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West. The completion of the Denver, ing of Mr. Mathew Lynch. They are Texas & Fort Worth (extension) gold nuggets taken from the Lynch Railroad, in process of construction Placer Mines, by Mr. Lynch himself. to Elizabethtown, will open up a mag. They are now worn and infinitely nificent country, which will become prized by his brother James; as, also, tributary at once to Trinadad, and is his watch and chain, both fashionhasten the day when the latter will ed out of the gold taken by that debecome a great smelting center. This ceased brother from the Lynch Placer region also abounds in iron-ore, run- Mines before the fatal falling of that ning as high as 67 per cent. ore, which tree which caused such general and goes to show how exceptionally rich lasting lament in New Mexico and as well as abundant it is.

Colorado. The reader's attention is called to

HENRY DUDLEY TEETOR. the scarf pins as seen in the engrav


AT Alton, Illinois, in October, 1858, and remain until the close of the I first met Abraham Lincoln. It was campaign in November, on the day he closed the historic joint The plan for the Illinois campaign debate of that year, with Stephen A. was discussed and agreed upon at Douglas.

the Tremont House in Chicago. Here My anxiety to see and hear the man we met John Wentworth, Elihu B. whose great speech at Springfield in Washburn, Owen Lovejoy and Joseph June had electrified the entire coun- Medill (then as now, editor of the try was so intense that immediately Chicago Tribune) and many others. after our election in Ohio I ran down This was a memorable meeting, over the Wabash, and saw and heard and from that hour Mr. Lincoln's Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Douglas in their nomination for the Presidency in closing debate at Alton.

1860 became a probability. I returned home at once, so as to I gave this meeting an enthusiastic be present and celebrate my first elec- account of the debate at Alton, and tion to Congress.

when I stated that although the preI had accepted an invitation from sent campaign might not result in the Republican Committee of Illinois the election of Mr. Lincoln as Senato accompany Governor Chase, and tor, yet his speeches had made it imspeak at several points in that State possible for Mr. Douglas to be elected


President, and that a great leader catching law could be executed in the had arisen, commanded the attention city of Filmore's residence, and so of eager listeners.

executed that they could be eye-witMr. Lincoln came to Ohio in the nesses to the subserviency of their fall of 1859 to take part in the Gu- allies, who everywhere in that day bernatorial campaign, and delivered abounded throughout the North. memorable speeches at Columbus and The manner in which that disgraceCincinnati. Under the leadership ful act was performed at Buffalo was Judge Swayne a distinct Lincoln so shocking in its brutality, that after party arose in Ohio, which in a tew Filmore's retirement from the Presimonths became a great factor in Mr. dency, he drifted into obscurity and Lincoln's nomination for the Presi- died unwept and unlamented. dency.

Webster's friends in Boston joined NORTHERN PRO-SLAVERY CHAMPIONS. with alacrity in sending Sims back to

From 1844 until 1861 the slave-bar- slavery, hoping by this shameful act ons were so intrenched in the Gov- of abasement to commend their great ernment, that they demanded as political idol to the slave-barons for condition to the political recognition President. He did not get a single of any Northern leader that they vote from them in the nominating publicly commit themselves by deeds convention, and soon afterwards reas well as words to their service. tired to his home in Marshfield and They demanded that all northern saw, as did Belshazzer of old, the aspirants to the Presidency should, in handwriting on the wall. Wherever addition to their general subser- he turned his eyes there appeared the viency, give undoubted evidence of sentence of doom, as out of the darktheir fidelity and fitness for so ex- ness came the hand with index finger alted a position, by causing to be cap- pointing to the words, “The 7th of tured and returned to the South any March.” fugitive slaves who might be found Mr. Webster died a disappointed in the cities of their residence.

and humiliated man, with the perWhereupon, the partisans of Fil- sonal knowledge that the slave-barmore, then the acting President, who ons could be as exacting and false to after approving the fugitive slave bill him as to one of their own bondmen. was intriguing for the Whig presi- The pulpit was but little, if any, dential nomination in 1852, caused behind in its base subserviency. A the officials of Filmore's own appoint- fire-bell at night could not empty a menl to seize at his home in Buffalo fashionable church in Boston or New and return a fugitive slave in order York quicker than it would then have that the slave barons might know been emptied if its parson had honthat their recently enacted slave- estly prayed or preached for the liberation of the slave. So debasing and not stand.” “I believe this governbrutal was this infernal spirit, that ment cannot endure permanently, the Rev. Dr. Dewey, of Boston, pub- half slave and half free." That was licly declared “that if the Constitu- the keynote which touched the hearts tion required it, he would send his and anointed the eyes of millions. It own mother back into slavery.” And was in that dark hour the fitly spoken yet, this self-righteous worshipper of word, and like an eternal ray of light Mammon and the Constitution it illuminated the dim and shadowy claimed to be an American citizen future. and a descendant of the Puritans ! THE LINCOLN-DOUGLAS JOINT DEBATES.

