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The Publishers' Weekly.

JUNE 26 1875.


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Short advertisements, per line.


$20 00

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Front, back, second and third pages and pages facing editorial matter, $25. Applications for these pages should be made at least ten days before publication day.

Liberal rates for twelve, six, and three months' contracts. Situations Wanted. Free insertion of five lines; 25 cents for every additional line.

Books for Sale or Exchange, or, Wanted to Purchase, 20 cents per line. (Subscribers have the privilege to advertise rare or second-hand books at 10 cents per line.)

Short advertisements must invariably be paid in ad

Terms of Subscription (payable in advance).-$3.20 per annum, postage prepaid. Single Numbers, 7 cents, or 8 cents post-paid. Advertisements should reach the office of the Publishers' Weekly not later than Wednesday morning, but are desired as much earlier as possible. Address P. O. Box, 4295.

Subscriptions and Advertisements from England received by B. F. Stevens, 17 Henrietta street, Covent Garden, London. Subscriptions from the European Continent filled by E. Steiger, 22 and 24 Frankfort street, NewYork, and all German booksellers.

NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. Remittances should be made by draft on NewYork, Post-office money order, or registered letter, as we can not be responsible for any losses. Address P. O. Box 4295.

Subscribers will please remember that 20 cents extra should be remitted for each annual subscription for which postage has not yet been paid.


WE most strongly urge upon the trade throughout the country the importance of writing at once to their nearest local agent of the Committee on Assemblies to ascertain the rates secured from that point, as at nearly every point special terms have been obtained for members of the Convention going to and from Niagara and New-York. Round tickets by the Erie from New-York to Niagara, or vice versa, can be procured on the Committee's certificate for $10.

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THE publication, by Jas. R. Osgood & Co., of Tennyson's drama, Queen Mary," is the event of the day. The poet-laureate's first essay in drama is pronounced by the London Times superior to any work of its class since Shakespeare's day, and that is sweeping praise. The present is, of course, the author's American edition. The Osgoods also issue to-day, in their library of novels, " Jocelyn's Mistake," by Mrs. J. K. Spender.

IN noting the death of Mr. Samuel G. Drake, we inadvertently attributed to him recent books published by the Osgoods,


and the "Nooks and Corners of the New Publishers' Board of Trade.


812 Broadway, New-York.

England Coast," soon to be published by the Harpers, and thus dug a too early grave for a promising author of the second generation, Mr. Samuel Adams Drake. If an apology may be accepted in place of the capital punishment we deserve, it is herewith made. The work mentioned will be issued next week in a handsome volume of 450 pages, uniform in shape with Mr. Nordhoff's California books. It skirts that interesting coast from Mt. Desert, Maine, to Saybrook, Ct., and describes most pleasantly the picturesque features and historical associations of each place of interest. There are three hundred wood-cuts, and for " Preface" there is a map of the coast, with the inscription, "On this line, if it takes all summer."


June 23, 1875.

By MESSRS. IVISON, BLAKEMAN, TAYLOR & Co. date of letter, June 22d): W. W. McClelland, Pittsburgh, Pa.




The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise indicated. Imported books are marked with an asterisk: Authors' and Subscription Books, or Boks published at net prices, with two asterisks.

Ahn's First French Reader. With Notes and Vocabula-
ry. By Dr. P. Henn. 12°, pp. 96. Bds., 60 c... Steiger.
- Key to Ahn's First French Reader. By Dr. P. Henn.
12°, pp. 56. Bds., 30 c......
-Key to Ahn's Third German Book. By Dr. P. Henn.
12°, pp. 34. Bds., 25 c..

Kavanagh.-John Dorrien. A Novel. By Julia Kava-
nagh, author of "Natalie," "Adele," "Bessie," etc.
12°, pp. 500. $1.25....
Keary,-Castle Daly. By Annie Keary, author of “Old-
Janet's Home," 12. $1.50; pap., $1
Same. International Series of New and Approved No-
vels. $1.25..

