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Jove, and in thy promises, O Lord, whose word I for this end, to deprive me still of all other delights, have resolved to keep as the greatest treasure.

I submit unto it; for I must confess I committed Ver. 58. I intreated thy favour with my whole many errors before I was thus afflicted, which since beart; be merciful unto me, according to thy word.] I have corrected, and grown more strictly observant For there is nothing comparable to thy favour, which of thy word. I have besought with the heartiest affection, and the Ver. 68. Thou art good, and doest good; teach me lby most importunate prayers; and do again beseech thee statutes.] Thou art in thy own nature kind and good; to deal mercifully with me, according to thy repeated and nothing else can proceed from thee, who designest promises unto me.

our good even when thou afflictest us: take what Ver. 59. I thought on my ways, and turned my feet methods thou pleasest with me, cnly teach me effecanto tby testimonies.) Fur upon serious deliberation tually to do as thou wouldest have me. what course of life it was best to take, I rejected all Ver. 69. The proud bave forged a lie against me ; other, which with specious shews of worldly advan. but I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart.] tages would have seduced me, and determined to be They that disdain io be tied to the common and plain guided wholly by thy testimonies.

rules of honesty, have taken a great deal of pains to Ver. 60. I made baste, and delayed not to keep thy invent a lie against me, (1 Sam. xxiv. 9.); but as I rommandments.] And being thus resolved, I admit. am hitherto conscious of no such guilt, so I will alted no farther debate about it; but instantly, without ways confute them by an impartial and most hearty any delay, set myself to the strict observance of thy observance of thy precepts; commandments.

Ver. 70. Their heart is as fat as grease, but I delight Ver. 61. The bands of the wicked have robbed me; in thy law.] Which gives me infinitely greater satisbut I bave not forgotten thy law.] Nor hath any thing faction in a poor starved condition, than all the dull been able to remove me from this resolution ; but, delights of sense which they enjoy, in the fullest though I have been beset with troops of wicked men, plenty of worldly prosperity. who stripped me of all I had, (1 Sam. xxiii. 26.), it Ver. 71. It is good for me that I have been afflicted, did not make me forget my duty, nor put me upon that I might learn thy statutes.] This they stupidly any unlawful means of being revenged of them, (i imagine is the only happiness ; but I can truly say, it Sam. xxiv. 6. 7.)

was more happy for me that I was afflicted, for thereVer. 62. Al midnight I will rise to give thanks unto by I learnt to apply myself more seriously to thy thee, because of thy righteous judgements.] But have

But have statutes. blessed thee, both night and day, and arose at mid- Ver. 72. The law of thy mouth is better unto me than night to give thee thanks, for those just and good thousands of gold and silver.) Whereby thy will is Jaws, which thou hast taught me to observe.

declared unto us by a voice from heaven, (Exod. xx. Ver. 63. I am a companion of all them that fear 1.), which I prefer before all the gold and silver in ibee, and of them that keep thy precepis.] Associating the kingdom. myself willingly with none but such as fear to offend thee, and do religiously observe thy precepts; who

JOD. PART X. are all truly dear unto me.

Ver. 61. The earth, O Lord, is full of tby mercy ; Ver. 73. Thy bands have made me, and fashioned me ; teach me thy statutes.] And no other thing do I desire give me understanding, that I may learn iby.commandof thee, O Lord, whose kindness is so great that it ments.] Desert me not, then, who am thine own work. dispenses its blessings plentifully throughout all the manship, that neither hath nor hopeth for any thing earth, but that thou wilt instruct me still to serve thee but from thy almighty power, and desires above all as I ought.

things to comprehend fully what thy will is, that he

may obey it. TETH. PART IX.

