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some of whom saw in the young inan, the comforts and pleasures of a new when he was wholly without friends home about him, with the esteem and and means, the elements of the suc- affection of numbers of new friends, cessful business man, treating and all gained in a new community, two trusting him accordingly. In fact, in thousand miles distant from his old contemplating his career and in re- home, within the short period of ten cognition of his sterling qualities, one years from the time when he, an may well appreciate that this con- almost penniless young man, left befidence rightfully earned

was Mr.

hind him friends and home, to seek Voorhees' sole capital, on which he success in new fields--Mr. Voorhees has reared a large fortune, and his may well be cited as an example of career calls to mind a perhaps par- the successful young men of the West, allel case.

and the example should be filled with Some years ago, an Eastern paper encouragement to many others of of standing sent an inquiry to a num- similar abilities and hopes in older ber of well-known

communities. And for himself, standwealth and reputation, of this charac- ing as he does, scarcely at the threshter : “ To what do you attribute your hold of middle life, now fully equipped success in life?" Many and varied, in his new field with friends, family, and of more or less force, clearness wealth and reputation, he may be reand length were the answers. The garded as just entering on a most concise and probably the most career-a career in business, society striking answer came from one emi- and public enterprises such as could nently successful, even in that list. not have been entertained even as a It was this : “To the confidence of dream by the young man in New my friends."

York in 1880. With this proved confidence re

A. B. MCKINLEY. tained, with wealth, reputation and



of great




OCCASIONALLY in the progress of vated personal character, profound events that build history, there arise professional attainments, high sense interests and issues that awaken un- of honor, courteous address and digusual popular activity; occasions nified deportment which bespeak the when the people cast about them for nascitur generosus, would have renmen equal to present emergencies. dered his administration one of exSuch was the political campaign of ceptionable ability and courtliness. 1890. Though an “off year" in Amer- There are not wanting instances ican politics, the general election was that illustrate the force of heredity looked to with anxious expectations and environment in shaping personal by each of the two great parties in character and directing the course of the United States. Each made de- individual life. Mr. Yeaman is a mands upon its strongest men to do member of a professional family. the part of standard bearers. Hon. His father, the late Stephen M. YeaCaldwell Yeaman, of Trinidad, was man of Kentucky, was a highly culunanimously chosen by the Colorado tured lawyer whose lineage was deDemocratic State Convention as can- rived from an ancient and honorable didate for governor.

This honor was English family which had its repreunsought, unpurchased and unex- sentation in the British Parliament pected. The Republican party of the and in the colonial government of State being largely in the ascendency this country. His mother, Lucretia in popular majority, the Democrats Helm, daughter of the late Hon. scarcely expected to win, notwith- George Helm of Kentucky, was likestanding the pre-eminent ability of wise descended from a highly retheir candidates, yet defeat was a spected English ancestry. Christocause of painful regret not only to the pher Helm was chancellor of Worparty but also to a host of warm cester in the early part of the sevenfriends and ardent admirers in the teenth century, which was the time of Republican party. It was generally the emigration of members of his conceded that Judge Yeaman's ele- family to the New World, who be

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came the progenitors of the Ken- Kentuckians. The number of govtucky Helms. In Kentucky, the ernors and national legislators furname has been honorably historic nished to the Western and Southern from the days of pioneer adventure States by Kentucky has often been an down to the present day. Legislat. interesting topic for American jourors, generals, judges and governors, nalists. It will be recalled to mind as also eminent physicians and theo- by the reader that both of the candilogians have sprung from the family dates for governor of Colorado in the of Thomas Helm and his wife Jennie election of 1890 were Kentuckians. Pope.

Caldwell Yeaman was born in HarOf the family of Stephen M. Yea- din county, Kentucky, May 24th, man and Lucretia Helm, his wife, six 1849. He was only five years old at sons survived to manhood. Each of the time of his father's death. Thus, them prepared himself for, and was the youngest of a family of great admitted to the practice of the law in home affections, he became the object his native State. The fickleness of of interest with all. fortune and the uncertainty of human Whose mind does not ever and enterprises left these sons with no anon turn to Hardin county, Kenfortune but rich mental endowments, tucky; the natal place of Abraham stern moral worth and a self-reliant Lincoln. The Lincoln home spirit with inherited inclinations to only two miles distant from the Yeaexcel. They therefore are self-made man homestead. The terrestrial sun men. Self-made? Only in the sense that rose from such a humble horizon of being true to ancestral traits. shines with increasing radiance, as With high beating hearts and eyes the country it illumined grows older fixed upon eminences worthy of their and mightier. Tell me, Earth and descent, they kept pursuing and Air and Sky, did not the elements achieving until they stood, and the come in part from you, that prompted four surviving brothers now stand, us to say, when Lincoln fell : where men win victories in intellec- "His life was gentle, and the elements tual arenas. The brothers of Judge So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up, Yeaman are considerably older than

And say to all the world - This was a man." himself and are known to the country On the 21st anniversary of his birth, at large. Their eminence in their Caldwell Yeaman was admitted to callings and the honorable positions practice law in the courts of Kenthey have filled and are filling, are re- tucky. His preceptors had been his corded testimonials to the worth of brothers Harvey and Malcolm. The personal merit and the value of self- advantages of this preceptorship, inreliant effort. The West has felt the herited trend of mental habit, rare force and reaped the benefits of such intellectual gifts and fixedness of pur

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