Porter & C.

Auerbach. On the Heights. By B. Auerbach. (Leisure Kingsley. - Stretton. By Henry Kingsley, author of Ravenshoe," "Hetty," etc. Illustr. 8°. Pap., 75 c Estes & L. Krasinski.—The Undivine Comedy, and other Poems, By Count Sigismund Krasinski. 12°, pp. 511. $2.25. Lippincott. Larned.-The Home Story Series. Cont. :- Vacation Stories, three illustr. ;-Stories for Little Children, three illustr. ;-Stories for the Fireside, three illustr. By Augusta Larned. 3 vols. 16°, pp. 272, 309, 278. Per vol $1.50 per set, $4

Nelson & P.

Hour Series.) 2 vols. 16°. Per vol., $1.25.... Beecher.-A Summer Parish. Sabbath Discourses and Morning Service of Prayer at the "Twin Mountain House, White Mountains, New-Hampshire, during the Summer of 1874. With silver-print photographic portrait. 12°, pp. 232. $1.50... Ford. **Biographical (The) Encyclopædia of Pennsylvania of the Nineteenth Century. With 216 steel engr. Roy. 4°, pp. 672. Mor., $25.... ...Gal. Pub. Co. Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea. Viewed classically, poetically, and practically. New ed. 12°, pp. 350. $1.50. Appleton. Cairnes.-The Character and Logical Method of Political Economy. By J. E. Cairnes, LL.D., Emeritus Prof. of Polit. Econ. in Univ. Coll., London, author of "Some Leading Principles of Political Economy Newly Expounded.' 12. $1.50..... ..Harper. Carter. All for Christ; or, How the Christian may obtain, by a renewed Consecration of his Heart, the fullness of Joy referred to by the Saviour just previous to his Crucifixion, with Illustrations from the Lives of those who have made this Consecration. By Rev. Thomas Carter, D.D., author of "History of the Great Reformation in England, Scotland, and Ireland." 16°, pp. 192.



Nelson & P.
75 C.......
Dickens.-Bleak House. By Charles Dickens. Two vo
(Standard Illustr. ed.) With illustr. by Cruikshank,
Browne, and others. 8°. Per vol., $3........Lippincott.
Drake.-Gen. Israel Putnam, the Commander at Bunker
Hill. By Samuel Adams Drake. 8°, pp. 24. Pap., 25 c.
Nichols & H.
English Gipsy Songs in Romanny. With Metrical Eng-
lish Translations. By Charles G. Leland, Prof. E. H.
Palmer, and Janet Tuckey. 12°. $2........Lippincoti.
*Evans. In the Studio. A Decade of Poems. By Se-
bastian Evans, author of "Brother Fabian's Manuscript,'
etc. 18°, pp. 221. $2.
Fabre.-The Abbé Tigrane, Candidate for the Papal
Chair. By Ferdinand Fabre. Transl. from the French
by Rev. Leonard Woolsey Bacon. 12°, pp. 272. $1.50.

