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MR. BRUCE made Governor of Ras el Feel. Battle of Banja.

Conspiracy against Michael. Mr. Bruce retires to Emfras. Def-
cription of Gondar, Emfràs, and Lake Tzana. Mr. Bruce vifits
the great Cataract of Alata.' Passes the Nile. Alarm on apo
proaching the Army: Joins the King. King's Army retreats
towards Gondar. Dangerous Passage of the Nile. Unpromis-
ing Situation of the King's Army. Battle of Limjour. Unex-
pected Peace with Fafil. Arrival at Gondar. King and Army
Retreat to Tirgé. Mr. Bruce's fecond journey to discover the
Source of the Nile. Interview with Fafil. Continue their jour-
ney, and pass the Nile. Arrive at Goutto. Mountians of the
Moon. Roguery of Mr. Bruce's Guide. Arrive at the Source
of the Nile. Description of those Sources. Causes of the In-
undations of the Nile. Mr. Bruce kindly received among the
Agows, the Inhabitants living round the Fountains. Their
Number, Trade, Character, &c.

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