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BUT he that doeth Truth, cometh to the Light, that his I Deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God, Fohn iii. 21.

True Christians are the Children of the Light, and the Disciples of Truth, and it is their Joy continually to walk by the most pure Light of the Gospel, and to regulate their Actions by the most substantial Truths of Christianity.-He who seeks God alone, and is resolved to do nothing but according to his Spirit, is very far from having any Apprehension, that he shall know the Law of God too well, and discover too much of the Holiness of his Ways, — Those who seek the Glory and Applause of the World come to the Light there. of, and expose their A&tions thereto: Those who, in performing good Works, love only the Grace of God, which is the Principle, his Will which is the Rule, and his Glory which is the End of them, are likewise desirous to have them examined by his Light, that they may praise him for what is found good in them, that they may condemn what is bad in them, and that they may improve and compleat whatever is defective and imperfect.

We cannot fee without thy Light, We have no Wisdom, Help, or Might, Without thy Light we would not see, But, Lord, our Eyes are unto 'Thee.

AS they ministred to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, A Separate me Barnabas and Saul, for the Work whereunto I have called them, Aets xiii. 2.

We, who were once Sinners of the Gentiles, and now by the divine Goodness are brought to the Knowledge of the Gospel, have abundant Reason to be thankful that inspired Messengers were sent to teach it, being separated to that Purpose by the dia rect Appointment of the Holy Spirit. --- Leave us not, we befeech Thee, deftitute of thy manifold Gifts, nor yet of Grace to use them alway to thy Honour and Glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O let thy Love inspire my Tongue,
Thy Mercy shall be all my Song,
And all my Powers shall join to bless
The Lord, my Strength and Righteousness.

ND Death and Hell were cast into the Lake of Fire: This is d the second Death, Rev. xx. 14.

Let us adore before-hand Jesus Christ victorious over all his Enemies; and hope to partake in his Triumph. --- Death and Misery, together with Sin, which brought them forth, shall be banished for ever into Hell, with the Devils and the Damned, after the last Judgement. Eternal Life shall be the Inheritance of the Children of God. The second Death, which is eternal Damnation, shall be the dismal Portion of the Reprobate for ever. What is the first Death, which only separates the Soul from the Body for a Time, in Comparison with the second, which separates its Soul from its God to all Eternity? There is no Medium, we shall be to all Eternity, either in the Bosom of God with the Lamb, or in the Lake of Fire with the Dragon. We shall be with him for ever, whose Example we shall have followed. " Happy he, whom Christ shall find Who can answer to his Word ?

Watching to sae Him come, Which of you dares meet his Day? Him, the Judge of all Mankind Rise, and come to Judgment.---Lord,

Shall bear triumphant home. We rise, and come away.

FOR we know, that if our earthly House of this Tabernacle I were diffolved, we have a Building of God, an House not made with Hands, eternal in the Heavens, 2 Cor. v. 1.

We know we believe, we preach this; but we think too seldom of it, and we make still less Use thereof, in order to disengage our Affections from the Love of our Bodies. Grant, O my God, that I may always look upon this Body as a House of Clay, which is continually ready to fall : and do thou attract my Soul towards thyself; Thou, who art willing to be its Country, its Heaven, and its House to all Eternity. There is a House not made with Hands, We walk by Faith of Joys to come, Eternal and on high,

Faith lives upon his Word;
And here my Spirit waiting stands But while our Body is our Home,

'Till God shall bid it fly. : We're absent from the Lord. Shortly this Prison of my Clay 'Tis pleasant to believe thy Grace, Must be dissolv'd and fall;

But we had rather see: Then, O my Soul, with Joy obey We would be absent from the Flesh,

Thy heav'nly Father's Call. And present, Lord, with Thee.

FOR the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which

was loft, Luke xix. 10.

These are comfortable Words for Sinners : How much foever they are gone astray, let them not despair, since no less a Person than God is come to seek them. --- What Progress soever Believers have made, let them not imagine that they have no longer any Occasion of being fought. They have still their Wanderings as well as others, and carry in their own Hearts an evil Principle, which would lead them out of the Way. Lord, seek in me That which is gone astray ; save That which is loft ; and preserve That which Thou haft already found.

To save the Loft he came;

The Loft was all Mankind;
And I thro' Jesus' Name

Do now Salvation find,
And publish it the World around
That Grace doth more than Sin abound.

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