Leland, Palmer, and Tuckey. See English Gipsy Songs.
Little Classics. Ed. by Rossiter Johnson.
Poems Narrative. Cont. :-The Deserted Village, by
Oliver Goldsmith; The Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Tay-
lor Coleridge; The Prisoner of Chillon, by Lord Byron;
Bingen on the Rhine, by Caroline Norton; O'Connor's
Child, by Thomas Campbell: The Culprit Fay, by Joseph
Rodman Drake; The Sensitive Plant, by Percy Bysshe
Shelley The Eve of St. Agnes, by John Keats; Paradise
and the Peri, by Thomas Moore; The Raven, by Edgar
Allan Poe; The Skeleton in Armor, by Henry Wadsworth
Longfellow; The Haunted House, by Thomas Hood;
The Writing on the Image, by William Morris; Tam
O'Shanter, by Robert Burns; The Forging of the Anchor,
by Samuel Ferguson; Morte d' Arthur, by Alfred Ten-
nyson; Horatius, by Thomas Babington Macaulay, 189,
Pp. 230. $1..
**Manufactories (The) and Manufacturers of Pennsyl-
vania of the Nineteenth Century. With 173 steel engr.
Roy. 4o, pp. 533. Mor., $25..
....Gal. Pub. Co.
Mason. The Story of a Workingman's Life. With
Sketches of Travel in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America,
as related by Himself. By Francis Mason, D.D., with
an Introduction by William R. Williams, D.D. [V.w
ed.] Illustr. 12°, pp. xvii, 462. $1.50..
Massachusetts Reports, III. Cases argued and deter-
mined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.
Nov., 1872-March, 1873. Reported by A. G. Browne,
Jr., and John C. Gray, Jr. 8°, pp. xv, 607. Shp., $5.50.
Moody and Sankey.-Narrative of Messrs. Moody and
Sankey's Labors in Great Britain and Ireland, with eleven
Addresses and Lectures in full. No other published ac-
count of the Great Awakening is more complete, while no
other has verbatim Reports of Addresses. 8°, pp. 122,
100. Pap., 75 C.......
Overton.-Code of Practice in Iowa and Wisconsin. By
D. Y. Overton, of the Burlington Bar. Imp. 8°, pp. 900
Day, E. F.
Pollard.-The Lady Superior. By Eliza F. Pollard.
8°. Pap., 50 c.....
Roy.-The Art of Pleasing. By George Roy, author of
"Generalship," etc. 12°, pp. 39. Pap., 25 c.....Clarke.
The Old, Old Story. By George Roy, author of “ Gen-
eralship,' "The Art of Pleasing," etc. 12. pp. 42.
Pap., 25 c....
Stonehenge, McClure, and Harvey.-The Horse in the
Stable and Field; his Management in Health and Dis
ease. By Stonehenge," McClure, and Edward Harvey.
New ed. 12°. $2.50....
Porter &C.
*Thornton.-Indian Public Works and Cognate Indian
Topics. By William Thomas Thornton, C.B., Sec. for
Public Works in the Indian Office, author of a treatise
"On Labour," etc. [With map.] 12°, pp. xi, 277. $3.
**Virginia.-Acts and joint Resolutions passed by the
General Assembly of the State of Virginia at the Session
1874-75. 8°, pp. 499. Hlf. leather, $2.50.


[West, Johnston & Co.] ** Reports of Cases decided in the Supreme Court of Ap peals of Virginia. By Peachy R. Grattan. Vol. 24. Calf, From Nov. 1, 1873, to April 8, 1874. 8, pp. 720. $6.... [Randolph & English; West, Johnston & Co.] Ward.-Artemus Ward: His Works Complete. [Four vols. in one.] With fifty illustr. and a biographical sketch by Melville D. Landon ["Eli Perkins". 12, pp. 347. $2... Carleton Wright.-Principia; or, Basis of Social Science. Being a Survey of the Subject from the Moral and Theological, yet Liberal and Progressive, Standpoint. By R. J. Wright. $3.50....... Lippincott

Ford. Goldstein.-Aus Liebe. By Max Goldstein. Dramolet in 1 Act. 16°. Pap., 25 C.. Steiger. **Greatorex and Despard.-Old New-York, from the Battery to Bloomingdale. Etchings by Eliza Greatorex. (The Etchings are produced by H. Thatcher from original Pen-drawings by the Artist.) Text by M. Despard. Complete in ten parts. Part 1. Folio, pp. 35. Pap. Per part, $3; on India pap., $5; on large India pap., $6.50.


Guerrazzi.-Manfred; or, The Battle of Benevento. By
F. D. Guerrazzi, author of "Beatrice Cenci.' Transĺ.
from the Italian by Luigi Monti, A.M., formerly Instruc-
tor in Italian in the Univ. at Cambridge; lately U. S.
Consul at Palermo; author of an Italian Grammar and
Reader, etc. 12°, pp. 447. $1.75.... ...... Carleton.
Guthrie.-Autobiography of Thomas Guthrie, D.D., and
Memoir by his Sons, Rev. David K. Guthrie and Charles
J. Guthrie, M.A. Ín 2 vols. Vol. 2. 12°, pp. x, 494. $2.

