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He is in the Father, and the Father in bim. Sect. 173. we desire no more, and resign every other Hope 9 Jesus faith unto him, i n Comparison of this. Jesus says to bim, Have

Have I been so long Time

with you, and yet haft thou John XIV. I been with you then so long a Time, and conversed not known me, Philip? Hc

among you in so familiar a Manner for successive
Years, and balt thou not yet known me. Philip ? the Father; and how sayest

thou then, Shew us the Fae
If thou hadft well considered who I am, thou ther?
mightest have better understood what I have now
been faying ; for be that has seen me, has in effect
feen the Father, as I am the Brightnefs of his
Glory, and the express Image of his Person :
(Heb. i. 3.) And how (then) dost thou say, after all
that has passed between us. Shew us the Father ?
Dost thou not then believe, tho! I have before , to Believeft thou not that

I am in the Father, and the affirmed it so expressly, (John x. 38. pag. 221.). Father in me? The Words that I [am] in the Father, and the Father is in me, that I speak unto you, I speak by so intimate an Union as to warrant such Lan not of myself: but the Fa

ther that dwelleth in me, he this (m): 166 W oras wbICA I Jpear to you doth the Works. from Time to Time, in which I discover and inculcate this important Truth, I speak not merely of myself; but it is really the Father who dwells in me, that gives me my Instructions thus to speak ; and it is be that operates together with me, and performs the miraculous Works that you have so often feen, which are sufficient to demonstrate the Truth of this Affertion, mysterious as it

is, and incredible as it might otherwise seem. JI Believe me therefore in what I have said, that I Believe me that I am I sam) thus in the Father, and the Father is in in the Father, and the Father

in me: or else believe me for me; or if what you have fo long known of my

W of my the vers Works fake. general Character and Veracity, will not engage you to take it merely on my single Testimony, at least believe me on Account of those Works, in which you have fo frequently beheld the Father acting with me, and which indeed afford fo obvious an Argument of it, that one might imagine, the Sight of a few of them might convince one

that was before a Stranger to me. 32 And yet verily, verily I say unto you, that 12 Verily, verily I say uzyou shall have, if possible, a yet stronger Evidence

than (m) I am in the Father, and the Father is in me. It is remarkable, that Philo, speaking of the Logos, has this Expression, that he is malp or@ EV a drailalal, the Father's Houll in which he dwells ; which is nearly parallel to that of the Apostle, Col. ï. 9. that in bir dwells all the Fulness of the Godhead bodily. See Dr. Scor's Chriftian Life, vol. iii. pag. 559. Note 2.

known of my

you to take it in and Veracity,

John XIV.

Whatever they ask in bis Name, he will do it.

453 to you, He that believeth on than what you have already received ; for be that Sect. 172. me, the Works that I do, believes in me (n), that is, many of my Disciples w Ihall he do also, and greater Works than these Tall he in thele early Ages, and each in these early Ages, and each of you in

12. do; because I go unto my lar, ihall receive such an abundant CommunicaFather.

tion of the Spirit, that the miraculous Works which
I perform, he mall perform also ; yea, Works in
some respect greater than these ball be perform ;
because I go to my Father, who has thought fit to
reserve the most amazing Gifts of the Spirit, to
honour my Return into Glory ; in Consequence
of which, you shall be enabled to speak with all
foreign Tongues, to give the Spirit by the Impo.
fition of your Hands, and to propagate the Gospel
with such amazing Success, as to make more
Converts in one Day, than I have done in the

whole Course of my Ministry.
13 And whatsoever ye And in a Word, you may depend upon it, that 13.
Mall ask in my Name, that whatsoever ye hall ask in my Name, under the
will I do, that the Father
may be glorified in the Son.

Influence of that Spirit, and subservient to the
great End of your life and Ministry (C), I will
certainly do it, that so the Father may still be glo-
rified in the Son; who, when he is ascended up
to Heaven, will from thence be able to hear and
answer Prayer, and even in his most exalted State
will continue to act with that faithful Regard to

his Father's Honour, which he has shewn in his
14. If ye shall ask any Humiliation on Earth. And in this Confi-
Thing in my Name, I will
do it.

dence I repeat it again, for the Encouragement

of your Faith and Hope, that I will be as affec15.p. 455

tionate and constant a Friend to you in Heaven,
as I have ever been upon Earth; and if you fall ask

any Thing in my Name, I will not fail to do [it.]

