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God's appointed time, will not fail to be revealed.
For come He most assuredly will--and blessed is
that servant whom his Lord, when He cometh, shall
find watching. • Verily I say unto you, He will
make him ruler over all his goods, and partaker
of the joy of the Lord. Bishop Horne.”

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April 25,1824. If ye then be risen with Christ, &c.

“Often do we bestow our reflections concerning that which has been done for usit is surely incumbent upon us, as reasonable beings, to direct our attention to that which is to be done in us, as preparatory to those great advantages to be derived eventually from the highly distinguished favours bestowed upon us.

To this end, may we always duly consider the nature of the change spoken of under the idea of a resurrection, the evidence of which consists in the transfer of our affections, together with the objects on which those affections are to be placed from earth, to heaven. Thus, 'to rise with Christ, can only be effected by and through Christ. • An Israelite cannot enjoy himself in Babylon~a Christian cannot find perfect satisfaction in the world. Bishop Horne.

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No. XLV.

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On the effects of the Fall.
“Whatever difficulty there may be in ascertaining

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precisely the effects produced on human nature by the Fall—there is certainly no one truth in scripture more evident than this; that a complete and entire change must take place in that nature as we now inherit it, before we can truly relish the holy and pure joys and employments of the heavenly world.”

On Episcopacy.

“ No mathematical proposition is more capable of demonstration, than that the government of the Church of Christ by bishops, priests, and deacons, was a divine institution--a proposition which is to be unquestionably proved by a clear induction of particulars from the days of the Apostles down to the present time. Heresy and schism owe their encreasing prevalence in the world, in a great degree, to a departure from this originally divine system. Union


his followers was the object which Christ had in view, in establishing a Church upon

earth—whilst divisions among Christians has been the uniform ruling principle of the Devil; whose object it has been to act in opposition to God, from the time that he first rebelled against him. Those who do not seek to be wise above what is written, will readily embrace the doctrine of episcopacy—whilst those who are, or at least affect to be so, if they think it of importance to have any opinions at all on religious subjects, will of course make a doctrine for themselves."

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On Liberality.

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Liberality, a term which bespeaks the nature of the virtue it is intended to illustrate, has been so forced from its original etymology, that it can only be rightly understood in its present political and moral application, by reversing its absolute meaning.

~ Lucus a non lucendo." It stands at least in no nearer relation than licentiousness to libertya modern substitution, which goes as near to destroy all rational notions of freedom, as liberality doth to level all the distinctions, which principle and moral duty have set up between right and wrong."

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On Enthusiasm.

« The prevailing opinions and practices of methodism are principally to be attributed to the weakness of the human understanding, and the vanity of the human heart Vanity is the life and soul of enthusiasm. This weakness of the human understanding and vanity of the human heart, constitutes the primary and powerful causes of that change in religious language and feelings, which has by degrees been productive of that lamentable defection from our established or orthodox Church, which so peculiarly distinguishes the character of these latter days. The plain and beaten road, as it has been laid down for us in the divine word, and precisely marked out in the primitive Church, and happily established by our own Church, must be continued if we would preserve the essentials of Christianity unadulterated—and without deviation from their original and apostolical standard. The Enthusiast confidently resolves his private feelings and sensible experiences into certain marks of God's dealings with his soul, and of his direct and mira. culous operations upon his heart--and by this arbitrary, irrational, and unscriptural standard, measures his acceptance with God, his Christian perfection, and his indefesible title to the kingdom of glory.

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««« I think as far as any man is proud, he is kin to the devil—and utterly a stranger to God and himself. It is wonderful that it should be a possi. ble sin to men, who still carry about them in soul and body, such humbling matter of remedy, as we


all do..


The Spirit bearing witness, 8c.

“ The spirit is the great witness of Christ and of Christianity to the world. And through the folly of fanatics, tempted ere long to overlook the strength of this testimony of the spirit, when they placed it in a certain affection or enthusiastic inspiration—yet now I see, that the Holy Ghost in another manner is the witness of Christ and his agent in the world_literally fulfilling what our. Saviour himself said of the Holy Ghost-He shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you. The spirit in the prophets was his first witness; and the spirit by miracles was the second and the spirit by revelation, illumination, and consolation, assimilat-ing the soul to Christ and heaven, is the continued witness to all true believers--and if any have not the spirit of Christ (in this revealed sense) he is none of His Baxter.”

“ See John x. 39. On the divine decrees. Upon which Bishop Tomline thus : comments The things did not happen, because they were foretoldbut they were for the wisest purposes foretold, because it was foreseen that they would happen.'


On Materialism.

« And God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. Gen. ii. 7."

The spirit shall return unto God, who gave it. Eccl. xii. 7."

“We know from experience that no inert, inactive body can move itself, but must remain to the end of time in the situation in which it is placed, till it is acted upon by some other moving body. According to the system of Sir Isaac Newton, a power of attraction supposed to reside

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