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participating bond. A bond sharing in a distribution

of profits as well as a guaranteed interest. passing a dividend. Failure to make a regular divi.

dend. passive bond. A non-interest bearing bond having some

other benefit attached. plain bond. A bond having no mortgage or collateral

security and without a sinking fund provision. plant. The permanent appliances necessary to conduct

any business. pool. Interests joined for mutual advantage, specific

ally, (a) a trust or combination to regulate prices; (b) a fund contributed by several persons for a

specified use. postdated. Bearing a future date. preferred stock. Stock which must receive a dividend

and participate in a distribution of assets before

common stock. premium. 1. The amount of excess over the par value.

2. The sum paid by a policy-holder for insurance. private company. A close corporation. [English.] promoter's stock. Stock issued one interested in the

promotion of a company, for services rendered. proprietary company. A controlling company. protest waived. Without necessity of protest (to in.

dorser). proxy. A person authorized to represent another; also,

the instrument granting such authority. put. A contract by which one person, in consideration

of money paid to another, acquires the privilege of selling or delivering to the latter within a certain time some designated article at a stipulated price.


time. redemptio

bonds registered registered

able to registered

and to

certific registrar.


owner rehypoth

securi witho



notar reorgani: resource

equiv restricti

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to a allot


stoc sent per issu

quarter-stock. Stock at the par value of $25.
quick assets. Property quickly convertible into cash.
quid. One pound sterling. [English.]
quotation. Price. On the stock exchange quotations

for stock are in eighths of one per cent, while quo-
tations for grain, pork, lard, short ribs, and silver
are in eighths of a cent. Cotton and coffee quota.
tions are in hundredths of a cent.

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R redeemable bond. A bond payable at a specified future

time. redemption drawing. The determination by lot of those

bonds to be redeemed and paid. registered bond. A bond recorded in the owner's name. registered coupon bond. A bond bearing coupons pay

able to bearer, but itself payable only to owner. registered stock. Stock recorded in the company books

and transferable only by surrender of the stock

certificate, not by indorsement. [English.] registrar. The keeper of the records of transfers of

securities, verifying the signatures of registered

owners. rehypothecation. The hypothecation by a broker of

securities hypothecated to him. Such act is illegal

without the consent of the owner of the collateral. released indorsed bond. A bond bearing an acknowl

edgment of relinquishment of title, taken before a

notary public. reorganization. Compulsory financial reconstruction. resources. The collective amount of cash and property

equivalent to cash. restrictive indorsement. An indorsement so worded as

to qualify further negotiability. right. 1. The privilege to subscribe (a certain amount)

to an issue of a security. 2. In underwriting, an allotment or accepted subscription.

S scrip. 1. A certificate for a fraction of a share of

stock, usually exchangeable for shares when presented in sufficient quantities. 2. United States paper currency of less than $1 denomination,-not now

issued. seasoned securities. Stocks or bonds having an estab

lished value. securities company. A company owning the securities

of other companies and depending for its income

upon the income derived from such securities. seignorage. The difference between the cost of the

bullion in a coin and the value of the coin minted.


seller four, ten, twenty, etc. Sold for delivery on any

day desired by the seller within the number of days specified (4-10-20-etc.) on one day's notice to the

buyer. seller's option. A put. serial bonds. Bonds redeemable in specified install

ments. single-name paper. Unindorsed paper. sinking fund. A fund to which added certain

amounts of money at specified times to close of a

debt. sinking-fund bond. A bond to be paid by a sinking

fund. mortgage. A mortgage to be paid by a

sinking fund. slow assets. Property not to be quickly turned into

cash. sola. A foreign bill of exchange drawn singly. special aid bond. A bond issued by a government or

municipality to facilitate a beneficial enterprise. special assessment bond. A municipal bond issued pay.

able by a special tax levied upon property improved

by the fund originating the bond. stale check. A check not presented for a considerable

time. sub-company. A subsidiary company. subsidiary company. A company the stock of which is

owned or controlled by another company. surplus. Profit remaining after deductions are made. syndicate. A number of capitalists uniting to finance

and carry out some plan or scheme.


tack. The direction in which a speculator's interest

lies. tax bond. A state bond receivable for taxes. time loan. Money borrowed for a specified period. ton-miles, ton-mileage. Number of miles total tonnage

was hauled by a railroad. train-miles, train-mileage. Number of miles made by a

railroad train or trains.

transfer agent. An officer authorized to transfer a

company's stock. traveler's letter of credit. A draft issued payable in

such amounts as desired by various domestic and

foreign correspondents. turn over. The total business transacted by a concern in a given period.

U-Z. underlying mortgage. A prior mortgage. unfunded debt. floating debt. utter. To issue, as forged paper. via. A bill of foreign exchange, drawn in duplicate or

triplicate. voting trust. The placing of all or part of the stock

of a company in a trust for voting purposes. when issued. Deliverable when, and as if issued-said

of a stock. working capital. Money necessary for operating exe

penses. X. Same as ex. X-d. Ex-dividend. yield. Percentage of return in dividends.



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America; American.
First class.
. Account Current.
Account of Sales.

.Forenoon; Master of Arts.

. . Appendix.

Bill book.

Av. or Ave..
B. B..


Cash... C. B.



,Barrel. bdl..

Bundle. Bk...

. Bank. bkts..

Baskets. B/L.

Bill of Lading. Bld..

Building. Bot.

Bought. B/S.

Bill of Sale. bu.

.Bushel. bx.



Cash book.

Charges. Ck.

Check. Co...

., Company; County. C. O. D.

Collect on Delivery. Coll..

Collection; collector. Cr...

.Creditor; credit.

Hundredweight. da.

Day; days. Dept.

Department. Dft..

Draft. Disc.

Discount. do.

The same. doz.

Dozen. Dr.

Debtor; doctor. Dray.

Drayage. E. & O. E... Errors and omissions excepted. ea.

Each. e. g..

For example. Esq.

Esquire. etc. or &c.

. And so forth. Ex.. Exch.

Exchange. fig..

Figure; figures. F. 0. B. or f. o. b..Free on board. Fol...

Folio. Frt.

.Freight. ft.

Foot; feet. gal.

. Gallon. gr.


Express; example.

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