: And as for the rest, ye Mall
be generally bated, not only by the Jews here at
Home, but by those Abroad, and by all the Gen-
tile Nations to whom you go ; [and] Mall be
brought before Rulers and Kings for my Name's
fake, and for a Testimony against them, that the
Gospel has been offered to them in the most pub-
lick Manner, even to the greatest of Men, to


(5) A Comet, and contending Armies in the Air.) Of these see Jofeph. Bello Jud. lib. vi. cap. v. (al. vii. 12.) S. 3. and Tacit. Hiftor. lib. v. $. 13.

fi) Shall deliver you up to the Councils, c.] All this was exactly accomplished: For Peter and John were called before the Sanhedrim ; (Asts iv. 6, 7.) James and Peter before Herod; (Aets xii. 2, 3.) and Paul before Nero the Einperor, as well as before the Roman Goves nors, Gallio, Felix, and Feftus. (Aets xyiii, 12. xxiv. xxv. xxvill.)

(k) Ye.

+376 The Spirit would belp them to make their Defence. Sect. 160. whom you might otherwise have had no Access: : :

w (Compare Mat, x. 17, 18. Sect. 75.) And , LUKE XXI. 13. And it Luke XXI. XX1. it mall also turn to you for a publick and ho- mon

shall turn to you for a Tefti13.

nourable Testimony of the Innocence of your ***
Cause, however it may be misrepresented, and of

the Integrity and Uprightness of your Conduct. Mark XIII. And indeed, notwithstanding this early and vio- MARK XIII. 10. And 10.

lent Opposition, yet before the Destruction of the Gospel must first be pubJerufalem the Gospel must first be preached among

lished among all Nations. all the Heathen Nations, which are subjected to the Roman Empire ; (lee Note (n);) and there also you will be followed with the like Aflaults and Persecutions. But when they shall bring 11 But when they thall you before Governours and Kings, and deliver you

lead you, and deliver you up,

[settle it in your Hearts, not up to the Officers of Justice, to be prosecuted as to meditate before, what ve Criminals in their most solemn Courts ; settle it shall answer; and take no at such Times in your Hearts as a constant Rule,

gr Hearts as a conftant Rule Thought before-hand whe not to draw up any formal Speech, nor to preme- ever lhall be given you in

ye Thail speak: but whatsoditate what Anfwer or Apology you shall make ; that Hour, that speak ye: for [and] be not anxiously folicitous before-hand what it is not ye that speak, buc you shall speak in your Defence, to vindicate your- xxi,

the Holy Ghost. [LUKE selves and your Religion from the unrighteous Charges and Aspersions of your Enemies; but what foever Thall be given in to you, and be strongly suggested to your Minds in that Hour, that speak boldly and resolutely; for it is not you that speak, but the Holy Spirit himself, who shall affift, and dic

tate to you. (Compare Mat. x. 19, 20. Sect. 75. Luke XXI. and Luke xii. 11, 12. Sect. 111.) . For it is LUKE XXI. 15. For I

really my Cause in which you are engaged, and will give you a Mouth and therefore, tho you are ignorant and unlearned

Wisdom, which all your

Adversaries Thall not be able Men, and so may be apprehensive you shall be to gainsay, nor relift, confounded in the Presence of Persons who are in Rank and Education so much your Superiors; yet depend upon it, that I will give you a Mouth to plead, and Wisdom to answer whatever they alledge against you, which all -your Adversaries Mall not be able to contradiet or' withstand; but Thall be even astonished at the Freedom and Propriety with which you thall express yourselves, according to the various Occasions which arise.

(Compare Acts iv. 13, 14.) Mat. XXIV. And many that have owned themselves my Fol- Mar. XXIV. 10. And lowers, all then be offended, and give up all Re- then shall many be offended,





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