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have been preserved, has faded away. Had this history been taken in hand earlier, much more could have been gathered up which would without doubt have added to its worth and interest. The narrative has, however, been made as full and varied as under the circumstances was possible. The author from the first was reluctant to undertake the work, but it was urged upon him by the Committee having the matter in charge, with an earnestness and cordial trust, that led him to overlook his own unfitness for the task. Not a resident of Norwich till the closing year of the war, he of course could not write from personal knowledge concerning the events which here transpired. Still the hope is entertained that the history may for this reason be found to be all the more impartial and independent, written, as it is, from the view-point of one who was not himself a party to the events therein related, or affected by the various jealousies which the war gave rise to in different localities. No one can have a higher appreciation of the splendid war record of the town, of the noble achievements and sacrifices of those who have added a new lustre to its name and history than the writer, and his service in preserving these civic annals has been rendered with a willing heart. While engaged in this work, only words of encouragement have been spoken to the editor by his fellow-citizens, and nothing that they could do to show their interest in the undertaking, or facilitate its accomplishment, has been omitted. His thanks are due to the late publishers of the “Bulletin” for the free use of the bound volumes of their journal, and to Mr. Bolles, the present editor, for many favors. To the Hon. J. T. WAIT, he is indebted not only for suggestions and items of information that have added to the value of the narrative, but also for his encouraging and helpful words. The patriotic fervor which made him so prominent during the years the conflict raged, has been manifested again in urging on the preparation of this memorial volume. To Mr. Campbell, lately of the “Bulletin,” the editor is under obligation for personal favors and aid, and also to Mr. J. W. Stedman, of the “Advertiser.” Gratefully would the author make mention of his especial indebtedness to Dr. Louis Mitchell, who from the first announcement of the work has taken a lively interest in it, and cordially rendered every assistance in his power. His own remembrances of war-times, his carefully preserved record of the men who went from Norwich, made him invaluable as a helper, and on all matters concerning which there was doubt, a safe counselor. By Dr. Mitchell the “Three Months' Roster,” as well as the “General Muster Roll” of all in the service was prepared, and many an hour of wearying pen-work has he assumed in our behalf, doing with accuracy and readiness what very few would have been willing to undertake, and fewer still able to accomplish. By L. E. Forrest Spofford, who served with honor in the army, and lost an arm in his country's service, the editor was furnished with duplicate lists of the General Muster Roll, compiled with his characteristic accuracy, and of special value in verifying the names which appear on the “Roll of Honor.” For the exceedingly attractive appearance of this volume, our readers are indebted to Messrs. Jewett & Co., who relieving the Committee of all financial responsibility, secured its publication in the most tasteful typographical manner possible, and then generously offered the book at its actual cost to the Sedgwick Post, G. A. R., of this city. Whatever profits have therefore resulted from the sale of the work, have inured to the benefit of the charity-fund of this Post. In their part of the undertaking the publishers have shown commendable enterprise, and have been actuated by a patriotic desire to present the Memorial in the form and dress most calculated to enhance its value in the eyes of every purchaser. .

It was our own conviction that a history of this character should be written, perpetuating the story of what was accomplished by Our citizens in a great emergency, and a grateful people could but desire some fitting memorial of services such as we here record.

Our contribution to the fair fame of the town we have sought to make in this form. The work, more arduous than at first may be suspected, has been undertaken amidst the unintermitted pressure of professional duties, and for this reason, if for no other, should meet with considerate and kindly judgment. The volume, representing the labor of such hours as in our limited leisure we could devote to it, is now submitted to the public, and while it cannot be supposed to be wholly free from errors and faults, it is hoped that it may prove a worthy addition to our local history. May those into whose hands this Memorial comes, find as much pleasure in reading, as the author did in writing it, and may all hearts be stirred with fresh admiration for the valor and patriotic devotion which made our war-years so signally illustrious. This story of the part Norwich took in the struggle for constitutional government, and the preservation of institutions our fathers gave us, should make every resident and native thereof proud of its past, and devoted in the future to the furtherance of its true honor and prosperity.

M. MCG. D.

NORWICH, CONN., June Ist, 1873.

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1864. Thirtieth Regiment called for. — Town Meeting. — Quota of Town
raised. — No Draft necessary. — General Grant commissioned Lieutenant-
general. — New Call for Troops. – Town Quota filled. — Retirement of
Provost-marshal Bromley. — Constitutional Amendment providing for
Soldiers’ voting passed by General Assembly and ratified by the Peo-
ple . § • to * * * © o * Io'7

1861–65. Whole Number of Men furnished by Connecticut. — Tabular State.
ment of the several Calls for Troops by the National Executive, and Quotas
of Town and State. — Statistics as to the Casualties among our Troops
during the War. — Number of Officers from Norwich. — Industries created
by the War. — Reception of Veteran Regiments. – Results of the Year. —
The Record of the State according to the Adjutant-general’s Report I22


1861–65. Navy. —Effective Service rendered during the War. — Number
and Names of the different Squadrons. – Norwich as represented in the
Navy. — Officers and Men in this Arm of the Service so g I3O


1861–65. Relief of Soldiers and their Families. – Citizens’ Service. — Sub-
scribers to “Sinews of War Fund.”— General Contributions to Patriotic
Agencies. – Special Service of various Norwich Citizens. – General Rec-
ord of the Town to & & to so * so g so g I52


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