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of Powder Tanks, 268-Dimensions of Boxes for Boat Ammunition, 268

-Gun-Tackle Bolts, 268-Spaces required for Working Guns on Truck

Carriages, 269-Spaces required for Working different Classes of Guns on

Pivot Carriages, 269--Sizes of Sockets and Pivot Bolts, 270-Position of

Gun-Tackle Bolts for Broadside Guns, 270-Fife Rails, 270-Fore and

Main Sheet-Chocks, 271-Top-sail Sheets, 272-Bolts for Jib-and Top-

mast Stay-sail Sheets, 272--Bolts for Fore and Main Try-sail and Spanker

Sheets, 272-Bolts for Leaders for Top-sail Halliards, 273-Main-brace

Bumpkins, 273-Fore-Stay Bolts, 273-Main-Stay Bolts, 274--Bolts for

Top-Tackles and Leaders for Top-Tackles, 274-Bolts for Leaders for

Yard and Stay Tackle-Fall, 274-Bolts for a Leader for Fore-Stay Tackle-

Fall, 274-Bolts for Main-Yard and Main-Stay Tackle-Fall, 274-Chock for

Fore-Topmast Studding-sail Tack and Boom Brace, 274-Bolts in Chan-

nels for Pendant Tackles, 274-Bolts for Leaders for Fore and Main

Topmast and Fore and Main Top-Gallant Studding-sail Halliards, 275—

Bolts for Leaders for the Mast-Ropes, 275--Bolts for Leaders for Main

Topmast and Main Top-Gallant Stay-sail Sheets, 275--Bolts for Hooking

the Cat-Backs, 275-Bolts for Sheet-Chain Stops, 275-Bolts for Rudder-

Pendant Stops, 275-Bolts for Securing the Ends of Rudder-Chains, 275

--Bolts in Lower Brackets for Securing Whisker-Jumpers, 275-Bolts for

Jib and Flying-Jib Guys, Fore Topmast-Stays, Back-ropes and Bowsprit

Shrouds, and Links for Bobstays, 276-Method of Setting up the Jib and

Flying-Jib Stays, Fore Top-Gallant and Royal Stays, 276—Bolt for the

Fore-Yard Tackle, 276-Bolts for Fore and Main Lifts, 276-Bolts for

Securing Main Topmast-Stays, 276—Bolts for Leaders for Boats' Falls,

--Miscellaneous Fittings..

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