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ing mischief.

hated their meetings, where they laid their heads to- when he was forced to fly from Absalom ; or, as gether to contrive some evil thing or other : I never some of the Jews think, (which seems most probable, did, nor ever will, sit in consultation with those un- because it agrees very well with several passages quiet and turbalent spirits, who are restlessly hatch- in the psalm), when, in fight with the Philistines,

he had engaged himself so far among the enemies, Ver. 6. I will wash mine hands in innocency : so will that he was in danger of being killed by a giant, I compass thine altar, 0 LORD.] I never satisfied my- if Abishai had not seasonably step in and relieved self with the mere ceremony of washing my hands,

him. This was in his declining years, when the before I went to offer thee any sacrifice ; but sincere- same courage remained, but not the same strength, ly endeavoured, O Lord, to keep myself free from all which he had in his youth. And therefore the impurity, (as by that token I testified), and so pre- people came and sware to him, saying,

" Thou senred myself with due reverence at thy altar.

shalt go out no more with us to battle, that thou Ver. 7. That I may publish with the voice of thanks. quenclı not the lamp of Israel,” 2 Sam. xxi. 17. giving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.] Not merely to pray to thee, when I was in any distress; but Ver. 1. THE LORD.j; my light, and my salvation, to praise thee also, and to give thee thanks; pro

whom shall I fear the LORD is the claiming to all thy people those stupendous things strength of my rife, of whom shall I be afraid?] The which thy admirable goodness hath done for me. Lord still bears a favour to me, and fills me by his

Ver. 8. LORD, I have loved the babitation of the wonderful preservation of me. What enemy, then, is house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth.] And so terrible, that I should not dare to engage bim? He thou knowest, O Lord, with what affection I attend- defends my life in the most dangerous assaults; of ed upon this employment; and how glad I was to go whom, then, though he be never so great a giant, into thy tabernacle, (which thou hast been pleased to should I stand in fear? make the place where thy glory dwells among us), to Ver. 2. Wben the wicked, even mine enemies and my offer those devout sacrifices unto thee.

foes, came upon me to eut up my flesh, they stumbled Ver. 9. Gather not my coul with sinners, nor my life ant fell.] When malicious men, full of latred and with bloody, mer:] And therefore, I hope, thou wilt rage, made their approaches so near me, that they not let me suffer with those, from whose society I hoped, like so many savage beas:s, to tear me in have always separated myself :: O let me not perish, pieces and devour me, they quite missed their aim, as if I was a murderer,

and fell down dead at my feet. Ver. 10. In whose bands is mischief, and their right Ver. 3. Though an bost should encamp against me, my bund is full of bribes.] Or a companion of those that heart shall not fear ; though war should rise against me, live by rapine and spoil of others, (1 Sam. xxv. 15. in tbis will I be confident.] And therefore, though I 16.), or obtain their ends by bribery and corruption should see myself besieged with a great army of eneof justice.

mies, it shall not dismay me ; though I were to fight Ver. 11. But as for me, I will walk in mine integria a battle with the most numerous forces, 1 shall not, ty: redeem me, and be merciful unto me.] For I am after such a demonstration of God's love and careful. none of that number ; but have alway preserved, and providence over me, despair of victory. will still continue an upright endeavour to keep my- Ver. 4. One thing have I desired of the LORD, that self pure in all things : therefore I beseech thee to will I seek after ; that I may dwell in the house of the deliver me, now that they seek to destroy me as LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of an evil-doer, and shew that thou judgest otherwise of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.] Noi that I me.

am greedy of glory and fame by such marvellous Ver. 12. My foot standeth in an even place : in the successes; no, i can stay at home, as my people decongregation will I bless the LORD] Why should I sire me, (2 Sam. xxi. 17.), and give God thanks for doubt of it, when, notwithstanding all the assaults of what he hath done for me. Nothing in the world amine enemies, I stand firm and unshaken? Surely the grees so much with my desires;. this is the only thing time will come when I shall publicly praise the Lord, I have sought, (even by my, wars), and will still my protector and deliverer, in the assemblies of his make the end of all my endeavours, that I may perpeople, from whence this unjust persecution liath drie petually attend upon the service of God in the holy ven me, i Sam. xxvi. 19.

assemblies, and enjoy the sweet pleasure the Lord is,

pleased there to iinpart to his people, and receive diPSALM XXVI. rections from him, when I wait upon


every morning in his tabernacle. A Psalm of David.

