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The report set forth that about one iron rule twenty-five years ago knew hundred members have joined the better than the missionaries how hard Reorganized Church in Salt Lake and heavy it could become, and what City, and fifty-two in Provo City; quiet but relentless persecutions and North Ogden branch reported thirty punishments could be meted out to members. The work is very pros- those who had fallen under the disperous in Weber county and surround- pleasure of the church. ing country. Several elders, who had From that day until the present the been in engaged in the ministry, said Reorganized church has maintained they found the people everywhere its missions at Salt Lake. Its active they traveled more or less dissatisfied ministers there have been few in with Brighamism, believing their number but strong in purpose, and leaders were ambitious of worldly among them may be mentioned J. W. honors and self-aggrandizement Gillen, E. C. Brand, Alexander H. under the cloak of religion, but and David Smith, younger brothers through fear and intimidation they of Joseph; Z. H. Gurley, W. H. Kelwere prevented from avowing their ley, G. E. Deuel, M. T. Short, R. J. sentiments publicly.”

Anthony, J. R. Evans, and W. W. A striking and curious illustration Blair. The last-named spent some of the fear held by members of the years in Utah and California, and Utah church of Young and his asso- under his ministry a chapel was built ciates, is found in the fact that no in Salt Lake City, in which regular sooner was a Utah Mormon led to em- services have been kept up.

This brace the faith as taught by the mis- has been done with much trouble and sionaries of Joseph, than straightway expense, for as soon as converts were he got out of the Territory and set made from the dominant church they his face to the East. In a letter penned were so treated that it was sometimes by R.H. Atwood, in Salt Lake City, on needful and always pleasant to emiNov. 23, 1864, we find this compre- grate, as above described. hensive plaint:

President Smith personally visited “As soon as we baptize any into Utah in 1876, and spoke four times in the Reorganization they are for leav- the Liberal Institute in Salt Lake ing this country as soon as possible. City, a building erected in the interWe no sooner get a place open than ests of the Church of Zion, free the Saints leave and the ground has thought, and advanced morality, and to be broken over again. If they had once in the ward meeting house, in not hurried away we should now Union Fort. He made no application have had three or four times the for the Tabernacle, or other public number of places open."

buildings controlled by Young, as Those who were under Brigham's these had been denied his co-workers, and he could not accept what had representatives, by weekly letter, in been refused them. He did not meet many of which were given interesting Young, as the latter was away upon glimpses of the toils and troubles of his yearly journey to St. George, in those who dared to beard the lion of Southern Utah.

polygamy in its very den. An occasDuring the summer and fall of 1885 ional extract may be profitable: Joseph again went West, spending “There is very apparent," writes six months in Utah, Idaho, and Mon- Joseph in 1888, “a much more cortana, principally in Utah, and preach- dial feeling among those of the church ing in the schoolhouses, in various here that I meet than I ever experchapels of the Methodist church, in ienced before. If it is commiseration music halls, theatres, Mormon chapels, for me in my erroneous and benightand other places, as opportunity of- ed condition(?) I am grateful for it; fered. He made yet another visit to and if it be a true bending to the Utah in 1888, and again in June, 1889, logic of events and the truth, I thank and remained there and in Idaho un- God for it, as it evinces the dawn til December. During that time he before the coming spiritual day.” was permitted to occupy the Mormon "I asked the Bishop for the use of meeting houses at Soda Springs, Ox- the meeting house that night," writes ford, Logan, Richmond, Hyrum, Elder J. T. Davis, “but he could not Brigham City, Plain City, and Lehi. consent until he had consulted his At American Forks he occupied a counselors, and when he did, they hall belonging to the Young Men's could not consent without consulting Association. “Personally,” said Mr. the President of the Stake, who lived Smith, in touching upon this point to about sixteen miles off. Two liberalthe writer, "I have no complaint to minded young men offered me the make of ill-treatment while laboring use of the dancing hall over their in Utah. But others of our Elders store, and so I occupied that that have not received fair and courteous night and spoke to a good houseful of treatment. As a rule we have not earnest people." been permitted the use of their public “We are doing,” declares Elder R. buildings, nor have we been met in J. Anthony, “but little in this field, discussion on the topics of difference, yet we are not discouraged. Many although each and all of the Reor- have withdrawn from the Brighamite ganized Church Elders have been Church never to return again, and ready, and offered ample opportunity from good authority we learn that for such discussion."

many others may soon do likewise if The Saints' Herald, during these that Church does not abondon the missionary absences, kept the church heretical dogma of polygamy." informed of all the movements of her The same Elder, in his report to


the General Conference of 1889, de- Mormon doctrine as they claim that clares:

it was once delivered to the Saints,' “I have traveled in Utah, Idaho, they convert men from the great sin and Montana as circumstances war- which we all deplore, without drive ranted. As a rule I find the Saints ing them into atheism and despair." striving to do their duty. There Although a proper understanding seems to be a gradual gain in the of all the great questions at issue liberal ranks from the power and would show this scheme to be imrule of the Utah Church, while the practicable, the fact that it has been church as a body assumes the same proposed is significant as showing defiant attitude toward the Govern- the impression this mission work has ment as formerly. It is plain to be made upon the mind of one candid seen that there is a breaking loose observor. from priestly rule. Ogden, at their The Reorganized Church has conFebruary election, went liberal for densed into brief space an epitome the first time in the history of the of its faith and doctrines which prepeople. I mention this to show the sents the whole theology of a system forces that are working against poly- that claims to be that of the original gamy and priestly rule."

