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sible advantage. After the first six sity is the best of opportunity for the weeks of testing, this beginning year, best of work for the best capable of some 75 students were found unable students. to continue to advantage in at least The summer school to be opened one subject. By dropping that, they next June will offer excellent opporwere enabled to do better work than tunities for teachers who cannot atthe others. The object of the univer- tend at other periods of the year.

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HERE is Talladega College! erection of a school house and the
It is midway between Mary- employment of a teacher. At this

land and Texas, a little north time the American Missionary Assoof the center of the state of Alabama, ciation has had its attention turned to a strategic position. It has an eleva- this movement and to an abandoned tion of 700 feet above the sea, is but desirable school property then ofhealthful and picturesque, nestling as fered for sale. It came to pass that it does in the foothills of the Blue within two years after the Mobile Ridge Mountains. It is near the convention was held, "the little center of the Negro population of the school in the valley” was superseded United States and easily accessible by one of one hundred and forty pufrom all directions.

pils, assembled in the newly purchasWhy is Talladega College? Be- ed and reconstructed building which cause of the guiding Providence of his been known ever since as “Swayne God. In November 1865, fifty-six Hall.” For more than fifty years Freedmen met in Mobile to consider the guiding spirit of God has been the obligation growing out of their manifest in the enlargement and emancipation. The two of this num- growing influence of this school enber from Talladega were greatly im- gaged in the christian education pressed with their duties toward of the Negro. Since Freedom

education and religion." Returning the Negro has increased in popto their homes they encouraged the ulation from four millions to twelve millions. He has shown his hundred pupils are enrolled annually diligence and his ability in the accu- under the care of forth teachers and mulation of property. Thousands of officers. With a Negro population in his children are in school. Many Alabama alone of about a million, hundreds have become teachers, Talladega College is the only instipreachers, dentists, doctors, lawyers, tution in the entire state where colormerchants and business men, but mil. ed youth may receive full college trainlions are still illiterate. Northern ing. Nearly two hundred and fifty philanthropists have given their persons have been trained here for the money and have sent their choicest Christian Ministry.

Christian Ministry. Three hundred sons and daughters into the south to have been given Normal diplomas. train the Negro to a larger life and Over one hundred have graduated a future of hope, but the brother in from the College Department. Sixty black still greatly needs the help of of our students have entered univerthe Brother in white, and for genera- sities for added instruction and for tions will.

professional training. What is Talladega College! An in- Surely Talladega College, in furnistitution of christian learning which shing leadership for the uplift of the seeks to prepare its pupils for the race, is vindicating its right to be. In "life that now is'' as well as for the colleges and academies, in pulpits “life which is to come. It seeks to near and far our graduates as doctors, do this through the following depart- lawyers and experts in various lines ments--Theological, Collegiate, be- are making large contributions toginning with the Preparatory, Grades. ward the permanent solving of the Its curriculum includes Music, Agri- race problem. The influence of Tallaculture, Wood and Iron working, dega College upon both races in the Nurse Training, Domestic Science, interests of peace and good will in Business Administration and Journals these times of racial unrest was never ism.

more in evidence than at the present The college has property and en- time. We bespeak the continued symdowment aggregating $600,000. pathy and material encouragement of which includes twenty-two buildings those who are able to take part in this and 700 acres of land. More than six compelling service.

TILLOTSON COLLEGE, AUSTIN, TEXAS OR nearly thirty years Tillots of the colored race. Its influence has son College has sent forth a been largely felt. The Christian

clear and steady light. Its workers who have been its teachers enrollment has never been large, not have molded and inspired lives that often going beyond two hundred have gone forth to service and Chrisstudents, but it has stood resolutely tian leadership throughout the great for the best in education and culture, southwest. Tillotson has won high and labored for those qualities that respect and a name tenderly and widemake a strong Christian manhood and ly loved. womanhood. Through appropriations Today Tillotson College stands for of the Association by which it was

the same sterling qualities that have founded and under which its work is given it character from the first; bat, carried forward, the generosity of as conditions change, so new condi. friends and the moderate payments

payments tions must be met by corresponding of students for expenses, it has far- change. In close accord with leading nished a working equipment, added theories in education, Industrial some buildings and striven to main Training is more and more demanded; tain a high position in the education while, on the other hand, the Negro has gone forward from a period of much the greater part of its instruveducational childhood to one of ma- tion, it cherishes a larger vision, and turer capability and development, is pushing vigorously the collegiate and is prepared, in larger measure, ideal.

Thus through the years this college, founded in faith and hope and love, has taught the poor and lowly and shed afar its gentle light of consecrated knowledge, a living lesson of what a Christian school should be. No one can gather up and measure the beauty of its service, the largeness of its blessing. Yet something has been lacking. With all its vantage

ground, with many cherished gifts COOPER HALL

from generous hearts, with the devoto take up higher studies. To both of these conditions Tillotson responds.

