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I believe that Popery is breaking in upon this nation, and that those who advance it will stop
at nothing to carry on their design. I AM HEAKTILY SORRY THAT SO MANY PROTESTANTS
GIVE THEIR HELPING HAND TO IT; but I hope Gop will preserve the Protestant Religion
and this Nation, though I am afraid it will fall under very great trials, and very sharp sufferings



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Ix offering to our readers the Fifth Volume of the CHRISTIANS PENNY MAGAZINE, we are solemnly reminded of the advance of time, the certain termination of all the toils of man, and the necessity of increased diligence in proportion as the season for exertion has passed away. No previous year has witnessed so large an amount of studious effort to render our pages an efiicient vehiele of that truth which saves, and an instrument of good to every reader; and we have reason to believe that our endeavours have, in the main, commended themselves to the judgments and the hearts of our friends.

The readers of our other journals have met with repeated references to the Independent Church, Middleton-road, Dalston, setting forth facts illustrative of the remarkable prosperity with which it has been favoured ever since the erection of the new chapel. So far as we know, there is nothing which admits of comparison with it anywhere, either in or around the city. It presents a beantiful illustration of the importance of suitable places of worship being reared in well-selected localities, and of labour, right-principled, well-ordered, and steadily prosecuted, for the advancement of the Gospel. We would very respectfully offer this Church as an example to others of the use that may be made of our labours in diffusing light in their respective neighbourhoods. In fact, the above Church, apparently and virtually, make the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE their own, and give it all the local effect it would have if they themeelves were

its regular publishers. Having accidentally come to learn their plan, we applied i to one of the worthy Deacons for explanation, and received a communication, for which we extract the following:

I have just been to our printer's, and obtained a copy of the covers we use for the Pesxy, which I enclose. We had 1,200 printed last December, varying the Month and Number of each separate hundred. For the whole 1,200, including the putting of 100 Magazines, per month, into the covers, we pay 30s., or 28. 6d. per 100. The corers and covering is all the printer lias to do with them, and we do not get a farthing of return, as they are all lent or given away.

This is not merely suggestive; it shows the trifle at which a coloured Wrapper may be obtained for the Magazine, for every month of the year, and a special Title-page, thus thoroughly identifying it with the Church by which it is distributed. That our readers may have the pattern fully before them, and see how it is made to tell as a monthly monitor of the families in the locality, on the

subject of Sabbath and Week-day Services, and School Instruction, we shall i insert the first page of the Cover :

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