Henn. See Ahn.
*Hill.-What we Saw in Australia. By Rosamond and
Florence Hill. 12°, pp. xii, 438. $3... Macmillan.
Hughes.-The Question of Interest during the War.
Containing the Arguments of Counsel in the Case of Har-
manson, Assignee of the Portsmouth Savings Fund Socie-
ty, vs. Samuel M. Wilson and others, in the U. S. District
Court at Norfolk, Va.; the Opinion of Judge Hughes en-
forcing the Act of Assembly abating War Interest; also,
the Decision of U. S. District Judge Giles in Jackson Ins.
Co. vs. Stewart, etc. 8°, pp. 35. Pap., 30 c.

West, J. & Co.
Hymnal (The Lesser). A Collection of Hymns selected
chiefly from the Standard Hymn Book of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. 18°, pp. 272. 50 c.; flex., 45 c.
Nelson & P.

Iowa and Wisconsin. See Overton.
Iseulte. By the author of "Vera," "The Hôtel du Petit
St. Jean," etc. 8°. Pap., 50 c....
Johnson, R. See Little Classics.


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Kingsley, Stretton...

.Pap. 75

GALAXY PUB. Co., Phila.

Biog. Encyc. of Penn. of 19th Century.

Mor. 25 00

Manufactories and Manufacturers of Penn. of the 19th Century.......


Per vol., $1.50; Set 4.00


JAMES R. OSGOOD & Co., Boston. Little Classics, ed. by R. Johnson, vol. 13, Narrative Poems...



Stonehenge, McClure, and Harvey, The
Horse in the Stable and Field, new ed.. 2.50
Keary, Castle Daly, $1.50; pap., $1;—
Same, International Series...


G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, New-York. Greatorex and Despard, Old New-York, Part I..... . Pap., $3; on India pap., $5; on large India pap. 6.50 A. D. F. RANDOLPH & Co., New-York. .Mor. 25 00 Moody and Sankey, Labors in Great Britain and Ireland (verbatim addresses)... Pap. 75 J. W. RANDOLPH & ENGLISH, Richmond, Va. 50 Virginia, Reports of Cases in Sup. Ct. of Appeals, vol. 24 (Grattan's)...

HARPER & BROS., New-York.

Cairnes, Political Economy.


Pollard, The Lady Superior....




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.Calf 6.00

Ahn's First French Reader, Henn's.. Bds.
Key to same, Henn's.........Bds.
Key to Third German Reader,

Goldstein, Aus Liebe..

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Bds. 25 . Pap.



WEST, JOHNSTON & Co., Richmond, Va.
Hughes, Question of Interest during the
Virginia, Acts of Assembly in Session of
.Hlf. leather 2.50
Reports of Cases in Sup. Ct. of
Appeals, vol. 24 (Grattan's)......... Calf 6.00


RESOLVED, That this Convention recognize the PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY as the established organ of the entire trade, and recommend it to publishers as the medium through which they should make their “first announcement" of books they propose to publish, and the full title of all books immediately on publica

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The Gospel Life of Jesus. By L. A. Davis. Illustr. 16°. $1.

Lame Bessie. By H. H. L. Illustr. 16°. $1.
Still Hour. By Prof. Austin Phelps. New ed. 16°.
60 c. and $1.

G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, New-York.

The Abode of Snow. Observations on a Tour from
Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus, through the Upper
Valleys of the Himalaya. By Andrew Wilson.
Schiller's Die Piccolomini. With Notes, Glossary,
Map, etc. In Hart's Series of German Classics for Ameri-
can Students. (July 1.)