After such a statement of our moral In this spirit, and on this elevated condition as a nation, you will not be moral plane, Mr. Lincoln met Mr. surprised when I tell you that this re- Douglas and conducted his great verend individual was but an exag- campaign in Illinois, and successfully gerated type of a whole generation of drove him from every controverted vipers, who, in 1861, rolled up their position. Subsequently, in his deseyes in holy horror, and demanded

peration, Mr. Douglas declared " that peace at any price and our absolute he did not care whether slavery was submission to the terms of the slave- voted up or voted down." barons; everywhere crying out: Mr. Lincoln did care, the great “Give us the Constitution as it is, and heart of the nation cared, every honthe Union as it was.” And many so- est man in the world cared whether called statesmen in the North lifted slavery was voted up or voted down. up their voices in chorus and wept

And when I heard Mr. Lincoln pro. and said-Amen.

claim at Alton “that it was a question MR, LINCOLN, AS HE APPEARED ON THE between right and wrong,” his face PLAINS OF ILLINOIS.

glowed as if tinged with a halo, and I present you this dark and sad to me he looked the prophet of hope picture in order that I may show you and joy, when with dignity and emmore distinctly the colossal form and phasis he said: “That is the real plain but manly face of Abraham issue. That is the issue that will Lincoln Behold him, as

at the continue in this country when these tomb of the martyred Lovejoy and poor tongues of Judge Douglas and on the plains of Illinois he emerges myself shall be silent. It is the eterunheralded from the shadow of this nal struggle between these two prinnational degradation and national dis- ciples, right and wrong, throughout honor, and with the words of truth the world. They are the two princiand soberness on his lips, proclaims : ples that have stood face to face from “A house divided against itself can- the beginning of time, and will ever



continue to struggle, until the com- est, and thus keeping him out of the mon right of humanity shall ultim- contest in the House. ately triumph."

An election by the House of RepreThe tongues of these two men have sentatives of a President for 1860-61 been silent for a quarter of a century. was part of the original programme The one who did care whether sla- of the conspirators when they delibvery was voted up or voted down" erately divided the Democratic party will live in the grateful remembrance at Charleston and Baltimore and deof his countrymen and mankind ; termined to defeat Douglas. Nothing while he who declared “that he did is more certain, had that election not care” will only be remembered gone into the House of Representaas the man whom Abraham Lincoln tives, than that Mr. Lincoln would defeated for President.

not have been chosen President, as RESULT OF

PRESIDENTIAL ELEC- the Republicans could not have comTION IN 1860.

manded the votes of a sufficient numTwo years after his defeat for Sen- ber of States to elect him. ator, Mr. Lincoln was nominated and With Mr. Buchanan in the Presielected President, receiving 180 elec- dent's office, to obey the orders of the toral votes and Judge Douglas but conspirators until they had accom12 electoral votes. Breckinridge of plished their purpose, the result Kentucky received 72 votes, and Bell would have been a so-called comproof Tennessee 39 votes.

mise and the election of BreckinIf Mr. Lincoln had not received a ridge. majority, of all the electoral votes In the light of all that has hapcast, the choice of a President would, pened, no mortal man can even now as provided by that indefensible and

presage what would have been the and anti-democratic provision of our ultimate result had Breckinridge at Constitution, have devolved on the that time been clothed with the House of Representatives, each State power of the Presidential office. having one vote (except where the That this country would have beCongressional delegation was equally come a consolidated slave empire durdivided), in which event its vote

ing the administration of Breckinwould be lost. The choice of a Pre- ridge is more than probable. The sident at that time by the House pro-slavery amendment to our Nawould have been limited to either tional Constitution, which was subLincoln, Breckinridge or Bell. The mitted by the Northern compromisers conspirators put Breckinridge elec- of the Thirty-sixth Congress (and toral tickets in the Northern States ratified by the vote of Ohio), would with the deliberate purpose of ex- have been engrafted into the National cluding Douglas from the three high- Constitution, and slavery thus entrenched could not have been abol- largely of men who had been the reished except by the consent of every cognized leaders of the anti-slavery State, thus practically making slavery wing of the Democratic party. Such constitutional and perpetual, with no men as Rantoul, Sumner and Boutremedy for its abolition but armed well, of massachusetts; Hannibal revolution. Fortunately for the Hamlin, of Maine; Hale, of New future of the Republic, Mr. Lincoln's Hampshire ; David Wilmot, of Pennelection defeated this deeply laid sylvania ; General Dix and Governor plot of the pro-slavery conspirators Fenton, of New York ; Chase and and their subsequent mad rebellion, others in Ohio ; Julian, of Indiana ; and war on the Union enabled him Trumbull, of Illinois ; Doolittle, of and the National Congress to abolish Wisconsin ; Bingham and Beaman, slavery and make the nation all free, of Michigan ; Frank P. Blair and instead of all slate.

Gratz Brown, of Missouri, and many From the day of Mr. Lincoln's in- others whom I need not name. auguration until the tragic close of These men were all trained in the his eventful life, no one who did not school of Jefferson, and our personal know and often see him, can portray and political affiliations had been the tremendous mental and physical with the anti-slavery wing of the strain under which he labored, nor

Democratic party. can human tongue describe the innu- Mr. Lincoln has been trained in the merable petty annoyances to which old Whig party, and Henry Clay, its he was subjected, nor the intrigues great compromising chief, was his and conspiracies, which he encoun- early political leader, and he voted tered and mastered.

for General Scott for President in

1852, notwithstanding the platform OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. on the subject of slavery. I voted While Mr. Lincoln was beyond all that year for Hale and Julian, because question, as deeply impressed with of the offensive Democratic platform, the necessity of saving the Union as which was no more objectionable than any one of the great men with whom that of the Whigs. I served, there were often radical dif- I have not read either of those platferences of opinion as to the best forms since 1852, but if young means to be adopted to that end. students of political history will go This was in large part the result of into any library and read them, they early political training and political will be found practically duplicates, affiliation of the men, who were lead- and so subservient to the slave-barons, ers in the Republican party.

as to make the cheek of every true The advanced or radical wing of American blush with shame to-day. the Republican party was made up When Mr. Lincoln came into the


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