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AND caft ye the unprofitable Servant into outer Darkness : n there shall be weeping and gnashing of Teeth, Matt. xxv. 30.

To be excluded from Heaven, to be cast headlong into Hell, and abandoned to Rage and Despair to all Eternity, O God, can any one think on it without Horror! and yet this is the inevitable Punishment of every impenitent Sinner. --- The Love of Reft and Ease makes Men Nothful, and unprofitable; and it is merely by This, that they lose the very Thing which they have loved in a wrong Manner.

ment of ever without Horpair to all Et

What Multitudes the Curse shall feel, Shut out from Heaven, fhut up in Hell, Who keep their Talent unemploy'd, For doing neither Harm nor Good.

What Harm to raise a Fortune fair, And when the Fiend is enter'd in,
What Harm a Fortune fair t'increase? We cloak our covetous Desire,
The Luft of Gold, the Thorns of Care, We justify our gainful Sin,
Choak every Seed of Righteousness. 'Till Satan pays his Slaves their Hire.

W H EN the Son of Man fhall come in his Glory, and all the

W holy Angels with him, then shall he fit upon the Throne of his Glory. --- And before him shall be gathered all Nations ; and he shall separate them one from another, as a Shepherd di- . videth his Sheep from the Goats, Matt. xxv. 31, 32.

In vain does the Sinner endeavour to avoid the Presence of his God; he will be forced one Day to appear before his Tribunal. -- See here a Spec. tacle very different from that of the Cross, where the Son of God naked and disfigur’d, forsaken by his Disciples, incompassed with his Enemies, and feated between two Thieves on the Throne of his Humiliation ! He did in those Two exhibit an Emblem of the Separation here described. Whatan Object is this to exercise our Faith! What a large Field of Reflection and Meditation is here before us : To confider Jesus Christ as a God in his Majesty, as a King upon his Throne, as a Judge on bis Tribunal, and as a Shepherd amidf his Flock, wherein the Goats continue mixed with the Sheep, even to the last Day. The Wicked and the Just

Sever'd the Tares and Wheat, 'Till then together itay,

The Goats and Sheep shall lie,
But I the Saints and Sinners must Never again to mix, or meet
Be parted at that Day:

Thro' all Eternity.

AND he hall set the Sheep on his right Hand, but the Goats

on the left, Matt. xxv. 33 The last Function of the Prince of Paftors, to be performed on Earth, is to make this dreadful Separation of Mankind for Eternity. Let us strive to be of the Number of the Sheep by our Faith, Meekness, Humility, Tractableness, and Innocency of Life. Such as we are at our leaving this World, such shall we be for ever, either Sheep to drink at the very Fountain of eternal Truth, or Goats to become the Prey of Devils. ---0. pure and spotless Church, Society of Believers alone, immortal Body composed of none but living Members, in vain do we seek for Thee on Earth, it is only in the Land of the Living, and after this great Division and Separation, that we shall find Thee with and in God, living to Him and by Him to all Eternity. They shall be numbered with the Sheep, Ah, give me now thy Voice to hear,

And found on the Right Hand, And mark me with thy Sign, Who hear the Shepherd now, and keep And when thou doft as Judge appear,

His every kind Command : i Acknowledge me for thine.

May 29.

(150) K. Charles's Restor. THEN Thall the King Tay unto them on his Right Hand, de Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the Foundation of the World, Matt. xxv. 34.

If there have been Kiogs who have given away Kingdoms, they were only foreign Kingdoms, wbich they could not keep. None but God gives his own out of pure Bounty, and this Kingdom is himself. God blesses none but in JESUS CHRIST, who have believed in Him. - Come, inherit : ami. able, powerful, and efficacious Words! which draw Believers near to God, and put them in Poffeffion of Him. He, who during his Life has said, Cone, Lord Jesus ! through a fincere Desire of his Coming; and thro' his Fidelity, and Love, Lord, pollefs my Heart! Aall, in his Turn, hear these two Words, Come, inherit, which will actually confer on Him eternal Happiness. Thee, JESUS, the Son

There, there we shall sae
Of God we confess,

The Substance divine,
Whose Passion alone

And fashion'd like Thee
Hath purchas'd our Peace :

Transcendently thine ;
With Cherubs before Thee, Thy personal Essence
And Seraphs we fall,

Be bold to explain,
And proftrate adore Thee,

And wrapt in thy Presence,
The Saviour of All.

• Eternally reign.i s

THEN shall he fay also unto them on the left Hand, Depart

from me, ye cursed, into everlasting Fire, prepared for the Devil and his Angels, Matt. xxv. 41.

It is an Article of our Faith, that those who are found without Love shall be treated as the Devils, and have the same Portion with them in Eternity.---O fatal and irrecoverable Exile ! O eternal Banishment and Separation from the Presence of Christ! Sad Confinement in Hell, and dismal Society in suffering with the Der . vils themselves! All this shews, that it is more proper to tremble than to speak on this Subject. ---Obdurate Sinners are the Angels, Envoys, and Missionaries of the Devil, who establish his Kingdom on Earth, propagate his Maxims, preach and authorize them by their Example, and seduce and pervert the Children of God. Let us take Care not to join ourselves to them in any Respect. Not for the wretched Sons of Men If Just as well as Good thou art, Was Topbet first prepard,

Thy Vengeance they require, Intruders into hellish Pain,

And force Thee, Lord, to say, Depart They snatch the Fiend's Reward: Into eternal Fire. .

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