The Library Atlas. Consisting of One Hundred Maps of Modern, Historical, and Classical Geography. By

WE give elsewhere, by request, correspondence as to another difficulty at Chicago. We are glad to see the New-York house putting itself on record in protest against this underselling, for it is by the backing of such foremost publishers as these that "backbone" is given to the trade. At the same time, we deprecate unnecessary ventilation of any specific difficulties which the Arbitration Com

James Bryce, LL.D., William F. Collier, LL.D.. and
Leonhard Schmitz, LL.D. Hlf. mor.. $10. (July 1)

mittee of the Board of Trade has power to adjust. The writers of one of the letters, however, seem to be in error as to this being a case under Board rules, for we learn, on inquiry, that notice was given to the Committee that competition from outside the Board compelled this price to be made, in which case the Board rules lapse for that particular instance. The present difficulty is not new, for these copy-books have been sold at this rate for several years. But this does not affect the essential injustice of booksellers being obliged to sell for ten cents what costs them nine cents in money, and probably more than the other cent on expense ac

A. D. F. RANDOLPH & CO., New-York.

The King in his Beauty. By the Author of "The
Changed Cross."

The Poets of Methodism. By S. W. Christophers.

E. STEIGER, New-York.

Das Fuenfte Buch für Schule und Haus. By Hermann

J. Schedler's Manual for the Use of Globes.

Ho! for the Convention!


Arrangements for the Convention.

EVERY thing is progressing swimmingly, as the boys say, for the Convention, and it prom. ises to far outreach what the most sanguine have anticipated, both in numbers and earnestThe local agents who have so far reported send word as a rule that eight or ten will be THE Committee on Assemblies give notice present from each of their cities, and the Comthat the Convention will be opened Tuesday mittee have received direct word from individ-afternoon, July 13th, at 3 o'clock, with an adual members of the trade almost from Maine dress by President Randolph. Arrangements to Mexico. We shall be surprised not to see have been made to hold the general meetings in the Pavilion, Prospect Park, near the Falls, at least two hundred and fifty, and we should at a single entrance-fee of twenty-five cents for not be surprised to see five hundred present at each member for the whole time. During conNiagara, and it is expected that most of these vention week there will be special meetings of will return in the special train to the Book Fair the law, medical, Catholic, and Sunday-school at New-York. The liberal reductions on fares publishers, the representatives of the religious publication societies, jobbers, and any other and hotel rates, and the other arrangements so special interests, places and time to be desigfar made, are stated in full elsewhere, and we trust the trade will not be slow to take advantage of the opportunities presented. Niagara will see a gathering such as the American book trade has not before known, and whoever fails to come will, we assure that unfortunate, be sorry enough.

nated at the Convention.


We trust that after Niagara many of these difficulties will be swept away, for the trade ought then to feel and to exercise its own

power against "bluff” games of whatever sort.

Head-quarters at Niagara will be at the International Hotel, which offers the most favorable terms to members of the trade; the Cataract and Spencer Houses also make some reduction in their terms, as does the Tifft House at Buffalo. At New-York, during the Book Fair, which it is hoped will be attended en masse by those present at the Convention, the Grand Central Hotel will be head-quar ters, at greatly reduced rates; the Metropolitan will also make some reduction. These reductions cover only the time of the Convention and Fair. The committee does not undertake to make specific arrangements as to rooms, etc., at the hotels, so that those desiring special accommodations should apply to the respective proprietors directly, by letter.

A special train for the accommodation of those attending the trade Convention, will leave New-York via the Erie Railway, on Monday evening, July 12th, by the ferry at foot of Twenty-third street, at 6.30 P.M., or foot of Chambers street at 7 P.M. Tickets for the round trip, $10, to be obtained at the ticket-office on presentation of the certificate of the Committee on As

semblies. The tickets are good on any train: but it is urged that as many as possible will avail themselves of the special train, where superior arrangements will be made for their comfort, and an opportunity for mutual acquaintance and interchange of views will be afforded. Those who expect to take this train will please notify the committee at the earliest possible moment; and members who intend to take their families by this train will please state the accommodations required, that if a sufficient number apply a special sleeping-car may be set apart for families. Any members of

the trade who prefer to leave the day before at the same hour will also please notify the Committee, and, if the number warrant, a special car will be dispatched on Sunday night also. The special train for the return will be so arranged as to afford the finest views of the glorious scenery on the Erie Railway.