Ver. 5. For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in

bis pavi:ior; in the secret of bis tabernacle shall be bide THE ARGUMENT.LÀ psalm composed by David, me, he shall set ine up upon a rock.] For there I shall

when he was, or had been lately, in some great think myself as secure in troublesome times, as if I distress. It is not easy to resolve, whether it were was environed with the strongest bulwarks, or lay when he was persecuted by Saul befor: he was, obscured in the most secret. hiding-places; the most crowned, (as the LXX. now say, though Theodo, impregnable rock I should not take to be a place of set could find no such thing in the Hexaplus); or greater safety.


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Ver. 6. Anl now shall mine head be lifted up above them on, speaks of open force and violence, if he had caine enemies round about me; therefore will I offer in opportunity. mis tabernacle sacrifices of joy ; I will sing, yea, I will Ver. 13. I bad fainted, undass I had believed to sre. sing praises unto the LORD.] And now I have felt the the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.) happy fruit of my love towards it; for the Lord hath Good God! bow had it been possible for me to supgiven me a glorious victory, and made me triumph port myself under so many troubles and fears, which over all my enemies on every side. For which cause follow one upon another, if I had not firmly trusted I will go thither, and ofier sacrifices of thanksgiving in thee, that, notwithstanding the restless malice of with the highest expressions of joy ; I will compose my enemies, I shall enjoy thee in a prosperous and songs of praise, and therein set forth the power and happy condition, even here in this present life? loving-kindness of the Lord.

Ver. 14. Wait on the LORD: Be of good courage, Ver. 7. Hear, 0 LORD, woben I cry with my voice ;

voice; and he shall strengthen thine heart ; wait, I say, on the bave merry

also upon me, and answer me. ] On whom LORD.] And let me admonish thee, whosoever thou I still depend for my future preservation ; beseeching art that shalt hereafter fall into any such straits, to thee, O Lord, to give me a gracions audience; when- learn, by my example, not to be impatient, nor desoever I address myself unto thee, shew then the spond presenty, much less despair of relief, if the kindness thou hast for me, by granting my desire. Lord do not send it just when thou expectest it'; but Ver. 8. When thưu saidst, Seek ye my fuce ; my beart wait upon him still with a stedfast hope, and

, fortify sail into thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.] Which thyself with a strong faith in him..

Let not thy I do not presume to offer to thee without thy invita- heart fail thee in the greatest danger; but, as I said, tion, but have still thy own words in my mind, wait upon the Lord, and confidently expect, that in whereby thou exhortest us to come unto thee, saying, his good time he will relieve thee. Seek ye my face; to which my heart answers, Behold, O Lord, in obedience to thy command, and by

PSALM XXVII. ihy gracious motion, I will never cease to seek it.Ver. 9. Hide not thy face far from me, put not thy

A Psalm of David. servant away in anger : Thou hast been my help, leave The Argument. Theodoret thinks this psalm was me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation!] composed by David during Saul's persecution, when And thou, I hope, wilt look favourably upon me, he was betrayed by those whom he took for friends, and not withdraw thy presence from me, when I beg or not for his enemies, such as Doeg, the Ziphites, thy protection or assistance. Do not then in anger and many others. But the matter of this psalm inreject my suits, because I am a sinner, but accept clines me to consider it as a meditation, on some such them because I am thy servant, whom in former occasion as moved him to pen the foregoing. For he times thou hast so often relieved, that from thence: blesses God, in the latter part of it, (ver. 7. 8.), for also I am emboldened to beseech thee not to desert

the victories he had got over his enemies, and for me, O Lord, but (as thou hast begun, so) continue

the peace he enjoyed; and yet complains, in the to give me deliverance and safety.

