The Metric System of Weights and Measures

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Brewer & Tileston, 1867 - 24 pages

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Page 24 - That from and after the passage of this act it shall be lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the weights and measures of the metric system ; and no contract, or dealing, or pleading in any court, shall be deemed invalid, or liable to objection, because the weights or measures expressed or referred to therein are weights or measures of the metric system.
Page 16 - The GRAM is the primary unit of weights, and is the weight in a vacuum of a cubic centimeter of distilled water at the temperature of 39.2 F.
Page 24 - That the tables in the schedules hereto annexed * shall be recognized in the construction of contracts, and in all legal proceedings, as establishing, in terms of the weights and measures now in use in the United States, the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the metric system...
Page 16 - Weight 10 milli-grams = 1 centi-gram. 10 centi-grams = 1 deci-gram. 10 deci-grams = 1 gram. 10 grams = 1 deka-gram. 10 deka-grams = 1 hecto-gram. 10 hecto-grams = 1 kilo-gram.
Page 3 - The Metric System is so called from the METER, which is the base of all the weights and measures which it employs. The Meter is the primary unit of length, and equals about 39.37 inches, or nearly 3 ft.
Page 3 - The meter was intended to be, and is very nearly, one tenmillionth part of the distance measured on a meridian of the earth from the equator to the pole, and equals about 39.37 inches or nearly 3 feet 3J inches.
Page 20 - The following are some of the measures in common use with their equivalents in measures of the metric system: — An inch A foot A yard A rod A mile A sq. inch A sq. foot A sq. yard A sq. rod An acre A sq. mile A cu. inch A cu. foot : 2.54 centimeters.
Page 3 - ... square meters. The Cubic Meter, or Stere, is the unit of volume ; this is a cube whose edge is one meter in length. The Liter is the unit of capacity ; this is the capacity of a cube whose edge is- one tenth of a meter in length. The Gram is the unit of weight ; this is the weight of distilled water contained in a cube whose edge is the one hundredth part of a meter. From these primary units the higher and lower orders of units are derived decimally.
Page 18 - DENOMINATIONS AND VALUES. EQUIVALENTS IN DENOMINATIONS IN USE. Names. No. of Liters Cubic Measure. Dry Measure. Liquid or Wine Measure. Kiloliter or stere Hectoliter . . Dekaliter .... Liter...
Page 4 - Length. 10 millimeters (mm.) = 1 centimeter (cm.). 10 centimeters = 1 decimeter. 10 decimeters = 1 meter (m.). 10 meters = 1 decameter.

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