Journal of Comparative Neurology, Volume 15

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Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, 1905

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Page 80 - AS yield readily to organic, or true animal iron treatment. A resort to inorganic iron preparations or tonics, serves only to stimulate corpuscular proliferation without supplying sufficient nutrition to mature the blood cells.
Page 80 - If not, please apply the crucial test — clinical use — at our expense, and convince yourself that our claims are neither extravagant nor exaggerated, but are strictly based on science. The Bovinine Company...
Page 480 - ... statistics will at least consider the points raised. It gives me pleasure to acknowledge my indebtedness to the Carnegie Institution for aid in carrying on this and other biometric investigations. LITERATURE CITED. Beeton, M. and Pearson, K. :01. Inheritance of the Duration of Life and the Intensity of Natural Selection in Man.
Page 278 - Ancemia logically, rationally and radically, for several substantial reasons: 1. Because it supplies the starving organism with the requisites for immediate reparation. 2. Because it needs no preparation or transformation at the hands of the vital machinery before it can be assimilated and converted into living force.
Page 458 - Animal Iron, 20 % Coagulable Albumen, and all the constituents of healthy Blood. It is thoroughly sterile, requires little or no digestion, and produces blood corpuscles that Mature* Corpuscles of fullness and integrity.
Page 77 - Never has youth been exposed to such dangers of both perversion and arrest as in our own land and day. Increasing urban life with its temptations, prematurities, sedentary occupations, and passive stimuli just when an active, objective life is most needed, early emancipation and a lessening sense for both duty and discipline, the haste to know and do all befitting man's estate before its...
Page 75 - The Nervous Structures in the Palate of the Frog : the Peripheral Networks and the Nature of their Cells and Fibers.
Page 271 - Experimental Researches on the Central Localization of the Sympathetic with a Critical Review of its Anatomy and Physiology.
Page 55 - On the Number and on the Relation Between Diameter and Distribution of the Nerve Fibers Innervating the. Leg of the Frog, Rana virescens brachycephala, Cope.
Page 278 - Ancemia results from a form of malnutrition which is not caused by lack of any nutritive element, but by the absolute inertia of the digestive function. BOVININE comes to the rescue by supplying a vitalized and perfectly compounded pabulum that calls for no chemico-vital effort or expenditure whatever.

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