Mormon Church. The main points The work performed by the Reor- thereof are follows: Belief in ganized Church in Utah, although God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the not so prolific of results as the oppo- Son, and the Holy Ghost; that men nents of polygamy might desire, has will be punished for their own sins been sufficient to impress upon one

and not for Adam's transgressions; student of Mormonism, John Cod- that through the atonement of Christ man, the idea that the true solution all men may be saved by obedience to of the Mormon problem is to equip a the laws and ordinances of the Gospel; large number of the Iowa mission- that these ordinances are faith in aries and turn them loose in the Utah God and Jesus Christ, repentance, field. He cries out to the Christian baptism by immersion for the remisworld:

sion of sins, laying on of hands for “Throw aside for the occasion the gift of the Holy Ghost, the resuryour sectarian prejudices. Contri- rection of the body; that the dead in bute liberally your money to sustain Christ will rise first, and the rest of these worthy men, Send hundreds of the dead will not live again until the them to carry their tracts and to thousand years have expired; that preach in every city, town and hamlet men shall be judged, rewarded or in Utah. They will accomplish a punished, according to the degree work beyond the powers of all other of good or evil they shall have done; Christian sects. By preaching the

that a

man must be called of God


and ordained by the laying on of are an abomination before me, saith hands to preach the Gospel or ad

the Lord of hosts.' minister the ordinances; that the "We believe that men should worsame organizations should exist as ship God in 'spirit and in truth,' and that in the primitive Church-apostles that such worship does not require a prophets, pastors, preachers, evan- violation of the constitutional law of gelists, etc.; that in the Bible is cor- the land." tained the word of God, so far as it The publishing department of the is translated correctly; that the church has issued a number of docucanon of Scripture is not full, but ments adverse to the polygamous tenthat God, by His Spirit, will continue ent of the Utah Church, among which to reveal His word to man until the may be mentisned, “The Bible versus end of time. The further significant Polygamy," by Elder David H. declarations of their faith are pre- Smith; "Polygamy, Was it sented in the subjoined extracts: Original Tenent of the Church of

“We believe in the powers and Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ?" gift of the everlasting Gospel, viz., by Alexander H. Smith; "Polygamy the gift of faith, discerning of spirits, Not of God," by Joseph Smith; "One prophecy, revelation, healing, visions, Wife or Many,” by Joseph Smith. tongues, and the interpretation of The Bible, as translated by the Protongues, wisdom, charity, brotherly phet Joseph Smith, the Book of Morlove, etc.

mon, the Book of Doctrine and Cove“We believe that marriage is or- nants, a number of Mormon hymn dained of God, and that the law of books, the life of Joseph Smith, and God provides for but one companion a varied assortment of tracts, may in wedlock for either man or woman, also be enumerated among the pubexcept in cases where the contract of lications of the Church. marriage is broken by death or trans- Joseph Smith is now in his fiftygression.

ninth year, possesses a fine physique “We believe that the doctrines of a and a vitality that has never been plurality and a community of wives impaired by intemperance or rashare heresies and opposed to the law ness in any way of living. He does of God. The Book of Mormon says: not suggest the clergyman, but rather Wherefore, my brethren, hear me the lawyer; and his features carry a and hearken to the word of the Lord: suggestion of industry and will, For there shall not any man among rather than a high order of intellect. you save it be one wife, and con- He has been compelled to lead and cubines, he shall have none; for 1, combine into one body a varied class the Lord God, delighteth in the of believers, who are disposed to folchastity of woman. And whoredoms low impulses of their own in spiritual things, and his success so far has own merits, and not by the odium been rather because of his tact and that attaches to Salt Lake. The good sense than from any high order majority are taxpayers and farmers, of generalship. The Mormons of the and no class of men anywhere are Reorganized Church are not objec- stronger in their loyalty to the Fedtionable as citizens in communities eral Government. where they are known upon their






1592. An edition of the Psalms, from the Pope Clement VIII, published in version of Palladius, was published Latin, at Rome, what he termed a in Danish, at Copenhagen.

correct edition of the Bible issued by An edition of the Bible was printed Pope Sixtus V., in 1590. In this ediin German, at Nuremberg, by tion, however, he does not explain Schwarzwälder; and an edition of the variations or show where they the Gospel, in Arabic, was published

are to be found. Shortly after, anat Rome, by Raymundi. The trans

other edition was printed, with addilation was directly from the Greek,

tional alterations which became the and the type used for this purpose standard Vulgate of the whole Romwas owned by Lorenzo de Medicis, a ish church. It is not regarded as the descendant from the brother of the genuine version of Jerome, and some great Cosmo, the founder of that

renderings are palpably corrupt, so illustrious family. Lorenzo courted

arranged to suit false dogmas. So popularity by his patronage of liter

many corruptions and variations had ature, but he left a stain upon his

at a very early period crept into the name by causing to be assassinated received Latin text, that the Bishop Alexander de Medicis, whom Charles of Damascus requested Jerome to V. had appointed duke of Florence. undertake the work of a new version. Another edition of Elsevir's Greek

As regards the New Testament, Bible was published at London, Jerome confined himself mainly to and an edition of the Bible

revision, his aim being chiefly to reprinted in Greek at Lyons, by

store and improve the text of the Plantin.

most authoritative version, removing * Copyright, 1889, by Charles W. Darling. corruptions by comparing the Latin


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