In all its general courses below the collegiate grade, Industrial Training figures largely. Among the roorns of greatest interest is one in the boy's' industrial building, where class by class gathers about the benches, and the careful hand, with wood and tool, follows the model that the mind has wrought; or those in Allen Hail, where busy girls, with close precis- tion of many faithful teachers, with ion, fit the neat garments and ply the longing and endeavor to grow in dainty needle, or, working problems strength and influence manyfold, the of economy and health, measure the means have not sufficed to grasp mafoods and cook delicious dishes. The terial greatness, and so fulfil the visstudent is taught well the useful art, ion of its founders. Its life has been but trained no less in thought and a struggle, yet, rich in giving its best, moral habit.

it is holding on to-day with resoluTillotson College offers a full col- tion and with confidence. Yes, it is legiate education. Although the com- growing, and, with courage, mon branches, the normal and prep- reaching out to use in full the strength aratory courses and its strong music of its commanding place and honored and industrial departments claim history.






HUMACAO, PORTO RICO N this winter season while perhaps give you no idea that it is winter. In

the snow is falling and the cold fact, there is nothing anywhere to re

wind blowing in the North, let us mind us of our homes except in the take a peep into one of our little home homes of a comparatively few Amermission fields in Porto Rico. How icans and in the schools and in the different we will find everything churches. The Porto Ricans, and in there—no snow, no cold weather, all fact all Spanish speaking people, celwarmth and sunshine and clear, blue ebrate the sixth day of January skies. Even the cool nights would which they call Three Kings Day. It is the day when the three wise men and could not come alone, and his carried their gifts to the Child Jesus. father had to work every day. Today They do not have any Chritsmas tree, they have come to have his bad teeth but they celebrate the event in other extracted which have ached so hard ways. The children expect to find and kept him awake nights for a week their gifts under their beds, and all, or more. young and old, must have a new dress for this holiday. But now let us look has learned at the hospital that she

Here again is a blind woman who into the hospital at Humacao which

can have two cataracts removed and is supported by the American Mis

go back able to see. She has come with sionary Association. You know its

what little money she can get togethname so well— The Ryder Memorial.

er, and wishes to be operated upon Do you see that hammock which a dozen men have just brought! They comfortably fixed in a clean, white

tomorrow, so after her son sees her walked fifteen miles over the hills bed such as she has never laid or carrying a very sick, aged lady, the before, he takes her little horse back mother of one of them. Certainly, we

to his home. He will come in a few cannot send them back without help- days to see how she is getting on, and ing her. We find that this dear old

take her to her home in ten days or soul, bare footed and poorly clothed, two weeks. has been suffering a long time, not able to send for a doctor. She has

In the wards, we will find little grown worse and worse until it seemed gir's in with the women and boys in as though she could not live, but the the men's wards, but we are glad to medical missionary finds that it is a

learn that those in charge are expectcase of hook worm disease, so common

ing soon to have a children's ward, as in Porto Rico, and knows that if she

some of the good women of Ohio will take the medicine as directed aft- have pledged the money to build it. er six or eight weekly visits she How happy the little sick ones will be should be a well woman again. The 19 have a nice, sunny room by themmen are greatly encouraged, and go

selves apart from the suffering men away smiling.

and women, with new white cribs, Among the crowd gathered on the small chairs, and a chance to play clinic porch, we see a little boy whose when they are convalescing. face is fearfully swollen. We find With all best wishes for a happy that he lives away out in the country, New Year.


OUR CALIFORNIA ORIENTAL MISSION FRUITAGE EV. M. Furuya was converted in Germany seized control of the islands,

our Los Angeles Japanese the German missionaries took charge.

Mission many years ago. He Now the islands captured by Japan, returned last year to Japan, as so the Japanese government asked the many other Japanese educated and Japanese Congregational churches to trained in this country have done. He continue the former missionary work has just been sent out as a represen- of the American Board, and this enertative of the Congregational churches getic and efficient Christian Japanese of Japan to the Marshall Islands product of the Oriental mission work which have been taken over from Ger- of the A. M. A. in California is now in many by Japan. The missionary charge of the Congregational mission work in these islands was formerly work in these remote Marshall under the American Board. When Islands.


We give below a comparative statement of the receipts for November and for the two months of the fiscal year to November 30th.

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RECEIPTS TWO MONTHS TO NOVEMBER 30 Available for Regular Appropriations:

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Designated by contributors for Special Objects Outside of Regular Appropriations:

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FORM OF A BEQUEST "I give and bequeath the sum of.

dollars to "The American Missionary Association, incorporated by act of the Legislature of the State of New York." The will should be attested by three witnesses.

CONDITIONAL GIFTS Anticipated bequests are received on the Conditional Gift plan; the Association agreeing to pay an annual sum in semi-annual payments during the 'life of the donor or other designated person. For information, write The American Missionary Association.

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