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AND these shall go away into everlasting Punishment; but the

Righteous into Life eternal, Matt. xxv. 46.

• No Appeal, no Remedy, to all Eternity > no End to the Punishment of

those, whose final Impenitence manifests in them, as it were, an eternal Will .and Desire to Sin. By dying in a fertled Opposition to God they cast them. selves into a Neceflity of continuing in an eternal Averfion to Him. The Eternity of the Torment of the Damned proceeds from the infinite Dignity of the God who is offended; the Eternity of the Happiness of the Blessed from the infinite Goodness of Him who confers it upon them. O eternal Life! which art nothing but pare Life and Joy; not the Joy of the World, but that substantial Joy, of which God alone is the source, tke Object, and the End. O may I have nothing at Heart but Thee! may I seok nothing elfe during this mortal Life!

Mostgracious, most tremendous Lord, Our States aflign'd by wrath, or love, The Sentence which proceeds from thee Shall neither Change, nor Period know,

For Punishment, or for Reward, But long as Saints rejoice above, Muft ftand thro' all Eternity : Unhappy Souls shall howl below...

AND from that Time he fought Opportunity to betray him,

Matt. xxvi. 16. Men seldom leave a Crime imperfect. Unhappy he, who engages himself therein, for want of resisting the smallest Beginnings ! --- We are but too faithful to the World, and generally, keep our Word with it, at the Expence of all. What has God done to us, that He is the only person with whom we break it ! Opportunities of finishing Sin are seldom wanting when a Man feeks them: The Devil is too vigilant not to present them. 'Would to God, that Men were as diligent and faithful in seeking and embracing Opportunities to disengage themselves from Sin, to break off all Familiarity with the Wicked, and to renounce every dangerous Conversation. Thy piercing Eye, O God, furveys How wild, how crooked have they beent'

The various Windings of our Ways; A Maze of Foolishness and Sin! Teach us their Tendency to know, With all the Light we vainly boaft, And judge the Paths in which we go. Leaving our Guide, our Souls are lost.

AND as they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, that h one of you shall betray me, Matt. xxvi. 21.

Prudence and Love require that we should use the greatest Sinners tenderly to the last; admonishing without discovering them. God does this continually, leaving the most impious Persons unknown. --- Lord, thou seest in my wretched Will the Principle of all Sorts of Infidelity and Treachery ; but Thou canst restrain it by thy own Holy and Almighty Will; Do it, O Jesus, out of thy Mercy and Goodness.

I too have done the same,

Professing to be thine,
Exposing to Contempt the Name,

And Work, and Cause divine :

Yet for my treacherous Kiss

Thou wilt no more reprove :
But pardon'it all I did amiss,

With a kind Kiss of Love.

Thou view'ft us with a pitying Eye, Gently supported by thy Love,

While struggling with our Load; We tend to Realms of Peace; In Pains and Dangers thou art nigh, Where every Pain shall far remove,

Our Father and our God. ..And every Frailty cease.

AND they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of A them to say unto him, Lord, Is it I? Matt. xxvi. 22.

It is natural to upright Persons to fear, lest some Sin should lie hid in their Hearts, without their knowing it. --- A Man ought always to think himself more subject to fall than others; because every one best knows his own Weakness, and has Reason to apprehend every Thing from his own Infidelity. --- There is a Sörrow of Foresight, as well as of Repentance. Can a Man who reflects on his own corrupt Heart, and fees Temptation approaching, forbear sighing and being grieved at the Danger of losing his God, to which he is continually exposed. Lord, grant I may hold faft my Confidence firm unto the End.

Saviour, thou feeft the Fear, Ah! do not let me live,

Which haunts me Night and Day, To cause the dire Offence, My Heart so weak, my Sin so gear, Rather this Instant now forgive, Shall I not Thee betray?

And snatch me spotless hence.

AND he answered and said, . He that dippeth his Hand with

1 me in the Dish, the same shall betray me, Matt. xxvi. 23.

Judas, admonished the second Time, and that more plainly than before, is not at all affected thereby. When à Heart is once hardened, it has no longer any Ears to hearken to Admo. nitions. The Multiplying of Benefits does but give it a new Occasion of refifting more obstinately the Goodness of God. --- It is the Property of Hardness of Heart to make us, like Judas, deaf, obdurate, and insensible, without perceiving that we are fo.

So frail is Man! fo frail are we
When unsupported, Lord, by Thee ;
Thus fhrinks our Faith, thus droops our Love,
And thus our Vows abortive prove.
Bleft Jesus thine own Pow'r impart,
And bind in Cords of Love my Heart;
The Fugitive no more Thall fee,
But keep thro' Death his hold of Thee.

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