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Printed by W. Lewis, 21, Finch-lane, London.




The First Edition of this work, comprising one thousand copies, having been disposed of in a few months after publication; the Compiler has endeavoured to improve and enrich this edition, with much important and interesting additional information ; supplied by the following celebrated authorities :-F. Josephus ; Godwyn's Jewish Customs; Dr. Prideaux's Connections ; Dr. Paley’s Evidences; Rev. L. Echard's Ecclesiastical History ; Rev. T. H. Horne’s Study of Scripture; Dr. Doddridge's, and Dr. A. Clarke's Comments ; Rev. J. Brown's, and Rev. Richard Watson's Theological Dictionaries; Rev. E. Bickersteth's Scripture Help; Percy's Key to the New Testament; Letters from the East, &c.

Besides a connected view of our Blessed Sa. viour's History, this volume contains a select detail of illustrative particulars. The division into chapters, regards the several periods of the Divine Sojourn in the flesh; presenting opportunities, for suitably introducing Prophetical evidence, of our Lord's identity as the true and only Messiah ;-the rise, and peculiar opinions of the various Jewish sects, alike inimical to each other, and to His sacred ministry ;-the origin and design of the different feasts He attended at Jerusalem ; together with the celebrity, and downfall of both city and temple; once, the favoured place of the Divine ministrations, and the glory and wonder of the whole earth :-also, some of the horrible facts attending the destruction of the whole Jewish polity, marking with terrible and signal verity, our Lord's emphatic prophecy.

An Historical, Geographical, and Explanatory feature pervades the whole work, in the form of note, to render Palestine both familiar and important to the reader; particularly distinguishing

those places, so greatly honoured by our Saviour's attentions and visits ;-to give passing notices of the Romans, to whom the Jewish nation was then tributary ;- particulars of curious Jewish manners and customs;—an account of the Sybils, tracing the origin of their information given concerning Christ ;-interspersed with choice Sacred Poetry, bearing on the different subjects introduced.

To those persons engaged as Sunday School Teachers, wishing to pursue opportunities of research in Scriptural information—thereby, to render more efficient their truly useful office_the following pages will afford assistance. How desirable to impart to the young mind, the meaning of particular words and phrases that occur in reading the New Testament. Such knowledge is indispensable, whether it respects children or adults, in order to understand much that is delivered from the pulpit; which otherwise, must inevitably pass by unheeded : for where ignorance of these first principles prevail,

comparatively little good is to be expected by the set discourses of the Minister of Religion. Every person then, engaged in aiding our invaluable Sunday School institutions, does in a sense Feed the flock of God; and in proportion as they are well taught, depend the firmness—the durability, and the prosperity of CHRISTIAN TRUTH, in our highly-favoured country.

Therefore, as a help for those who have to teach others; and also to supply an interesting Religious volume for the generality of readers; the “Sacred Records” are presented in an enlarged form, a second time to the Public; in humble dependance, that the Almighty Teacher, the fountain, and foundation, of all wisdom, and knowledge, will render the work useful, and crown it with His Blessing

J. S.

December, 1835.

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