beginning of it, of some men who molested him, Ver. 10. When my father and my mother forsake me, and sought an occasion to do him a mischief. then the LORD will take me up.] The indulgence of 2 Sam. xxi. 18.-20. where we read of three my parents is not to be compared with thy most ten

battles between his forces and the Philistines, after der affection ; but though they, and all the friends I

that mentioned in the argument of Psalm xxvii. have, should abandon me, I would hope the Lord when, it is likely, some of his own subjects took would take me into his care, and not suffer me to

an opportunity to give him some disturbance. perish;

Ver. 11, Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me Ver. 1. UNTO the will I cry, O LORD, my Rock, in a path, enemies.

be not silent to me ; lest, if thou be silent tainly shall, if thou leavest me to myself. For, alas ! to me, I become like them that go down into the pit.] O I know not what course it is best for me to take for Lord, to whom alone I betake myself for safety, and my safety, and therefore beseech thee to vouchsafe under whose protection nothing can hurt me, I make me thy direction, and enable me to walk so circum.

my most earnest prayer unto thee, that thou wilt despectly and evenly, that they who narrowly pry into fend me. Do not deny me, I most humbly beseech all my actions, and watch for my halting, may have thee, lest, while I am so importunate with thee, and no advantage against me.

confide so entirely in thee, and yet thou takest no no. Ver. 12. Deliver me not over unto the will of mine tice of me, I look like one that is abandoned by thee enemies, for false witnesses are risen up against me, and to destruction. such as breathe out cruelty.) Let not those have their Ver. 2. Hear the voice of my supplications when I will of me, who love to trouble me, and give me cry unto thee; when I lift up my hands toward thy boly perpetual disturbance; as too many still do, notwith. oracle.] Grant my desires, therefore, when with arstanding all the wonderful things thou hast wrought dent affection I seek thy 'favour, and, renouncing all for me. They cease not to calumniaté and defame dependence on human succour, implore thy help, my government; and he that heads tliem, and sets which thou art wont to send from thy holy place

Ver. 3. Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their

PSALM XXIX. neighbours, but mischief is in their heart.] Let not that destruction seize on me, which is the portion of the

A Psalm of Darid. wicked, nor suffer me to be involved in the same punishment with those pernicious wretches, who make THE ARGUMENT.This psalm seems to have been no conscience what villanies they commit, and yet composed by David after some extraordinary great pretend the greatest friendship to their neighbours, thunder, lightning, and rain ; whereby (it is prowhen they design and are contriving their ruin.

bable) God had so discomfited his enemies, and Ver. 4. Give them according to their deeds, and ac- put their forces into such disorder, that he easily cording to the wickedness of their endeavours ; give them got the victory over them. Whereupon he exhorts after the work of their hands, render to them their de- them in this psalın to submit to that glorious masert.] It is fit that they suffer as they have done, and jesty, from whom that thunder came, and who can reap the fruit of their manifold wickedness; dispense so easily strike a sudden terror into the hearts of a reward to them according to their works, and deal his stoutest and most resolved opposers. Theodowith them (which is the measure whereby I desire ret applies it to the destruction of Sennacherib's thou wilt proceed with me) as they have dealt with army, in Hezekiah's time ; for which I see no others.

foundation, nor for the title which is now in the Ver. 5. Because they regard not tbe works of the LXX. (but Theodoret could not find in the HexaLORD, nor the operation of bis hands, he shall destroy plus), which makes the occasion of it to be, David's them, and not build them up.] I know thou wilt, be- bringing the ark to the place he had prepared cause they regard not the wonderful things thou hast for it. done for me, and by me ; particularly that great work (which is to be ascribed to thy power alone) of Ver. 1. GIVE unto the LORD, Oye mighty, give making me their king ; thou wilt utterly overturn

unts the LORD glory and strengtb.] 0 them without any hope of their being raised up ye princes and rulers of the world, who so readily reagain.

ceive the lowest prostrations from your subjects, give Ver. 6. Blessed be the LORD, because he hath heard unto the Lord of all, that honour which he justly exthe voice of my supplications.] And I ought never pects from you; acknowledge his supreme power, to forget (that which they neglect) the singular pro- which yon have so lately felt, and submit to his auvidence of the Lord over me ; whom I therefore thority. bless and praise, because he heard my prayer when I Ver. 2. Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his was in distress, and desire all ages may ever praise name ; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. ] him.

