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question was, how many senses are there?' to which the young man answered, seven. what are they?' 'Why, Sir, (rejoined the young man) there is common sense,' &c. • Oh! Sir, (replied Mr. Hey) that's enough, you'll doif you have common sense, we need not enquire farther.""

No. XIV.

On recovering from illness-1815.

"Better thank God-suffer not, O Lord, these warnings to be lost upon me, but grant that they may prove preparatory to that important hour when it shall please Thee to call me hence. O blessed Lord, let Thy good spirit do his perfect work in me; that being cleansed and purified from all filthiness, of flesh and spirit, I may, through the merits of that dear Saviour who died for me, be admitted to dwell with Thee in glory-even so, blessed Lord, for Jesus' sake. Amen."

No. XV.

On Death.

"If by shutting death out of our thoughts, we could at the same time put this enemy of our nature further from us, there would be some reason in the attempt-but if, by meditating on death, we

become better prepared to meet him, at the same time that we do not thereby bring him nearer to us than he otherwise would be--such an employment well becomes the character of a reasonable man."

On the ways of Providence.

"There may well be mysteries in providence, as well as in faith-but then the same humility that obliges us to believe the one, though above our comprehension, obliges us to submit to the other-and that for the very same reason.”

No. XVI.

"Preached at Christ Church, after a confinement of more than a month-good Mr. Bowles dined with me.


'Blessed, O Lord, be thy holy name, for this Thy seasonable and gracious visitation-grant that it may be productive of its desired effect; that I may henceforth serve Thee more acceptably than hitherto I have done, by walking before Thee in holiness and pureness of living-that considering how uncertain my time is, every day of that life which Thou shalt see fit to grant unto me, may bring me every day nearer and nearer unto Theethat whilst I live, I may live unto Thy glory; and when I die, I may die in Thy favour-that whether I live or die, I may be wholly thine, henceforth and for ever-even so, O gracious Lord God, for Jesus' sake, Amen--and Amen.”

On Charity and Humility.

"Let every man who feels inclined to be proud, as unhappily at times most men do, read the fifth chapter of Norris's Treatise on Humility, in which the necessity of humility is considered-and through grace, he will be proud no longer. Grant, O Lord, that thy servant may learn the lesson which the blessed Jesus came into the world to teach, and which he so fully exemplified in himself --that by treading in his steps, he may, through His grace, find rest unto his soul. Amen, O gracious Lord, for Jesus's sake."

"The gate of heaven (says the excellent Norris) is low it seems, as well as straight-and we must stoop down, and bend ourselves, even to the dimensions of a child, or else there is no entering in at it.'

"O Lord, grant unto thy servant that humility, which may recommend me to thy grace and favour. The Lord resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble."

"He is truly great (said pious Bishop Taylor) that is great in charity and little in himself." Grant, O Lord, unto thy servant, unworthy as I am, that portion of Thy all-sufficient grace, which may enable me to become so. Amen, for Jesus' sake, Amen."


For Good-Friday-1814.

"O Thou adorable Advocate with the Father,

who didst as on this day offer up thy spotless body on the cross, for the sins of mankind-grant unto me, and my dear family in particular, a saving interest in thy precious blood; that being washed and cleansed by it from all our defilements, we may be rendered meet, through Thy all-sufficient merits, to be partakers with the saints in light. Amen, O blessed Jesus, for thy truth and promise sake, Amen."



"O blessed Lord, who didst as on this day rise from the grave, after Thou hadst completed the great work of redemption, by offering up Thy spotless body on the cross for fallen man-and didst thereby open unto him the gate of everlasting life-Grant that we redeemed sinners, being through Thy grace, raised from the death of sin, unto newness of lifemay be so planted in the likeness of Thy resurrection, that this life ended, we may, through Thy allsufficient merits, be admitted into Thy presence in glory. And do Thou, O Father, who didst bring again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the everlasting covenant,-sanctify us wholly by Thy spirit, both in body and soul, and make us perfect in every good work to do Thy will, working in us that which is well pleasing in Thy sight, through Jesus Christ. Amen."

No. XIX.

Prayer for the New-year-1813.

"God of his mercy grant that the present year may be, in the true sense, a Christian year, to myself and my household-that through the assistance of the Holy Spirit, we may so pass through things temporal, that we finally lose not the things eternal. Amen, Amen.

"O God, the Father of mercies, who desirest not the death of a sinner; look down with an eye of pity on me, Thy most unworthy servant.

"O God, the Son, who liveth for ever to make intercession for man, be Thou my powerful advocate and intercessor on high-that I may be delivered through all temptations and that my numberless sins may be done away-through the all-prevailing efficacy of Thy atoning blood.

"O God, the Holy Ghost, the sanctifier of fallen man, do Thou cleanse me from all filthiness of flesh and spirit-that when my blessed Redeemer shall again appear, I may be in the number of those happy chosen, who shall be with him to behold his glory. Amen, Amen.”

No. XX.

Prayer addressed to the Saviour.

"O Thou holy and adorable Saviour! Thou friend

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