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All acting rights, both professional and amateur, are reserved.
Permission for performing this Drama must be
obtained from the Authors.

All correspondenc should be made with Professor F. H. Lane,
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.

One copy 25 cents; Twenty copies $5.00

Copyright 1911, Charles M. Sheldon

Approved by The Drama League of America INTRODUCTORY PREFACE TO DRAMATIZATION.

This dramatized version of In His Steps is based upon the version which was used for the first time in my own church here in Topeka, December 19-20, 1910. It has been made under my direction and by my authority by Professor F. H. Lane of the Department of Dramatic Art in Washburn College. The dramatization follows almost literally the original story of In His Steps as first written. The changes which have been made are all of them minor adaptations to the dramatic need. It is my earnest conviction that this dramatization can be successfully used by any earnest group of Christian young people in the churches, the Christian associations, colleges or Endeavor societies. Before presenting the drama, those who intend using it are asked to read carefully the note of directions printed by Professor Lane. A careful reading of these directions will help very materially in presenting the drama in the proper way. This is not intended to be in the nature of a mere entertainment but is what it purports to be, a religious dramatization of a story with a purpose; and those who enter into it both as actors and listeners should bear this in mind. The expense of presenting the drama is nominal. It can be put upon the platform of any church auditorium or upon any stage without the ordinary stage settings. It was first given in my own church without curtain, scenery, or costume of any kind in the way of professional equipment. The entire expense need not exceed ten or fifteen dollars. It is my earnest wish that the use of this drama may promote an earnest Christian desire on the part of those who have anything to do with it to make more of their Christian lives in the actual service of the Master. This adaptation is fully authorized by me as the only dramatization which has been made under my own supervision.

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