Popular Mechanics Magazine, Volume 34

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Henry Haven Windsor
Popular Mechanics Company, 1920

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Page 499 - Alaska not to exceed in the aggregate one thousand miles, to be so located as to connect one or more of the open Pacific Ocean harbors on the southern coast of Alaska with the navigable waters in the interior of Alaska, and with a coal field or fields so as best to aid in the development of the agricultural and mineral or other resources of Alaska...
Page 501 - It under the circumstances. The road has not been built as soon as expected because each year we have exhausted our appropriation before the work contemplated had been done. We could not say in October of one year what the cost of anything a year or more later would be, and we ran out of money earlier than anticipated. It has not been built as cheaply as expected because it has been built on a rising market for everything that went into its construction — from labor, lumber, food supplies, machinery,...
Page 499 - Alaska, and with a coal field or fields so as best to aid in the development of the agricultural and mineral or other resources of Alaska, and the settlement of the public lands therein, and so as to provide transportation of coal for the Army and Navy, transportation of troops, arms, munitions of war, the mails, and for other governmental and public uses, and for the transportation of passengers and property...
Page 884 - ... of Framingham was made after several months' study of numerous communities of similar size in various parts of the United States, but particularly in Massachusetts and New York State. Framingham recommended itself to the committee because it possessed certain average qualities, being an industrial community, with mixed industries, varied racial groups, a good local health organization backed up by an excellent State Department of Health, a normal amount of disease, particularly tuberculosis,...
Page 325 - ... which she has photographed for use in her publications. She has likewise adopted the method of tone photographs designed by Dr. Dayton C. Miller, of the Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio.
Page 320 - TN accordance with the editorial policy of this magazine never to accept compensation in any form * for what appears in our reading pages, and also to avoid all appearance of doing so, we are obliged to omit the name of the maker or the seller of any article described. This information, however, is kept on file and will be furnished free, by addressing Bureau of Information, Popular Mechanics Magazine, Chicago. (Editor...
Page 606 - Gauge for Setting Lathe Tool A handy gauge to be used on the lathe tailstock for setting the tools, is shown in the drawing. It is a great timesaver when a number of pieces of the same kind are to be made, and it saves the cost of more expensive gauges, where the pieces are not held to very close limits. As shown, it consists of a steel ring, ground to a fit on the tailstock sleeve, with holes drilled cos radially around the circumference, into which are driven the rods used as gauges.
Page 737 - This Is the first wireless message to be heard around the world, and marks a milestone on the road of scientific achievement.
Page 136 - ... slide is curved, to conform to the furnace, and the sides are turned under to fit into the grooves provided, as shown in the drawing. When the furnace is to be used for reducing the temperature of the house, an electric fan is set in front of the opening at the bottom of the furnace; the current is turned on, and the cool air of the basement is forced into the upper rooms, making the reduction in temperature quite noticeable.
Page 29 - Johns, the mining engineer, and is said to be the only one of its kind in use in this country.

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