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A Text-book of obstetrics

Barton Cooke Hirst

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To keep up with the rapid advances in the field of pediatrics, the whole subject matter embraced in the first edition has been carefully revised, new articles added, some original papers amended, and a number entirely rewritten and brought up to date. The new articles include “Modified Milk and Percentage Milk-Mixtures,” “Lithemia,” and a section on “Orthopedics.” Those rewritten are “Typhoid fever," "Rubella,” “Chicken-pox," "Tuberculous Meningitis," “ Hydrocephalus," and "Scurvy," while extensive revision has been made in “ Infant Feeding," “Measles,” “Diphtheria,” and “Cretinism." The volume has thus been increased in size by a very considerable amount of fresh material. $ $ $ $

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