Do him honour suitable to the excellence of his maVer. 7. The LORD is my strength and my shield; my jesty ; and, as a sign you have him in great venerabeart trusted in him, and I am belped; therefore my tion, come and cast down yourselves before him in beart greatly rejoiceth, and with my song will I praise the sanctuary, where he hath fixed his glorious resihim.] The Lord is to me instead of a fortress and dence among us. shield, when my enemies assault me; I heartily con- Ver. ž. The voice of the LORD is upon the waters ; fided in him, that he would defend me, and behold, the God of glory thundereth; the LORD is upon mary he sent seasonable succour to me, (2 Sam. xxi. 17.); waters.] Whose voice was it but his, which your which fills my heart with such exceeding joy, that heard in the clouds ? (whither the voice of no earth(as I cannot express it, so I am not able to contain ly monarch can reach); from thence his glorious myself, but I must compose a hymn in his praise, majesty thunders, and makes not only the earth, but

the great ocean, tremble at that token of his preVer. 8. The LORD is their strength, and he is the sasing strength of his anointed.] It is the Lord that Ver. 4. The voice of the LORD is powerful ; the gives courage and strength to those that are on my voice of the LORD is full of majesty.] You think side ; he is the fortress that preserves in safety him there is great power in your words; but, as they can whom he hath appointed to be the king of his be heard but a little way, so they are of little force, people.

in comparison with this mighty voice, wherein the Ver. 9. Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance ; Lord expresses how potent lie is, and strikes a dread feed them also, and lift them up for ever.) Whose and horror into all that hear it. good and happiness I seek, beseeching thee, O Lord, Ver. 5. The voice of the Lord breaketh the cedars; to preserve thy people, and to pour down thy bless. gea, the Lord breaketb the cedars of Lebanon.] It ings upon those whom thou hast appropriated to thy- makes the strongest trees of the forest quake, nay, self out of all other nations; take care of them, as breaks them into shivers; the cedars, as hard and tall a shepherd doth of his flock, and make them victo- as they are, even the cedars of Libanus, which are rious over all their enemies, both now and in all fu- famed for their durableness and goodly bulk, are ture generations.

thrown down and shattered by it. VOL. III.


and say,


Ver. 6. He maket's ihn 21 also to skip like a calf ; Le- grees best with a great part of the psalm) when he banon and Sirion like a young unicorn.] It lifts them returned to it again, after he had been driven from up into the air when it hath torn thein in pieces, and it by the rebellion of Absalom, who defiled it, (2 makes the mountains themselves leap like the young Sam. xvi. 21.) Then he gave God thanks for his creatures which live upon them.

being restored to a peaceable possession of his paVer. 7. The voice of the LORD dvideth the flames of lace; and made a feast for bis friends, (as the manfire :) Flashes of fire break out together with it, ner was, at their coming to dwell in a new-built and, cutting their way through the clouds, are scat- house), with extraordinary piety and devotion, actered, with a wonderful swiftness, into all quarters. knowledging God's goodness, who had graciously

Ver. 8. The voice of the LORD shaketh the wilder- reinstated him in his throne. The Thalmudists ness ; the LORD shakerh the wilderness of Kadesh.] generally understand by the house here mentioned, The force of it is felt in the most desert places, even the house of the sanctuary, (see Mr Selden, l. ii. in that vast and horrid wilderness of Kadesh, which, de Synedr. Cap. 13.); but I see no ground for it; by overthrowing trees and rocks, it renders still more for David did not build God a house, nor do the horrid.

