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On admission of members to the association, consisting of one person from each judicial circuit of the state.

A committee of three, of whom the secretary shall always be one, shall be annually appointed by the president, whose duty it shall be to report to the next meeting of the association the names of all persons who shall have died during the year, with appropriate notice of the deceased.

There shall also be an executive committee, consisting of the president, the secretary, the treasurer (all of whom shall be ex officio members), together with four other persons to be annually chosen by the association. The president shall be chairman of the executive committee. The executive committee shall select the persons to make addresses and read papers at the next annual meeting of the association, and fix the time and place of the annual meeting of the association, and have charge of its business and prudential affairs.

There shall also be such special committees appointed by the president or selected by the association as may be deemed necessary.

A majority of those members of any committee, including the executive committee, who may be present at any meeting of the committee, shall constitute a quorum of such committee for the purpose of such meeting.

V. All nominations for membership of the association shall be made in writing to the committee on membership; the latter committee shall, by ballot, determine the fitness of all persons presented; when such committee has approved of a name presented, it shall report such person to the association, who shall thereupon become a member: Provided, however, That if any member of the association demand a vote upon any name thus presented, the association shall vote thereon by ballot, and five negative votes shall be sufficient to reject such person.

VI. By-laws may be adopted at any annual meeting of the association by a majority vote of those present. It shall be the duty of

the executive committee first chosen, without delay, to frame suitable by-laws, which shall be in force until rescinded by the association.

VII. Each member of the association shall pay five dollars to the treasurer as annual dues, and no person shall exercise any privilege of membership who is in default. The time of payment and mode of enforcing the same shall be provided for by the bylaws.

VIII. The president of the association shall open each annual meeting with an address.

IX. The association shall meet annually at such time and place as the executive committee may select, and those present at such meeting shall constitute a quorum.

X. All the persons signing and acknowledging these articles, and all the persons duly elected to membership of the association, shall become members upon the payment of the annual dues for the current year.





I. At all meetings of the association the president, or in his absence the vice-president, or in the absence of both of these any member chosen by the association, shall preside.


II. At each annual meeting of the association the order of business shall be as follows:,

1. Address by the president of the association.

2. Annual address.

3. Reading minutes of preceding meeting.

4. Report of executive committee.

5. Report of treasurer.


Report of committee on jurisprudence and law reform.

7. Report of committee on judicial administration and remedial procedure.

8. Report of committee on legal education and admission to the bar.

9. Report of committee on publication.

10. Report of committee on grievances.

11. Report of committee on admission of members of association.

12. Election of members.

13. Report of committee on obituary notices.

[blocks in formation]

The order of business may be changed by a vote of a majority of the members present.

The usual parliamentary rules and orders shall govern the meetings of the association except in cases otherwise provided for by the constitution or by-laws.


III. The secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association, the proceedings of the executive committee, and of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the association. He shall notify the officers and members of committees of their election or appointment, shall issue notices of all meetings, and in case of special meetings shall add a brief note of the object of the same.

He shall furnish the treasurer the names of all persons newly elected to membership.

He shall be keeper of the seal of the association.


IV. The treasurer shall keep at all times a complete roll of the members, and shall notify new members of their election. He shall collect, and, under the direction of the executive committee, disburse all funds of the association, and keep an account in books belonging to the association of the receipts and expenditures of moneys. At the annual meeting of the association he shall make a report of the receipts and disbursements of the association, together with any suggestions he may think proper to be made.


V. The executive committee shall meet before each annual meeting, and at such other times as the chairman of the committee shall indicate by call. This committee shall report at each annual meeting its doings, and make such suggestions to the association as, in its opinion, require the action of the association.


VI. The proceedings of the committee on admissions shall be secret and confidential. They shall report at each annual meeting the names of those recommended for membership. This committee shall meet the day before each annual meeting, and at such other time or times as they may be called together by the chairman.


VII. When the committee on admission of members has approved the name of an applicant for membership in the association, the treasurer shall promptly notify such person of the action of the committee; and such person shall, upon this notice, remit to the treasurer five dollars as annual dues for the current year. If the association at its next annual meeting rejects such candidate, the treasurer shall refund said sum.


VIII. The annual dues shall be payable at the annual meeting, in advance. If any member neglects to pay them for any year at or before the next annual meeting, he shall cease to be a member. The treasurer shall give notice of this by-law within sixty days. after each meeting to all members in default.

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