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Thank God I went through it beyond my own ex-

Accept, O gracious Lord, my unfeigned thanks
for thus supporting me under the great work which
Thou didst put into the heart of thine unworthy
servant to undertake. Sanctify, I most earnestly
beseech Thee, my humble endeavours in Thy ser-
vice--for Thee alone, O blessed Lord, do I desire
to serve. Prosper this work, I pray Thee, to the
promotion of Thy honour, and the salvation of
many souls. And though I have hitherto been but
an unprofitable servant in this place--yet, O Lord,
if it be thy good pleasure, make me the blessed
instrument of spreading the light of gospel truth
through that part of my parish, which is unhappily
too much overspread with the cloud of ignorance
and vice. Though old in years, may I yet continue
fervent in spirit_serving the Lord.
thereby, blessed Lord God, still



means, under grace, of bringing many souls unto glory. Even so, O blessed Lord, for Jesus' sake. Amen."

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* In the primitive Church, (says Cyprian) that tradition which was found to be commanded in the Gospel, or contained in the Epistles, or the Acts of the Apostles, was observed as divine and holy tradition.""

The scripture, therefore, constitutes the standard, by which the authority of tradition was to be established.”

he should have said more to him on the subject. • But there (said he, pointing to the ashes under the grate) are the remains of those writers (Chubb, Toland, &c. &c.) who have deceived me. My eyes, thank God, are now open-I am a believer.' He died the next day, so that his minister saw him no more." 1827.


On Lukewarmness.

“ God knows we have lived to see a very prophetic guess of that shining light of the reformation, Philip Melancthon, fulfilled in our days-who foretold That it was to be feared that the time would come wherein men would be tainted with this error-either that religion is a matter of nothing, or that the differences in religion are mere verbal}

“ 'Tis a very melancholy consideration to see some men idle and unconcerned whilst the enemy is digging and undermining the very ground on which they stand, and scarce set a hand, or employ

thought, to countermine and defeat them but on the contrary, aiding and assisting them. For 'tis too great a truth to be dissembled, that they who are not for the Church, are against her and they that help not to support her when she is in distress, do in good earnest help to pull her down.' Dr. George Hickes.”

To resist the common enemy of protestantism, it is of the first importance that Protestants should agree among themselves, that with joint force we


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may not only hold our own, but gain ground. One great object which our Saviour had in view in establishing his Church upon earth, certainly was to bind Christians in the bond of unity and peace, as I am in Thee, O Father, and Thou in me, that they all


be one in us. _Whilst it has been the grand object of the great deceiver from the begining, to separate and divide Christians from each other, upon the principle of · Divide et Impera.' To counteract, therefore, this diabolical design, ought to be the uniform endeavours of all Christian professors ; of all, in short, who love our Lord Jesus in sincerity. · Let us, therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded.' Phil. iii. 15."

“. Be not ashamed to speak the truth, for there is a shame that bringeth sin, and there is a shame that bringeth glory and grace.“ O Lord, as Thou hast showed me the

way, give me strength to walk therein—and bring me in the end to thy eternal rest. Amen, for thy dear son, Jesus Christ his sake, Amen.” 1827.

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