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188 Nov. 15, treaty of federation betw. Bolivia and Peru, concluded at Chuqusaca. 1827 March 13; Proclamation of the President of the United States, prohibiting trade with

certain British colonial ports. 15% July 4, treaty of Commerce and Navigation concluded at Stockholm, between the United

States, and Sweden and Norway. 159 Aug. 6, the commercial convention between the United States and Great Britain, of

October 20, 1818, which was limited to ten years, continued indefinitely. 1827 Sep. 29, Convention concluded at London between the United States and Great Britain,

agreeing to refer the differences arising under the 5th article of the treaty of Ghent,

(for the settlement of boundaries,) to the decision of a friendly power. 1$27 Oct. 16, treaty of Constantinople, betw Spain and Turkey, respecting the Black Sea. 1827 Dec. 20, treaty of Commerce and Navigation concluded at Washington, between the

United States and the Free Hanseatic Republics of Lubec, Bremen, and Hamburg.

Additional article agreed to June 4, 1828. 1828 Feb. 10-26, Convention of friendship and commerce between Sweden and Russia. 1828 Feb. 22 peace of Turkmanchay between Russia and Persia. Erivan and Nakhitchwan

ceded to Russia. 1998 April 26, Russia declares war against Turkey. 1828 May 1, treaty of Comm. and Nav. concluded at Wash'ton, betw' the U. S. and Prussia. 1828 June 26, convention betw'G. Britain and Spain for satisfying claims of British merchants. 183 July 14, Treaty between Austria and Switzerland, for the mutual surrender of criminals, 1828 Aug. 6, convention between the Viceroy of Egypt and Sir E. Codrington for the evacu

ation of the Morea. 1898 Aug. 29, treaty of peace between Brazil and Buenos Ayres, at Rio Janeiro. 1828 Oct. 28, peace between Naples and Tripoli. 1828 Dec. 12, treaty of Commerce and Navigation concluded at Rio de Janeiro, between the

United States and Brazil, ratified at Washington. 1829 Jan. 1, The general congress of Mexico opened by a speech froin president Victoria 1829 Jan. 6, Vincente Guerrero chosen president, and Anastasio Bustamente vice-president

of Mexico, by the general congress. 1829 Jan. 18, Dispersion of the guilleras and destruction of the Patian faction in the Southern

part of Colombia by General Cordova. 1829 Jan. 22, Four hundred and fifty indians belonging to the army of tne provinces under

the command of Molina, surprised and cut to pieces by general Lavalle, provisional

Governor of Buenos Ayres. 1529 Jan. 26, Proclamation of Bolivar to the insu ents under Obando and to the inhabitants

of Cauca, Popayan, & Patia, offering pardon to all who should surrender within 20 days 1829 Feb. 7, General Harrison, Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States to Colombia,

rec'd & recog'd at Bogota, by the min'r of State, in the absence of the president Bolivar. 1829 Feb. 10, Death of Leo XII, pope of Rome. 1829 Feb. 21; Field marshal count Wittgenstein resigns the command of the Russian army

for the invasion of Turkey, and general Diebitsch appointed to succeed him. 1829 Feb. 94, The king of Spain issues a decree constituting the city of Cadiz a free port. 1829 Feb. 27, Battle between the Colombian and Peruvian armies at Tarqui, in the southern

part of Colombia; the former consisting 5000 and the latter of 8000 men. The Peruvians were defeated with considerable loss. Convention signed for the cessation of hostilities on the field of battle, aud mutual differences referred to the arbitra

tion of the United States' government. 1829 March 4, Andrew Jackson inaugurated as president of the United States at Washington. 1829 March 22, Protocol agreed on between the plenipotentiaries of Great Britain, France,

and Russia; fixing the government, boundaries, &c., of Greece.