words of the psalm (as Theodoret observes) agree Ver. 9. The voice of the LORD maketh the hinds to to that matter. calve, and discovereth the forests; and in his temple doth every one speak of bis glorze? I opens the wombs of Ver. 1. I Will extol thee, O LORD, for thou bast , bring

lifted me up, and hast not made my foes difficulty ; and it lays bare the covers of the wild to rejoice over me.] O Lord, to whose powerful probeasts in the forest, whom it frightens into their dens; vidence I ascribe my late wonderful deliverance, I while his temple remains unslaken by these tempes. will give thee the highest praises, and never cease to tuous blasts, and all his pious worshippers there se- magnify thy name, who hast drawn' me up out of curely sing the praises of his glorious majesty and that depth of misery into which I was plunged, and power, saying,

filled me with that joy, which my enemies hoped to Ver. 10. The LORD sitieth upon the flood; yea, the have had in my destruction. LORD sitteth King for ever.] The Lord is the great Ver. 2. O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and King, who governs even the clouds, and orders the tbou bast bealed me.] O Lord, my gracious God, I thunder-showers to do what execution he pleases. was in a most forlorn and languishing condition, like When all other monarchs fail, the Lord still remains a sick man who cannot help himself; but I addressed the same throughout all generations; and the ihunder myself in earnest prayer to thee, and thou hast resto. doth not more easily tear the trees and rocks, than he red me to my former estate again. can break in pieces the proudest princes; who ought Ver. 3. O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from therefore to tremble before him, and to dread his the grave; thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go judgements.

down to the pit.] Which mercy is the more to be adVer. 11. The LORD will give strength unto bis mired, because there seemed to be no more hope of people; the LORD will bless bis people with peace.] But my restoration, than there is of the resurrection of a as for all those that are sincerely devoted to his ser, dead man out of his grave; or, at best, of a sick vice, though never so weak and feeble, the Lord will man's recovery, that is just at the point of death. be their support; they may depend upon his power Ver, 4. Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of bis, and. to defend them in the greatest dangers, and against give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.] Join the mightiest enemies; the Lord will not oniy pre- with me, then, all ye that are sensible of the divine serve them from evil, but bless and prosper them benefits, in this duty of praise to him, who hath call. with all manner of happiness.

ed me from death unto life again ; give thanks togePSALM XXX.

ther with me, (for my single praises and thanksgi

vings are not sufficient), and gratefully commemorate A Psalm and Song, at the dedication of the House of his power, and goodness, and wisdom, and truth, , David.

which he hath shewn in my restitution. THE ARGUMENT.-The title of this psalm differs - Ver. 5. For bis anger endureth but a moment ; in bis

from all the foregoing, it being the first that is called favour is life : weeping may endure for a night, but joy a Fsalm and Song, or a Psalm-Song; as others; cometh in the morning.] Wherein you may see his we shall see in due place, are called a Song and clemency towards his faithful servants, whom he may Psalm, or a Song-Psalm ; the difference of which correct very sharply for a little time, but is soon reit is hard to find out, (See Arġ. of Psalm lxvii.) conciled, and then extends his favour to them without But here the words may be otherwise construed, any end ; and sends them deliverance so unexpectedly for they run currently enough in the Hebrew; and suddenly, as well as seasonably, that where nothus, A Psalm, A Song of Dedication of the thing but lamentations were heard over night, there House made by David, who would not eat in his nothing but shouts of joy are heard in the morning. house, till he had first, in a solemn manner, addressed Ver. 6. And in my prosperity I said, I shall never himself to God at his entrance into it; either after be moved.] Yet that must not make them secure, nor it was newly built, (2 Sam. v. 11.), or (which a- confident in any thing but his goodness alone. Fos

therein I was to blame, that when I was delivered God over him, he had certainly fallen into his from the persecution of Saul, and settled peaceably hands. To that strange deliverance, and not that in my kingdom, I fancied vainly, that now I should from Absalom, to which Theodoret refers it), it never be any more disturbed.

is the more probable he hath respect in this psalm, Ver. 7. LORD, by thy favour thou hast made my (in the latter of which it is thankfully commemomountain to stand strong : thou didst hide thy face, and rated), because the haste, which the Psalmist here I was troubled.] But I soon found that that was more saith (ver. 22.) he made in that sore distress, is exthan I could promise myself, and that it depended pressed by the very same word, (and used no where solely on thy favour, o Lord, by whom my throne else in any other part of David's history), when the was established in the strong fortress of Sion, (2 great fright he was in, and his sudden speedy flight Sam. v.7. 9.); for thou, being offended with me, didst from one place to another, is described, i Sam. withdraw thy gracions presence from me, and pre

xxiii. 26. sently I was involved in new troubles and dangers; Ver . 8. I cried unto thee

