Annual report of the State Board of Charities of the state of New York. v. 11, 1878, Volume 11

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Weed, Parsons and Company, 1878

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Page 114 - Legislature), unless on presentment or indictment of a grand jury, and in any trial in any court whatever the party accused shall be allowed to appear and defend in person and with counsel as in civil actions.
Page 137 - Upon the completion of their course of training in the industrial department, the trustees may furnish to such worthy poor pupils as may need it, an outfit of machinery and tools for commencing business, at a cost not exceeding seventyfive dollars each, and charge the same to the proper county, as aforesaid.
Page 110 - ... of the same; the condition of the buildings, grounds, and other property connected therewith, and into all other matters pertaining to their usefulness and good management; and for these purposes they shall have free access to the grounds, buildings, and all books and papers relating...
Page 199 - ... subject to the inspection herein provided for, require state aid for any purpose other than their usual expenses, the said commissioners, or some, or one of them, shall inquire carefully and fully into the ground of such want, the purpose or purposes for which it is proposed to use the same, the amount .which will be required to accomplish the desired object, and into any other matters connected therewith; and in the annual report of each year, they shall give the result of such inquiries, together...
Page 108 - The principle of this case, concisely stated, is that a court of equity has no jurisdiction to restrain the publication of a libel or slander. But it seems to me the case now under consideration is fairly different and distinguishable from the cases relied upon by the defendants in what seems to me a material and vital feature. In Kidd v. Horry the owner of a patent sought the interference of a court of equity to restrain...
Page 299 - Charity Foundation of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the city of Buffalo 14 In the Evangelical Lutheran St.
Page 150 - The trustees shall receive no compensation as such, but they may allow themselves mileage at the same rate as that paid to members of the Legislature, for any distance actually traveled in the service of the institution. Nor shall any trustee be pecuniarily interested in any contract for buildings pertaining to the institution, or in furnishing supplies therefor.
Page 137 - ... township, and charge the cost of the same to the county to which the pupil belongs; provided that the annual amount of such expenditures on account of any one pupil shall not exceed the sum of sixty dollars.
Page 237 - ... the commissioner of the district in which the asylum is situated, who shall be designated the resident physician of such asylum, and who shall not only visit the wards and rooms occupied by the insane, daily, but whose whole time shall be at the service of said authorities as may be required. Said authorities are hereby required to erect or provide, as soon as the same can conveniently be done, suitable dwelling -and office accommodations in order that the resident physician can reside with his...
Page 137 - If the friends of any pupil from within the state of New York shall fail through neglect or inability to provide the same with proper clothing or with funds to defray his necessary traveling expenses to and from the school, or to remove him therefrom, as required in the preceding section, the trustees shall furnish such clothing, pay such traveling expenses, or remove such pupil to the care of the overseers of the poor of his township, and charge the cost...

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