Ver. 74. They that fear thee will be glad when they

see me, because I have boped in thy word.] It will be Ver. 65. Tbou bast dealt well with thy servant, О a very great comfort and encouragement to all good LORD, according unto thy word.] Many other bene. men, when they see me delivered out of all these fits, I will thankfully acknowledge, O Lord, thou troubles ; for thereby they will be confirmed in their hast bestowed upon thy servant, with whom thou belief of thy faithfulness to thy promises, on which, hast faithfully kept thy word.

it will appear, I have not vainly depended, though I Ver. 66. Teach me good judgement and knowledge ; stay long for the performance. for I hade believed thy commandments.] And I am Ver. 75. I know, O LORD, that tby judgements are not ignorant of thy commandments, which, by thy right, and that thou in faithfulness bast afflicted me.] grace, I have believed to be the only way to happi- And I am satisfied, O Lord, that while thou makest ness. But still I need thy farther assistance, to give me wait for the performance, thou doest nothing conme a delightful taste and thorough sense of what I trary to thy justice, or to thy fidelity ; but that all know; which, I beseech thee, add to the rest of the these cross dispensations of thy providence, in the benefits I have received from thee.

heavy afflictions which have befallen me, are perfectVer. 67. Before I was afflicted, I went astray ; but ly righteous, and will only make thy truth and faithrow bave I kept thy word.] And if it be necessary fulness at last the more illustrious.

Ver. 96. Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be are not after thy law.] Who proudly contrive by all for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant.] manner of frauds and treachery to take away my life, O hasten that happy time, when I shall seç iby loving- directly contrary to thy law, to which they are as inkindness turning this disconsolate into a more com jurious as unto me. fortable condition; according to the promises which Ver. 86. All thy commandments are faishful; they thou hast made unto thy servant, (i Sam. xvi. 12. persecute me wrougfully; help thou me.] For all thy 13.)

commandments teach us to be just and true, being as Ver. 77. Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I faithful as those men are false and perfidious; there, may live ; for thy law is my delight.] Let me feel the fore make good thy promises to me, and deliver me speedy effects of thy compassionate mercy ; rescuing from those who persecute me with lies and forgeries ; me from those that seek my life, and raising-me out Veri87, They had almost consumed we upon earth of this forlorn estate, (1 Sam. xxiv. 14. For howso- but ! forsook not thy precepts.? Which they have en. ever I am represented, my highest satisfaction is in ployed so successfully, that I escaped very hardly with obedience to thy law.

my like, when I was in the land of Judah, (i Sam. Ver 78. Let the proud be ashamed, for they dealt xxiii. 26.); yet for all this I stuck to thy precepts, perversely uith me without a cause ; but I will meditate and would pot take away, the life of him that sought in thy precepts.] Confound all those proud contemn- mine, when I could have easily done it, (1 Sam, xxiv, ers of it, who, making no copscience of wbat they 0.7.): say, have oppressed and overthrown me with lies and v Ver. 88. Quicken me after tby loving-kindness ; se calumnies; as if I studied to disturb the kingdom, shall I keep the testimony of thy mouth.] Deal as kind, when my only study is to observe thy precepts. ly with me, O Lord, and not only spare my life, but Ver.

79 Let those that fear thee turn unto me, qud raise me out of this forlorn estate, wherein I lie like those that have known tby testimonies.] Let all pious a ipaņ that is dead, (1 Sam. xxiv. 14.); and I will men, who have a due regard to thy testimonies, be endeavour the more carefully to observe the testi, convinced of this, and be no longer abused by these monies which thou hast soleninly (ver. 72.) given us slanders, but turn to my side, and become my in charge. friends, Ver. 80. Let my beart be sound in thy statutes, ibat

LAMED. PART XII. I be not ashamed.] And in order to it, preserve me so blameless before thee, in such integrity of heart as ..Ver. 89. For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled iz well as life, that I may not be ashamed of the hope I beaven.] Thou art eternal, O Lord, and changest not; have, that thou and all good men will take my part. and thy promises are like thyself, fixed and settled in

the heavens, which are a lively emblem of their conCAPH. PART XI. !

stavcy and invariable truth.

