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This book had a profoundly positive impact on my life when I first read it in 1991. So much so that I spend the last ten years writing a "sequel" (if I may) or a "continuation" of this powerful, spirit-inspired book.
Based on the ups and downs of my 17-years as a Christian pastor, my book "In His Very Steps: What Does the Bible Say?" is my humble effort to encourage Christians to return to the cornerstone of our faith -- the Bible, and at the same time, call non-Christians to accept the good-news message of Jesus Christ. I do this by telling the story of a transient family who stumbles into the city of Kingston in search of a new beginning. Unfortunately, the residents and the city's, and it's prominent minister, are too busy to provide her the help she and her children desperately need. Mistakes are made -- sins are realized, and in the end, the lives of an entire community are forever changed.
"In His Very Steps: What Does the Bible Say?" is scheduled for release next week (late October/early November 2011). I hope you will find it in your heart to help me spread the word about this work and the possibility it offers to advancing the Kingdom of God. To learn more, please visit my blog at or visit me on Facebook at
Thank you!

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