1829 March 28, General Rauch of the Lavalle or Buenos Ayres party, defeated by the Monte

neros or party of the provinces 1829 April 1, General Guerrero inaugurated as president of the Mexican republic at Mexico. 1829 April 3, Proclamation of Bolivar to the Colombians, complaining of the non-fulfilment

by Peru of the convention concluded after the battle of Tarqui. 1829 April 12, Capitulation of the City of Guatemala, after a long siege and some hard fight

ing, to the army of St Salvador under general Morazan. 1829 April 16, General Lamar embarks at Patia for Guayaquil with 1200 troops and 200 horse

es for the purpose or recommencing hostilities with the Peruvians. 1829 May 6, The French consul general at Buenos Ayres demanded his passports and left

that place, in consequence of alleged insults to his flag and nation. The French admiral took possession of the Buenos Ayrean fleet of four brigs and several gunboats

after a hard action. One of the brigs burnt. 1829 May 17, Death of John Jay at Bedford, New-York. He was one of the presidents of

the old continental congress, minister to Spain and Great Britain, governor of New

York, and chief Justice of the United States, 1829 May 17, A French minister, M. Bresson, arrives, and is presented to the Colombian

government at Bogota. 1829 May 24, Coronation of the emperor Nicholas of Russia, as king of Poland, at Warsaw. 1829 May 27, treaty of commerce and customs, between Bavaria on the one part, and Prussia,

Hesse, Darnstadt and Wirtemburg on the other part, ratified at Berlin. 1829 June 6, Revolution effected at Lima by the party favorable to Bolivar; general Gamarra

made president, and La Fuentes vice-president. 1829 June 16, The emperor of Russia arrives at Warsaw. 1829 June 19, Mr Gordon & Guilleminot, the British & French amb's, arrive at Constantin pole. 1829 June 24, Peace concluded between generals Lavalle and Rosas, the chiefs of the two

contending parties in the Argentine republic (Buenos Ayres.] 1829 July 6, treaty of London between Russia, France and Great Britam, for the settlement

of the affairs of Greece. 1829 July 17, 18, and 19, Passage of the Balkane effected by the Russians, with comparatively

little difficulty. The Turks lost 10 cannon, 400 prisoners, and a considerable num

ber of killed. 1829 July 25, Greek national assembly opened at Argos, on which occasion the count Capo

d'Istria made a long speech. 1829 Aug. 1, Capture of Jambouli, and destruction of Turkish camp, by a brigade of Hulans

and Cossacks under general Sher m tief, after having defeated on the road a body

of 15,000 Turks, commanded by Halil Pacha. 1829 Aug. 2, Marriage of the emperor don Pedro, of Brazil, to the princess de Leuchtenberg

at Munich; Prince Charles of Bavaria acting as proxy for the emperor. 1829 Aug. 12, Mr M’Lane, Envoy to Great Britain, and Mr Rives, to France, embark on

board the United States frigate Constellation at New York. 1829 Aug. 29, Capture of Adrianople by a Russian force consisting of 28,000 men, command

ed in person by general Diebitsch. 1829 Aug. 24, General Vismout appointed governor of Buenos Ayres. 1829 Aug. 27, treaty of Commerce and Navigation concluded at Washington between the

United States and Austria. 1829 Sep. 12, Surrender of the Spanish army under general Barradas at Tampico, Mexico, to

the Mexican army under general Santa Anna. 1829 Sep. 14, treaty of peace between Russia and Turkey, signed at Adrianople; ratified on

the 20th, by the Porte. 1829 Sep. 22, peace between Colombia and Peru.