IMPROV EM E N T. A s we see in the Beginning of this Section that Care of Christ over Luke xxiii.

A his Servants, which may engage us chearfully to trust him providential Supplies, when employed in his Work; so we see in the


(n) He that believes in me.] It is moft evident in Fact, that tho' this Promise be expressed in such indefinite Language, it must be limited as in the Paraphrafe.

(0) Whatsoever ye shall ask in my Name, under the Influence &c.] As Reason in general: requires fome such Limitation, as is here given in the Paraphrase, so the Conclusion of the. Verse plainly implies it; for it was only by the Grant of such Petitions that the Father could be glorified in the Son.,

(e) With

454 Reflections on the Care of CHRIST for bis People. Sect. 173. Remainder of this, and in the following Discourses, the most affectionate w Discoveries of the very Heart of our Blessed Redeemer, overflowing in

every Sentence with the kindest Concern, not only for the Safety, but the Comfort of his people. We see a lively Image of that Tenderness, with which he will another Day wipe away all Tears from their Eyes.

(Rev. vii, 17.) Surely when he uttered these Words, he was also foliJohn xiv. 1. citous, that our Hearts might not be troubled ; and therefore has pro

vided a noble Cordial, the Strength of which shall continue to the remotest Ages, even Faith in his Father, and in him. Oh may that blessed Principle be confirmed by what we have now been reading !

Let us observe with what a holy Familiarity our Lord speaks of the Regions of Glory; not, as his Servants do, like one dazzled and over

whelmed with the Brightness of the Idea ; but as accustomed and familiVer. 2. arized to it by his high Birth (0). In my Fatber's House are many Man

frons ; (delightful and reviving Thought!) and many Inhabitants in them, who we hope thro' Grace will be our Companions there, and every one of them increase and multiply the Joy.

It was not for the Apostles alone, that Christ went to prepare a Place : He is entered into Heaven as our Fore-runner ; ( Heb. vi. 20.) and We, if we are Believers indeed, may be faid by Virtue of our Union with him, to sit together in Heavenly Places in him. ( Eph. ii. 6.) Let us con

tinually be tending thither, in more affectionate Desires, and more ardent Ver. 4, 6. Pursuits. We know the Way ; we hear the Truth; oh may we alfo feel

the Life! By Christ as the True and Living Way, may we come to the Father ; that we may have Eternal Life, in knowing him the only true

GOD, and Jesus Christ whom be bas fent! (John xvii. 3.) In Christ may we Ver. 9. see him, and have our Eyes and our Hearts open to those Beams of the

Divine Glory, which are reflected from the Face of his Only-begotten Som

who is full of Grace and Truth! (Yohn i. 14.) Has he been thus dis• Ver. 8. covered to us, as our Father, and our GOD? let it suffice us. Let it diffuse

a sacred and lasting Pleasure over our Souls, tho' other desirable Objects may be vailed or removed : And let it be our Care to maintain a continual Fellowship with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. (1 John i. 3.)

(0) With what a holy Familiarity our Lord speaks of the Regions of Glory, &c.] This is the Remark of the pious Archbishop of Cambray, in his incomparable Dialogues on Eloquence; (which may God put it into the Hearts of our Preachers often and attentively to read !) and is much illustrated by observing, how the Apostles, when describing the Heavenly State, employ the most pompous and energetic Language, and seem indeed to labour for Words, and to be almost dazzled with the Luftre, and oppressed with the Weight of the Subject : ( Compare Rom. viii. 18, 19. I Cor. ii. 9. xv. 50, & seq. 2 Cor. iv. 17, 18. v. 1,-9. xii. 2,-4. and 1 John iii. 2.) But Chrif speaks of it with a familiar Ease and Freedom; just as a Prince, who had been educated in a splendid Court, would speak with Ease of many magnificent Things, at the sudden View of which a Peasant would be swallowed up in Astonishment, and would find himself greatly embarrassed in an Attempt to explain them to his Equals at Home.


CHRIST promises the Spirit as a Comforter. 455 To this we are invited by every Declaration of his Readiness to hear, Sect. 173. and answer our Prayers : And thó' those miraculous Powers of the Spirit w are ceased, whereby the Apostles were enabled to equal, or even to exceed Ver. 13, 14, the Works of their Master; yet as we have so many important Errands Ver. 12. to the Throne of Grace, in which the Glory of God, and the Salvation of our Souls is concerned, let us come with a boly Boldness to it, in Dependance on Yesus, that great High-Priest over the House of GOD, who is passed into the Heavens, and amidst all the Grandeur of that exalted State, regards his humble Followers on Earth, and ever appears under the Character of their Advocate and their Friend.