Ver. 99. Thy faithfulness is unto all generations; thou Ver. 81. My soul fainteth for thy salvation ; but I hast established the earth, and it abideth.) One genebope in thy word.] for which blossing I have now ration goes, and another comes, but thy fidelity is still attended so many years, that I am ready sometimes the same to all, and alters no more than the earth, to faịnt away with vehement desire to see thy long- which thou hast firmly and immoveably established, expected promise fulfilled, of deliverance from all my while all those creatures that live upon it pass away enemies.

and perish. Ver, 82. Mine eyes fail for tby word, saying, When Ver. 91. They cantinue this day according to thine. wilt thou comfort me 2] That joyful sight I have look, ordinances ; for all are thy servants.] All things re. ed for, till I am in danger to be weary with expecta- main to this day in the order at first appointed, and tion, saying, When will the time come of


delivers never vary from the laws which thou hast set them; ance from this disconsolate condition.?

for they are entirely subject to thy will and pleasure : Ver. 83. For I am become like a battle in the smokea Ver. 92. Unless thy law had been my delights, I should yet I do not forget thy statutes,]. I hope it will not be then, haue perished in mine affliction). Which was a long delayed; for 1 am worn away, and my skin most comfortable meditation in my afflicted condition, (like an empty leathern bag, that hath hang a great when my heart would have failed me, and I should while in the smoke) is shrivelled up with toil and have been undone, if thy laws (which stand as fast grief; and yet I have never taken any polawful course as heaven and earth) had not given me constant cone to rid myself of all this misery,

solation, Ver. 87. How many are the days of thy: servant ? Ver. 93. I will never forget tby precepts ; for with when wilt thou execute judgement on them that persecute them thou bast quickened me.] I will never, therefore, me?] I leave that to thee, O Lord; beseeching the be guilty of neglecting thy precepts, whic have reto consider how my days spend apace in trouble and vived me, (by thy faithful promises thou hast annex. sorrow; which force me to sigh, and say, How long od to the observance of them), when I looked upon must thy poor servant still lię in this calamitous con- myself as a dead man, that could not escape the hands dition ? O when wilt thou do me right against my, of those that sought to destroy me, persecutors ?

Ver, 94. I am thine save me, for I have sought tby Ver. 85. The proud baye digged pics for me, which precepts: 1. And be thou pleased still to: dcliver me

from falling into their hands; for though they have yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!] And a happidriven me from thy inheritance, (1 Sam. xxvi. 19.), ness it is, I feel already, incoinparably above all other : I still continue thine, and serve no other god; but the pleasure I take in every word of thine is inexhaving diligently inquired, in my greatest dangers, pressibly far to be preferred before all the delights of what would be most pleasing to thee, as most advan- sense, though never so sweet and luseious. tageous to myself.

Ver. 104. Through thy precepts I get understanding ; Ver, 95. The wicked have waited for me to destroy therefore I bate every false way.], And by thy precepts me; but I will consider tby testimonies.] Those wick. I am so fully instructed how to behave myself, that I ed men who are combined to destroy me, have loug need not to betake myself to any dishonest ways, which watched for an opportunity, which they confidently I utterly abhor. expect to meet withal; but it doth not discourage my study of thy testimonies, as the best defence against

NUN. Part XIV. their bloody attempts.

Ver. 96. I bave seen an end of all perfection : but tby Ver. 105. Tby word is a lamp unto my feet, and a comunement is exceeding broad.] for had I greater light unto my path. Thy word is my only guide ; forces than my enemies, alas ! I never yet saw any wnose directions I follow in all the dark and difficult thing so complete, but as it had its bounds and limits, passages of my life. . so it is exceeding frail ; and when it is arrived at per- Ver. 106. I have sworn, and will perform it, that I fection, comes to a speedy end ; whereas, the wisdom, will keep tby rigbtevus judgements.] I have solemnly which thou hast revealed to us biath infinite satisface resolved, and bound myself by the most sacred ties, tion in it, durable and lasting satisfaction, which never which I will never break, but do now confirm, that I fails those that depend upon it.

will carefully observe thy decrees, which I find to be

both just and good. ME M.. PART XIII.

Ver. 107. I am aflicted very much ; quicken me, O

LORD, according unto thy word.] I have suffered Ver. 97. O how love I thy law! it is my meditation very much upon that account, and am still sorely afall the day.] It is impossible to express the love I flicted; but I comfort myself, O Lord, with thy pro. have to thy law; which entertains my meditation, or mise, according to which I beseech thee to deliver me enables me to entertain others, with admirable variety, from those that seek to destroy me, and raise me out whole days together.

of this forlorn condition, wherein I can scarce be said Ver. 98. Thou through tby commandments last made to live, me wiser than mine enemies ; for they are ever with me.