182 Sep. 26, Venezuela separated from the Republic of Colombia. 1829 Oet. 7, Proclamation of the king of the Sandwich islands, respecting the treatment of

foreigners within his territories. 1899 Nov. 16, Conception declared independent of Chili. 1829 Dec. 21, Convention of commerce and navigation, between Great Britain and Austria,

concluded at London. 1831 March 28, treaty of Indemnification, between the U. States and Denmark, concluded at

Copenhagen. Denmark agrees to pay $650,000 on account of citizens of the U. S. 1930 April 4, Yucatan declares itself independent. 1530 April 13, the navigation of the Black Sea opened to American vessels. 1830 Jlay 7, treaty of Commerce and Navigation between the United States and the Ottoman

Porte, concluded at Constantinople. 1830 May 13, Gen. Flores issues a proclamation at Quito, declaring the south part of Colom

bia an independent government. 1830 June 18, a treaty of peace ratified at Monte Video by the Gov. Gen. Lavalleja and Gen.

Rivera, by which the latter acknowledged the existing government. 1330 July 5, Algiers taken by the French. 1850 July 15, The funeral ceremonies of George IV. of England. 133) July 27, Revolution in France; Charles X. dethroned, and Louis Philippe Duke of Or

Teans declared King, August 9. 1830 Aux. 9, a treaty of peace concluded between France and Tunis, by which the commerce

of the latter is opened to all nations. A similar treaty was concl. with Tripoli, Ang. 11. 1530 Aug. 23, Revolution in Belgium commenced at Brussels; independence delared Oct. 4. 1330 Sep. 50, Independence of the South American Republics acknowledged by France. 1530 Oet. 4, President's Proclamation declaring the ports of the United States open to British

vessels from the West Indies. 1850 Oct. 8, Iasurrection in Brunswick; grand Duke abdicates. 1830 Oct. 16, Change in the Britislı ministry, the Wellington cabinet resigns. 1830 Nov. 29, Revolution in Poland commences at Warsaw. 1830 Dec. 24, the emperor Nicholas izsues a proclamation, in which he declares his intention

of maintaining entire the rights of his throne, and pronounces those who have assumed

the government of Puland to be traitors. 1530 Dec. 27, Independence of Belgium acknowledged. 1331 Jan. 10, the King of the Netherlands selecteil as the umpire between the United States

and Great Britain, under the Convention of Sept. 29, 1827, makes his award. 1931 Jan 24, The Polish diet declare the absolute independence of Poland. 1931 March 18, first Congress of Venezuela meets at Valentia, of 15 senators & 23 repre's. 1931 April 5, a commercial treaty between the United States and Mexico ratified by the Mexi

can Government. 1931 April 6, Revolution in Brazil, the Emperor Don Pedro abdicates in favour of his son. 1831 June 4, Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg elected King by the Belgian Congress. 1831 July 4, convention between the United States and France, concluded at Paris, for the

settlement of claims of American citizens on the French Government. 1831 Sept. 8, Coronation of William IV. of England. 18.31 Sept. 13, treaty between the United States and Turkey, signed at Constantinople. 1531 Nov. 17, New Grenada erected into an independent state by the Bogota convention. 1832 Jan. 27, Convention of indemnities negotiated with France, ratified by senate of U. States. 18.32 March 9, Gen. Santander elected president of New Grenada. 1852 March, Emperor of Russia issues a decree by which Poland is united to Russia. 1632 July 12, treaty of commerce between Peru and the state of Equator. 1832 July 21, the Sultan of Turkey signs a protocol by which he gives his assent to the exten

sion of the Greek frontier, as required by the London conference. 1832 July 26, Died, at Schoenbrunn, near Vienna, Austria, Duke de Reichstadt, son of Napol'n 1832 Oct. 14, treaty between the United States and the king of the Two Sicilies. 2,115,000

Neapolitan ducats, to be paid the U. States for commercial depredations. Ratifica. tions exchanged at Naples, June 8, 1833.

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Ministers of the United States Abroad. ('. "Copied from the United States' Official Biennial Register, for 1834. The abbreviation,

after the name of the Officer, stands for the State “where born."] United Kingdom of G. Brituin and Ireland.

