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Hiftory of Mofes.


Exod. x. 7.-And Pharaoh's fervants faid unto him,
How long fhall this man be a fnare unto us? Let the
men go, that they may ferve the Lord their God: know-
eft thou not yet that Egypt is deftroyed?

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Hiftory of Mofes.


Exod. xii. 1-3.-And the Lord fpake unto Mofes and
Aaron in the land of Egypt, faying, This month fhall
be unto you the beginning of months: it fhall be the first
month of the year to you. Speak unto all the congrega-
tion of Ifrael, faying, In the tenth day of this month
they fhall take to them every man a lamb, according
to the boufe of their fathers, a lamb for an houfe.

[blocks in formation]

Hiftory of Moses.

Exod. xii. 26, 27.—And it shall come to pass when your
children fhall fay unto you, What mean you by this


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