CHRIST proceeds in bis Discourse with his Disciples, recom-

mending a Regard to his Commandments as the best Proof
of their Love to bim, promising his Spirit, and declaring
bis Readiness to meet his approaching Sufferings. John
XIV. 15, to the End.


'John XIV. 15. If ye love me, keep my O ur Lord went on with his Discourse to his Sect.

174. f Commandments..

Apostles on this folemn Occasion, and observing the lively Flow of their Affection to him John XIV. in this tender Conjuncture of Circumstances, he 15. added, If you do indeed love me, exprefs that Love by a constant Care to keep my Commandments ; for that will be a surer Test, and more acceptable Expression of your Regard to me, than

all your Trouble and Concern at parting with me. 16 And I will pray the And thus you may depend on the correspondent 16 Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he

Expressions of my Friendship to you (a); and may abide with you for ever; particularly, that I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Comforter (6), that he may


(a) Thus you may depend on the correspondent Expressions of my Friendship to you.] : The Connection may possibly intimate, that they might hope for an abundant Degree of the Spirit's. Communication, in Proportion to the Prevalency of their Love to Christ.

(6) He will give you another Comforter.] It is well known, that the Word toepamanlos may signify a Comforter, an Advocate, or a Monitor ; and it is evident, the Blessed Spirit sustained each of thele Characters; But this being a consolatory Discourse, I chose to ule the former, 23-our Translators have done. Toland says, It is by no contemptible Criticism, that the


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456 He would not leave them Orphans, but would come to them. Sect. 174. more than supply the Want of my bodily Pre

s ence, and abide with you, not for a Season only, John XIV.

as I have done, but for ever: [Even] the _17 Even the Spirit of Blessed Spirit of Truth and Grace,' whom the World Truth, whom the World

cannot receive, because it cannot possibly receive as a Comforter, because it Teeth him not, neither knowneither sees bim, nor knows him, being altogether eth him ; but ye know him, destitute of his fanctifying Influences, and refu

for he dwelleth with you,

and shall be in you." to admit his Testimony to me; but you know him in some measure, even now, by his powerful Operations in you, and by you; for be already dwells with you in part, and mall quickly be more abundantly in you, by a much ampler Communication both of his Gifts and Graces. .

Encourage yourselves therefore with the pleaf- 18 I will not leave you ing Expectation, and be assured, that I will not comfortless ; I will come to leave you neglected, like a Family of helpless Or- you. phans, who have no Friend or Guardian survive ing (c); but I will come to you by my Spiritual Presence, and visit you by the most valuable Tokens of my constant Care. For it is but 19 Yet a little while, and yet a little while, and the World feelb me no more, the World seeth me no more;

. but ye see me: because I live, as it has done for some Time past, tho' it knows ve hall live

ye shall live also.
me not; but after I have done conversing with
the World, I will appear again to you, and
you shall see me in such a Manner as to feel the
blessed Effects of my distinguishing Regard to
you ; for 'because I live, you also all live, by
Means of those Divine Influences you shall derive
from me, to cherish the Workings of Grace in
your Hearts, and to train you up to a growing

Meetness for sharing with me in Eternal Life.
20 (Compare 2 Cor. iv. 10, 11.) .And in that 20 At that Day ye Iball

Day when I fulfil this Promise to you, you mall know, that I am in my Fa. experimentally know by the most evident and in

ther, and you in me, and I

in you.
reviving Tokens, that I sam] indeed in my Father,
and that you also are in me, and I in you, by a

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Mabometans (instead of wapaxasilov,) read depixaulov, i. e. the Illuftrious, which answers to
Mahommed in the Arabic Language ; and so urge this as a Prophecy of him. (Tol. Nazaren.
pag. 13.) Yet he would probably have thought this Criticism contemptible in any, but the
Enemies of Christianity.

(c) I will not leave you Orphans.] Elsner juftly observes, that the Case of those, who have lost the Presence and Patronage of some dear Friend, tho' not in strict Propriety a Fother, is elegantly and tenderly expressed by this Word oppaves. (Compare i Thel. ii, 17. Gr.) See Elfn. Obferv, Vol. i. pag. 341.

(d) Was

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