Sweden. Aaron Vail, Charge d'Affaires, London Christopher Hughes, Maryland, Charge France.

d'Affaires, Stockholm Edward Livingston, N. Y. Envoy Extraor

Denmark. dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Paris Henry Wheaton, Rhode Island, Charge Th: P. Barton, Penn. Sec'y of Legation, Paris d'Affaires, Copenhagen Russia.

United Mexican States. John Randolph Clay, Penn. Secretary of Le Anthony Butler, Charge d'Affaires, Mexico gation, and acting Charge d'Affaires, at

Republic of Colombia. St. Petersburg

Rob. B. McAfee, Charge d'Affaires, Bogota Spain, Cornelius P. Van Ness, N. Y. Envoy Extra

Brazil. ordinary and Minister Plenipot’y, Madrid E. A. Brown, Charge d'Affaires, Rio de Jan. Authur Middleton, Jr. S. Carolina, Secretary Republic of Central America. of Legation, Madrid

C. G. DeWitt, Charge d'Affaires, Guatemala Portugal.

Chili. Thomas L. L. Brent, Virginia, Charge d'Afo John Hamm, Charge d'Affaires, St.Jago deCbili faires, Lisbon

Republic of Peril.

Sam. Larned, R. I. Charge d'Affaires, Lima Auguste Davezac, Louisiana, Charge d'Afa

Turkey. faires, The Hague

David Porter, Maryland, Charge d'Affaires Belgium.

Constantinople. Hugh S. Legare, South Carolina, Charge

Drogoman. do. d'Affaires, Brussels.

Consuls of the United States Abroad.

Barbary Powers.

George F.Brown, Vir. comm. agent, Algiers

Samuel D. Heap, Penn. Consul, Tunis

D. S. McCauley, Penn. Consul, Tripoli

James R. Leib, Penn. Consul, Tangier.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire-

land, and its Dependencies Thomas Aspinwall, Mass. consul and agent,

&c. at London
Francis B. Ogden, N.J. consul, Liverpool
Patrick Macaulay, consul, Bristol
Robert W. Fox, Eng. consul, Falmouth
Thomas Were Fox, Eng. Consul, Plymouth
Albert Davy, Pa. consul, Kingston upon Hull
Robert R. Hunter, N. Y. consul, Cowes
Alexander Thomson, consul, Glasgow

Thomas Wilson, consul, Dublin
Reuben Harvey, consul, Cork
Thomas W. Gilpin, Del. consul, Belfast
Horatio Sprague, consul, Gibraltar
Paul Froberville, consul, Isle of France
Thomas Wynns, N. C. consul, Turks’ Isl'd
Wm. T. Tucker, comm. agent, Bermuda
George Huyler, comm. agent Nassau, N. P.
R. Higinbotham, of Maryland, commercial

agent, at Antigua and St. Christopher
R. M. Harrison, Vir. consul, Kingston Jam.
C. L. Bartlett, commercial agent, Trinidad
John Haly, commercial agent, Barbadoes
Paul Eynaud, consul, Malta
Wm. Carroll, commercial agent, St Helena
Moses Benjamin, consul, British Guyana
Thomas M. Perrse, consul, Galway
John Morrow, consul, Halifax, N. S.
Robert Grieve, consul, Leith, Scotland
W. M. Haxton, consul, Bathurst Island

France, and its Dependencies.
Daniel Brent, Vir. consul and agent, Paris
George Strobel, S. C. consul, Bordeaux
Daniel C. Croxall, N.J.consul, Marseilles
F. C. Fenwick, consul, Nantes
R. G. Beasley, Virginia, Havre de Grace
Samuel Allison, N. J. consul, Lyons
Theodore Privat, consul, Cette
Jas. Jos Debesse, consul, La Rochelle
P. Suau, consul, comm. agent, Gaudaloupe

J. G. Boker, consul general, Switzerland

A. P. Gibson, N. Y. consul, St. Petersburg
John Ralli, consul, Odessa
Henry Schielen, consul, Taganrog
Edmund Brandt, consul, Archangel