2.] Ver. 108. Accept, I beseech thee, the free-will offerings Mine enemies are very crafty, and use many artifices of my mouth, 0 LORD, and teach me thy judge uents.] to destroy me ; but by observing thy commandments, I have no other sacrifices that I am able in this exile I have defeated all their subtile devices, and confounded to offer ta thee, but these of prayer, and thankful them, even by refusing (because thy commandments, knowledgements, and vows of sincere and chearful which are ever before my eyes, restrain me) to be a- obedience; with which I do must freely and heartily venged on them, 1 Sam. xxiv. 17. 18. &c. xxvi. 21. present thee, O Lord, beseeching thee to teach me

Ver. 99. I have more understanding than all my still more effectually thy judgements, that I may teachers; for thy testimonies are my meditation.] I have never fail to be conformed to thy will. outstripped all the doctors of the law, of whom I for- Ver. 109. My soul is continually in my hand ; pet do merly learnt; and understand more perfectly than they, I not forget thy law.) To which I have hitherto so the best means of securing myself; because my mind closely adhered, that though I go in continual danger is still employed in thy testimonies, as the rule of all of my life, (Judg. xii. 3.), it doth not move me in my designs and undertakings.

the least (whatsoever shifts I am forced to make) to Ver. icc. I understand more than the ancients, because save myself by forsaking thy law. I keep tby precepts.] Though I am but young, yet. Ver. 110. The wicked have laid a snare for me ; yet have I more understanding in things, than the judges I erred not fram thy precepts.] They that make no and grave privy counsellors; because my maxim is, conscience of their actions, have contrived a subtile strictly to observe thy precepts.

plot to ruin me; but I have never stepped out of the Ver. 101. I have refrained my feet from every evil way, way of thy precepts, to avoid the snares they have that I might keep thy word.] Whatsoever advantage it laid for me. promised me, I have never proceeded in any evil course Ver. 111. Tly. testimonies have I taken as an heritage to obtain my end, but refused the seeming gain, that for ever ; for they are the rejoicing, of my heart.] I had I might not offend against thy word,

rather alway continue as poor as I am, than do any Ver. 193. I have not departed from tly judgements ; thing against thy testimonies, which I hold to be my for thou bast taught me.] My respect to thee hath" chiefest good, and surest possession ; out of which hindered me from doing any injury unto others; be- none can expel me, and which always yield me that cause I know thou art the author of those laws which inward satisfaction and joy which none can take from forbid it; and in the observance of them, I have learnt,, me. consists my happiness.

Ver. 112. I have inclined mine heart to perform thy. Ver. 103. How sweet are thy words unto my taste! statutes alway, even unto the end.] This infinitely out.


weighs all other considerations ; and hath inclined my the hands of those who oppress me with their calum. heart to resolve to do alway as thou biddest me, (what- nies. soever I may lose by it), to the very end of my days. Ver. 122. Be surety to the servant for good : let not

the proud oppress me.] Their pride is great, and, haSAMECH. PART XV.

ving power equal to their malice, they hope to prevail

over me ; but do thou graciously undertake my proVer. 113. I bate vairt thoughts ; but tby law do I tection, and be my security against the mischief they love.] I hate all double dealing, and crafty devices, design me, that instead of being my ruin, their calum. that are not warranted by thy law, to which I have nies may turn to my greater good and advantage. resolved to stick with hearty affection.

Ver. 123. Mine eyes fail for thy salvation, and for Ver. 114. Thou art my hiding-place, and my shield; the word of thy righteousness.] I believe they will; I bope in tby word.] In that way I will trust to thee but I have looked so long for that happy time, when for safety and protection; having a firm hope that thou wilt deliver me, (and yet am still in apparent thou wilt be as good unto me as thy word.

danger to fall into the hand of my enemics), that I Ver. 115. Depart from me, ye evil doers; for I am almost tired with expectance of thy promise, will keep the commandments of ny God.] Do not per- though I know it is faithful and true, and shall cersuade me any longer, Oye evil doers, to join with tainly be performed. you ; but get you gone from me; for I will follow Ver. 124. Deal with the servant according unto thy none of your counsels, but strictly observe the com- mercy, and teach me the statutes.] Pity my infirmity, mandments of my God, who hath hitherto most gra- and in much mercy send speedy relief unto thy servant, ciously delivered me.

