Life of Her Majesty Queen Victoria

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Roberts brothers, 1895 - 266 pages

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Page 193 - Mill, were undertaken by him some four years after his retirement from official life, in consequence of the transfer of the government of India from the East India Company to the Crown...
Page 48 - He likewise said how amazed he was at her manner and behaviour, at her apparent deep sense of her situation, her modesty, and at the same time her firmness. She appeared, in fact, to be awed, but not daunted, and afterwards the Duke of Wellington told me the same thing, and added that if she had been his own daughter he could not have desired to see her perform her part better.
Page 48 - Ministers and the Duke of Wellington and Peel approached her. She went through the whole ceremony, occasionally looking at Melbourne for instruction when she had any doubt what to do, which hardly ever occurred, and with perfect calmness and self-possession, but at the same time with a graceful modesty and propriety particularly interesting and ingratiating.
Page 47 - She bowed to the Lords, took her seat, and then read her speech in a clear, distinct, and audible voice, and without any appearance of fear or embarrassment.
Page 169 - I have had my tit-fortat with John Russell, and I turned him out on Friday last.
Page 205 - Get leave to work In this world, — 'tis the best you get at all; For God, in cursing, gives us better gifts Than men in benediction. God says, ' Sweat For foreheads ' men say ' crowns ; ' and so we are crowned, — Ay, gashed by some tormenting circle of steel Which snaps with a secret spring Get work ; get work ; Be sure 'tis better than what you work to get.
Page 253 - these wretched colonies will all be independent in a few years, and are a millstone round our necks.
Page 63 - Nor can the Queen now think without indignation against herself, of her wish to keep the Prince waiting for probably three or four years, at the risk of ruining all his prospects for life, until she might feel inclined to marry.
Page 68 - The Queen sent for me alone to her room a few days ago, and declared to me in a genuine outburst of love and affection, that I had gained her whole heart, and would make her intensely happy if I would make her the sacrifice of sharing her life with her, for she said she looked on it as a sacrifice ; the only thing which troubled her was that she did not think she was worthy of me. The joyous openness of manner in which she told me this quite enchanted me, and I was quite carried away by it.
Page 47 - ... something far beyond what was looked for. Her extreme youth and inexperience, and the ignorance of the world concerning her, naturally excited intense curiosity to see how she would act on this trying occasion, and there was a considerable assemblage at the Palace, notwithstanding the short notice which was given. The first thing to be done was to teach her her lesson, which for this purpose Melbourne had himself to learn.

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