Spain, and its Dependencies. Alesander Burton, Penn. consul, Cadiz William Sterling, consul, Barcelona George G. Barrel, Mass, consul, Malaga George B. Adams, Penn, consul, Alicante Maximode Aguirre, consul, Bilboa A. H. P. Edwards, corsul, Manilla Payton Gay, consul, Teneriffe George T. Ladico, consul, Balearic Islands Nicholas P. Trist, Vir. consul, Havana Rob. R.Stewart, Penn. consul, Trinidad,Cuba J. Leonard, commercial agent, St. Jago, do Fra’s Thomassin, comm. agent, Baracoa, do L Shoemaker, Penn. consul, Matanzas, do John Osen, consul, Puerto del Principe Hopeful Toler, consul, Ponce, P. Rico W. H. Tracy, Conn. comm. agent, Guayama S. C. Russel, comm. agent, Mayaguez, do Sydney Mason, N. Y. consal, St. Johns, do

Portugal, and its Dependencies. I. P. Hutchinson, Penn, consul, Lisbon John H. March, N. Hamp.consul, Madeira Charles W. Dabney, Mass. consul, Payal Wm. G. Merrill, N. Y.consul, Cape Verd J.Balestier, con. Rhio Island, Bintaug, Mal.Sca

The Netherlands, and its Dependencies J. W. Parker, Vir. consul, Amsterdam John Wambersie, Geo. consul, Rotterdam W. D. Patterson, N.York, consul, Antwerp Thomas Trask, consul, Surinam L. Paimboef, consul, Isle of Curacoa John Schillaber, Mass. consul, Batavia Louis Mark, N. Y. consul, Ostend J. Hollingsworth, Penn, consul, St. Eustacia

Charles Barnet, N. J. consul, Venice
George Moore, G. Britain, consnl, Trieste
J. G. Schwarz, consul, Vienna

Fred'k Kabl, consul, Darmstadt
Frederic List, consul, Duchy of Baden
Robt. de Ruedorffer, consul, Munich

Sweden, and its Dependencies.
David Erskine, G. B. consul, Stockholm
C. A. Murray, do. consul, Gottenburg
Helmich Janson, do. Bergen, Norway

Denmark, and its Dependencies
C. J. Hambro, consul, Copenhagen
Nathan Levy, Md. consul, St. Thomas
Jos. Ridgeway, do. St. Croix
Thomas H. Barker, N.Y. consul, Elsineur

W. T. Simons, Prussia, consul, Elbervelt
Frederick Schillow, consul, Stettin

C. F. Goehring, consul, Leipzig

Hanseatic Towns.
John Cuthbert, consul, Hamburg
Joshua Dodge, consul, Bremen
Ernest Schwendler, consul, Frankfort

Italian States.
Thomas Appleton, Mass. consul, Leghorn
James Ombrosi, Florence, consul, Florence
Robert Campbell, G. Britain, consul, Genoa
Victor A. Sasserno, Nice, consul, Nice

Roman States.
Felix Cicognani, Italy, consul, Rome

Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Alexander Hammet, Md. consul, Naples Benjamin Gardner, Mass, consul, Palermo John L. Payson, do. consul, Messina

David Omey, Penn. consul, Smyrna

United Mexican States.
J. S. Wilcocks, Penn. consul, Mexico
G. R. Robertson, N Y consul, Tampico
Thomas Reily, Penn. consul, Aguatulco
Harvey Gregs, Indiana, consul, Acapuloo
James James, consul, Vera Cruz & Alverado
Daniel W. Smith, Conn.consul, Matamoros
J. S. Langham, consul, Chihuahua
James Davis, consul, Santa Fe
J. W. McGoffin, Ken'y, congul, Saltillo
Henry Perrine, N. J. consul, Campeche
J. L. Kennedy, Scot'd, consul, Guaymas &c.

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