No reductions by Hudson River and Central R.R. have so far been obtained, though the Albany boats issue round-trip tickets between New-York and Albany at $3 (regular rate after July 1st, $2 each way), good on either day or night line.

cases necessary, to procure the special railroad rates, and give him the benefit of many reductions in the cost of sight-seeing at Niagara, besides admitting him to the Convention. They are sent free of charge to all members of the trade making application (care of THE PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY), and it is desired that all who can will apply before reaching Niagara.

Those coming from the East may obtain excursion tickets to New York via Narragansett Steamboat Company, at $6 from Fall River or Newport, $7 from Boston or Taunton. Unless arrangements are made later, local fares must be paid to those points.

Arrangements for the West so far made are: From Toledo and Detroit, by Canada Southern R.R., to Niagara, round trip at rate one way; from Toledo, $8.25, on application to George B. Brown; Cleveland, via Lake Shore R. R., roundtrip tickets to Niagara at two cents per mile, good from July 12th to August 1st; Indianapolis, excursion tickets via C., C. & C R.R. at two cents per mile; Cincinnati, excursion tickets via A. & G. W. R.R. to Niagara, thence to New-York and back, $25-see also rates via C. C. & C. R.R.; Dubuque, round trip to Chicago via Chicago, Clinton, and Dubuque R.R., $12.30, time unlimited rates from Chicago to be announced; St. Louis, excursion tickets to Niagara, via T., W. & W. R.R., on application to Mr. Baker, at $20, good till September 1st.

Visitors from the South will find accommodations as follows: From Washington, excursion tickets to Niagara, via Pa. R.R. & Northern Central, $19.25, good till Nov. 'Ist-but this necessitates breaking the route to get to Book Fair; Richmond, round trip to Baltimore, via Richmond, York River & Chesapeake R.R. (including a delightful steamboat trip on Chesapeake Bay), $5-rates from Baltimore to be announced; New-Orleans, excursion tickets, via Chicago, St. Louis & N. O. R.R., to Niagara, $60, good until Oct. 1st-members may possibly do better by buying only to St. Louis; Galveston, round trip tickets, through J. E. Mason, $67.50.

This information, with particulars as to hotel rates, etc., which the Committee is not permitted to advertise publicly, is given in the invitation and circular now being distributed very widely through the trade by post; later arrangements will be announced through the WEEKLY as soon as concluded. As a rule, those coming from smaller places must inake individual arrangements to the centres, having previously applied for the reductions thence to the local agents of the Committee, from whom the method of obtaining these reductions must be learned. The Committee can not assist those coming and going by different routes, except between New-York and Niagara. From any place not covered by the Committee, it would advise the purchase of the general excursion tickets to Niagara offered by most of the roads at low terms.

The Committee wishes to state that it is impossible for separate answers to be made to all the detailed letters of inquiry addressed to its members, and begs that these statements may be received in lieu thereof. All members of the trade, whether members of the A. B. T. A. or not, are invited and urged to take part in the Convention, and all who desire to promote reform are asked to impress upon the trade in their vicinity the importance of being present. Extra circulars for distribution will be freely sent, if application is made. Booksellers intending to visit the Eastern trade centres during the year will find it to their interest to come now, when low hotel and railroad rates on the one hand, and the extra inducements of the Book Fair on the other, make it doubly advantageous.

[blocks in formation]

Certificates are now being sent out by the Committee on Assemblies to all members of MACMILLAN & Co. are to publish a twothe trade who desire to attend the Convention volume historical work, on the arts and poliand Fair. These entitle the holder to the hotel tics of Greece during the age of Pericles, by reductions, will assist him, and are in many | W. Watkiss Lloyd.

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