and in the mean time instruct me more perfectly in Ver. 116. Uphold me according unto tły word, that thy statutes, that I may make the better use of that I may live ; and let me not be ashamed of my hope.] deliverance. And on whom I still depend, that thou wilt support Ver. 125. I am the servant ; give me understanding, me, O Lord, according to thy promise, against all the that I may know thy testimonies.] I am devoted to thy assaults of my enemies that seek my life; and not let service, and designed by thee to a high employment; me be ashamed of the hope and expectation I have, enlighten my understanding, therefore, that I may that thou wilt defend and deliver me.

fully know iny duty. Ver. 117. Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe ; and Ver. 126. It is time for thee, LORD, to work : for I will bave respect unto tby statutes continually.] Be they have made void thy law.] For now is the time to thou my support in this weak condition, I humbly do all I can for the Lord, (who may be pleased then again beseech thee ; and then they shall not be able to take this opportunity to perform his promise), to throw me down ; but in safety and security, I shall when wicked men not only transgress, but are so promake thy statutes my perpetual study.

fane that they reject, and would wholly lay aside Ver. 118. Thou bast trodden down all them that err from thy law. tby statutes; for their deceit is falsehood.] They shall fall Ver. 127. Therefore I love thy commandments above to the ground, and not I; for thou art wont, I observe, geld, gea, above fine gold.] This inflames my zeal, to abase and lay as low as the mire in the streets, all and heightens my love to thy commandments, which those that presume to go oat of the plain way of thy I value far more than all the riches in the world ; statutes; for all their crafty tricks and crooked arts, which shall not tempt me to violate one of them, or on which they rely, at last prove false unto them, and suffer them, if I can help it, to be contemned by others deceive them.

Ver. 128. Therefore I esteem all thy precepts coVer. 119. Thou puttest away all the wicked of the cerning all things to be right, and I hate every false earth like dross; therefore I love thy testimonies.] Thou way.] For the inore I consider them, the more I apcastest all such wicked men out of the land like dross, prove every one of them, (as the exactest and best that is good for nothing, which makes me addict mye rule whereby I square all my actions), and abhor all self with the greater love unto thy testimonies; those base and dishonest ways whereby others stody

Ver. 120. My flesh trembleth for fear of thee, and I to advance themselves to riches and honours. am afraid of thy judgements.] Trembling all over with fear, lest I should, by any disobedience to thee,

PE. PART XVII. incur thy severe displeasure, and dreading above all things thy judgements, which are threatened in the Ver. 129. Thy testimonies are wonderful: therefore law, and which I see executed upon the contemners doth my soul keep them.] I cannot sufficiently admire of it.

and extol the excellent wisdom also of thy laws,

whereby thou hast testified thy will unto us, which AIN. PART XVI.

makes me the more careful faithfully to observe them.

Ver. 130. The entrance of thy word giveth light : il Ver. 121. I have done judgement and justice ; leave giveth understanding unto the simple. When a man me not to mine oppressors.] This pious fear laid such doth but begin to be acquainted with thy word, he a restraint upon me, that I never did any wrong to finds his mind marvellously enlightened with such them, nor so much as dealt hardly with them, that clear and useful knowledge, as directs the most simple nów injure me; therefore suffer me not to fall into people how to live happy,

Ver. 131. I opened my mouth, and panted: for I Ver. 142. I hy righteousness is an everlasting righlonged for thy commandments.] Which hath excited teousness, and thy law is the truth.] For still I think me to the most eager pursuit of this most excellent with myself, that thy justice, goodness, and fidelity wisdom ; for I longed to have a perfect understanding are unchangeable, and whatsoever thou hast said in of thy commandments, which at first sight afford sach thy law is the very truth, upon which we may cera bundant satisfaction.

tainly depend, and never be deceived. Ver. 132. Look thou upon me, and be merciful unto me, Ver. 143. Trouble and anguish have taken hold on as thou used to do unto those that love thy name.] Fa- me ; yet thy commandments are my delights.] And vour my desires, I most humbly beseech thee ; and therefore, though I am unexpectedly (1 Sam. xx. 3.) vouchsafe ne the same grace, which thou art wont involved in very sore straits and difficulties, yet I do to bestow on those that sincerely love thee, and study, not forsake, but find great consolation in the study of as I do, thy honour and glory.