, O LORD.; and unto the Ver.1. IN thee, O LORD, do I put my trust; let me LORD I made supplication.) And had no way to

never be ashamed : deliver me in thy righrelieve myself, but by making my addresses to thee, teousness.] Thou seest, O Lord, that in all these perO Lord; and earnestly beseeching thee to pardon me, secutions which I endure, I have no confidence in any and restore me to thy favour.

thing, but only thy power and goodness; which it Ver. 9. What profit is there in my blood, when I go they should fail me, I should be lamentably asian down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? shall it de- med: prevent that confusion, O Lord, and magnify thy clare thy truth.?] For what service, said I, can I do own mercy and fidelity, by preserving ine in, and dethee when I am dead? shall my ashes be able solivering me out of these dangers, which now encommuch as to praise thy goodness, or declare thy faith- pass me. fulness to thy promises? Will they not rather seem to Ver. 2. Bow down thine car to me, deliver me spredi. fail, and lose their credit, together with ine ? Spare ly: be thou mny strong rock, for an house of defence to save me therefore, O Lord, and deliver me from those that me.]. Graciously incline to favour my request, now seek my life: let me live, to tell how good and how that I am so sorely pressed by my enemies, that they true thou art.

are ready to seize on me; haste my relief, for it is Ver. 10. Hrar, 0 LORD, and have mercy upon me : not this rock or strong hold wherein I am, (1 Sam. LORD, be thou my helper.] Do not deny me, O Lord, xxiii. 25.), that can protect me, but only thou, o but take compassion upon my sad estate. Lord, be Lord, to whom 1 resort as a more sure defence, than thou my helper, who art able to restore me to my the most impregnable fortress in the world. former happiness, without any other assistance : as Ver. 3. For thou art my rock and my fortress : there. thou alone, I am sensible, not the strongest guards, fore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me.] For so I canst preserve me in it.

have hitherto found thee in all my distresses, and thereVer. 11. I hou hast turned .for me my mourning into fore I still flee to thee for safety ; beseeching thee to dancing : thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me glorify thyself (I have no other argument whereby to with gladness.] In this manner I humbly besought move thee) in leading me out of this strait, and guidthy mercy, and obtained a gracious answer : for joying my steps so, that I may not fall into the hands of and gladness is returned again, after a short time of my enemies; sadness and sorrow.

Ver. 4. Pull me cut of the net tkot they have luid priVer. 12. To the end that my glory may sing praise to vily for me: for thou art my strength.) Who have thee, and not be silent : O LORD my God, I will give now so circumvented me, and, by the secret treachery thanks unto thee for ever.] Which engages me to do of the Ziphites, brought me into such perplexities, thee all the service I am able ; and in the most magni. (1 Sam. xxiii. 19. 20. &c.), that I am undone unless ficent manner to sing thy praises without ceasing. O thou extricate me: as I hope thou wilt; for I profess Lord, my most gracious God, I will be as good as again, that I depend on thee alone for help and demy resolution, and spend my whole life in giving liverance. thanks unto thee, for thy faithful mercy towards me. Ver. 5. Into thine hand I coinmit my spirit : thou

hast redeemed me, O LORD God of truth.] Unto thy PSALM XXXI.

care and custody I commit myself, and deposit my very

life with thee * : who hast so often rescued me, To the chief musician. A Psalm of David. when I was like to lose it; and wilt still, I doubt not,

shew thyself my most gracious God, as well as powerTHE ARGUMENT.-A psalm composed by David, and ful Lord, who never deceivest those that rely upon

delivered to the master of music in the tabernacle ; thy faithful word. wherein he describes his confidence in God, not. (* Our Saviour used these words in a more proper and litewithstanding a grievous strait wherein he was ; ral sense than ihey can be applied to David.) when (as I understand it) after his escape from Ver. 6. I have hated them that rigard lying vanities: Keilah, Saul, with three battalions, (as we now but I trust in the LORD.] There is nothing else that speak) pursued him so close in the wilderness of Irely upon ; for I never inquired of diviners, wiMaon, that without an extraordinary providence of zards, soothsayers, or fortune-tellers; nor consulted

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