Englische Studien, Volume 45

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O. R. Reisland, 1912
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Page 345 - The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field : which indeed is the least of all seeds ; but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in thq branches thereof.
Page 163 - Green vales and icy cliffs, all join my Hymn. Thou first and chief, sole Sovereign of the Vale! O, struggling with the darkness all the night, And visited all night by troops of stars...
Page 6 - It is a common practice now-a-days, amongst a sort of shifting companions that run through every art and thrive by none, to leave the trade of Noverint, whereto they were born, and busy themselves with the endeavors of art, that could scarcely Latinize their neck-verse if they should have need; yet English Seneca, read by candle-light, yields many good sentences, as blood is a beggar...
Page 179 - Enter Friar Bacon, drawing the curtains, with a white stick, a book in his hand, and a lamp lighted by him, and the Brazen Head; and Miles, with weapons by him. Bacon. Miles, where are you? Miles. Here, sir. Bacon. How chance you tarry so long?
Page 163 - Thou too, hoar Mount! with thy sky-pointing peaks, Oft from whose feet the avalanche, unheard, Shoots downward, glittering through the pure serene Into the depth of clouds, that veil thy breast Thou too again, stupendous Mountain!
Page 188 - He, as his mistress doth; and she, by chance: Nor want there those who, as the boy doth dance Between the acts, will censure the whole play; Some like, if the wax-lights be new that day; But multitudes there are whose judgment goes Headlong according to the actors
Page 58 - How glorious art thou, Earth ! And if thou be The shadow of some spirit lovelier still, Though evil stain its work, and it should be, Like its creation, weak yet beautiful, I could fall down and worship that and thee.
Page 163 - GOD! let the torrents, like a shout of nations, Answer! and let the ice-plains echo, GOD!
Page 189 - Enter Atticus, Doricus, and Phylomuse, they sit a good while on the stage before the Candles are lighted, etc., etc. . . Enter Tier-man with lights." This waiting until the last moment before lighting up is also indicated in the induction to Middleton's Michaelmas Term, as acted at the same house in 1 607.
Page 6 - ... yet English Seneca read by candle-light yeeldes manie good sentences as 'bloud is a begger' and so forth: and if you intreate him faire in a frostie morning, he will affoord you whole Hamlets, I should say handfulls of tragicall speaches.

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