thy commandments. Ver. 133. Order my steps in thy word: and let not Ver. 144. The righteousness of thy testimonies is everany iniquity have dominion over me.] And, first of all, lasting : give me understanding, and I shall live.] Eenable me to walk steadily, according to the rule of specially in this consideration, (which comes often into thy word, that I may not be a slave to any sin what- my mind, ver. 142.), that all the declarations thou hast soever.

made of thy will to us, are so just and true, that they Ver. 134. Deliver me from the oppression of man: so will never fail our expectation. Ogive me wisdom to will I keep thy precepts.] And then deliver me from order my lıfe according to them and then it shall the oppression of hiin (1 Sam. xxvi 25.) who un- not be in the power of my enemies to make me mise. justly seeks to destroy me, that I may have the 'rable. greater liberty to study and observe thy precepts. Ver. 135. Make thy face to shine upon thy servant :

KOPH. PART XIX. and teach ine thy statutes.] Put an end to the troubles of thy servant, who is devoted to thy obedience, and Ver. 145. I cried with my whole heart; hear me, O for this reason, above all others, desires to see better LORD: I qvill keep thy statutes.] I have besought thy days, that he may have better opportunities to learn favour in this sorrowful and distressed condition, with thy statutes.

most vehement cries and hearty affection : be pleased Ver. 136. Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, to rescue me out of it, O Lord, and I promise with because they keep not thy law.] Which it is a very the greater care to observe thy statutes. great griei to me to behold so universally neglected, Ver. 146. I cried unto thee ; save me, and I shall and hath cost me many a tear, when I consider, not keep thy testimonies.] I have made it my constant bumerely the persecution which I suffer, but how there- 'siness to cry unto thee for help, from whom alone I by my enemies violate thy law.

seek it ; deliver me, I again beseech thee, and I will

not fail to make good my promise of observing thy TSADDI. PART XVIII.


Ver. 147. I prevented the dawning of the morning, Ver. 137. Righteous art thou, O LORD, and upright and cried ; I hoped in thy word.] I have sent up early are thy judgements.] I leave it to thee, O Lord, to cries unto thee, before the morning-light appeared ; redress these evils, who art both just and good, and constantly expecting the performance of thy promise governest all things with an unerring equity.

Ver. 138. Thy testimonies, that thou hust commanded, Ver. 148. Mine eyes prevent the night-watches, that are righteous, and very faithful.] For as all the laws I might meditate in thy word.] Nor have I been less thou hast given us are perfectly righteous, so thou forward in the study of my duty, than in the implo. dost exactly and most faithfully fulfil all the promises ring of thy mercy, but have awaked before all the or threatenings which thou hast made to the observers, watches were set, to meditate in thy word. or against the breakers of them.

Ver. 149. Hear my voice, according unto thy lovingVer. 139. My zeal hath consumed me; because mine kindness: 0 LORD, quicken one according to thy judgeenemies have forgotten tby words.] The consideration ment.] Let my prayer prevail with thee, O Lord, of which moves my indignation to such a degree, that for that favour and kindness which I have oft expeI am tormented to see iny enemies so forgetful of their rienced, and preserve my life, as thou hast done hi. own interest, as not to regard thy words ;

therto, by such means as thou judgest best for me. Ver. 140. Thy word is very pure : therefore thy ser- Ver. 350. They draw nigh that follow after mischief? vant loveth it.] Which I know to be infallibly true, they are far from thy law.] I am closely beset, thon and perfectly free from all falsehood and deceit; seest, and in danger to be seized (1 Sam. xxiii. 26.) which is the reason of that ardent affection thy ser by those, who, as they persecute me, and seek my vant hath unto them.

ruin, so care not by what wicked arts they compass Ver. 141. I am small and despised: yet do I not for their design ; for they have no regard at all to thy get thy precepts.] Which will not suffer me, though I law. am mean and contemptible in the eyes of my enemies, Ver. 151. Thou art near, O LORD; and all the (who are honourable and mighty), to be guilty of ne- commandments are truth.] My only comfort is, that glecting any of thy precepts.

they cannot approach so near to hurt me, as thouO

to me.

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