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AND they (the Disciples going to Emaus) said one to another, 1. Did not our Heart burn within us while he talked with us by the Way, and while he opened to us the Scriptures ? Luke xxiv.32.

The Word of Jesus Christ is a Fire which inflames him who feeds thereon, whereas the Conversation of the World serves only to distract and cool the Heart. --- Pious Discourses, the Truths of the Scripture, and the Explication of the Mysteries of our Salvation, when retained in the Memory, kindle the Love of God in our Heart, and feed and preserve it there. --- We do not always perceive immediately the good Effects produced in us by the Word of God, and by Sermons, but we find them afterwards. --- Let us but love to hear God spoken off, and we shall soon be sensible that God himself speaks to us, warms us, and changes our Hearts, He came from Heav'n to kindle Fire Now, Lord, the Flame of Love inspire,

In earthly Hearts, like mine : Which may for ever shine. How shall I thank Thee for the Grace Othat my Heart were fill'd with God!

On me and all Mankind beftow'd ? My Heart with Love would then o'erflow O that my every Breath were Praise ! And all my Life thy Glory show,

TN him was Life, and the Life was the Light of Men, John


i. 4.

The Holy Ghost declares to us the Glory of the Word, with refpect to living, spiritual, and intelligent Creatures. --- He is not only a living Being which has light; but he is both Life and Light itself by his eternal Generation, the Principle of all created Life, and the Fountain of all the Light. Happy and blessed Life! and even Happiness and Blessedness itself! Without Thee, there is nothing but Folly and Falshood, Darkness and Sin, Death and Misery. Open and inlighten my Understanding, penetrate and inflame my Heart, since my whole Felicity confifts in knowing and loving Thee.

Fountain of Life to all that live,

Thyself, th' essential Life divine, Thou did it to our first Parents give, And in their finless Nature shine.

The Light was Life and Happiness,

And Wisdom pure, with Thee bestow'd, In all thy Works they saw thy Face, ^ While allthy Works were fill'd with God

THE fame was in the Beginning with God, John i. 2.

The eternal Word, fole Offspring of the divine Understanding, and only Son of the Father, is from all Eternity in the Bosom of Him who produced Him by an eternal Generation; neither was the Father ever without the Son. O eternal Word! inseparable from the eternal Principle; adorable Son, who never leavest thy Father's Bosom, let me be never separated from Thee, and unite me in Thee to thy Father.

The Word, the uncreated Son, There, in thy Father's Bosom laid,

When finite Things began to be, Ineffably begot by Him, Existing God, with God alone, Thou wast before the Worlds were made Thou walt from all Eternity! . God independant and supream.

E'er the blue Heav'ns were stretch'd abroad,

From everlasting was the WORD;
With God He was ; the WORD was God;

And must divinely be ador'd.

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"HAT was the true Light, which lighteth every Man that 1 cometh into the World, Yohn i: 9.

Let us adore the Son of God as the true Light, and the supream Original, and substantial Reason, which lighteth every Man that cometh into the World, fince the Soul cannot either think, or argue, or difcern Truth from Fallhood, or Good from Evil, of itself, but only by that Light which is communicated to it from this eternal Reafon. - How many other Ways, O true Light, doft Thou inlighten Man by being incarnate! What Darkness doft Thou not disperse by thy Coming into the World ! Vouchsafe to shine ftill more and more in my Soul, so as to drive out thence all the Remains of false Light and real Darkness, Grant that I may follow and prefer Thee to every other Light.

True Light of the World appear, Light of my Soul, I follow Thee,
Answer in us thy Character,

In humble Faith on Earth to see
Thou uncreated Sun :

A glorious Day of Love,
Jesus, thy Beams on all Men shed, And then, with all the Saints in Light,
That all may by thy Beams be led To gain the Beatific Sight,
To that eternal Throne.

Which makes their Heav'n above.

W HICH were born, not of Blood, nor of the Will of the

Flesh, nor of the Will of Man, but of God, John. i. 13. The true Nobility, and that which alone ought to be esteemed and valued by a Christian, confifts in being a Child of God. This Quality comC: prehends every Thing ; but alas ! few understand it, few preserve it, few

sive like Children of God. — A Gentleman of the lowest Rank values himself upon his not degenerating from his Birth; and yet a Christian, by leading a carnal Life, degenerates from a Birth which is altogether spiritual and divine. — It is by the Choice of the Will of God, and by His Love, that we are made Partakers of His divine Nature, and appointed to enjoy His heavenly Inheritance. It is this Will therefore, and this Love, which we must take for the Rule of our Life, and not the Will of the Flesh nor the Will of Man, I use the Power by Thee bestow'd, Not differing from a Servant, now T'accept Thee as the Lord my God, I wait in humble Faith, 'till Thou The Privilege divine !

Art in my Heart reveald: Affur'd Thou wilt on me bestow, Then shall I Abba Father cry, That, born of God,my Soul may know An Heir of all in Earth and Sky,

Whate'er Thou art is mine. An Heir of Glory feald.

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