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We proceed to observe, that the miraculous events which have occurred most clearly demonstrate the existence of God. A deluge once covered the highest mountains, and overwhelmed the whole world in destruction --Sodom and Gomorrah shared the most signal ruin by fire and brimstone falling down from heaven-Egypt experienced the most awful plagues by a series of miraculous interpositions the Red-sea divided, the waters standing on a heap, to afford the Israelites an opportunity of escaping from the Egyptians-Manna was regularly sent down from above, to supply the daily wants of thousands, for the space of forty years Streams of water for the same purpose, issued from the flinty, rocks--that great luminary, the sun, was arrested in his course, and stood still in the midst of heaven about a whole day--the hottest flames lost their scorching power-hungry lions became tame and mild --the dead were raised to life and vigour-the most inveterate diseases fled at a word and the most boisterous tempests were hushed into a calm in a moment. Atheism must blush :--Infidelity must surely shrink into obscurity with such amazing transactions in view! And beit attentively remarked, that the generality of these occurrences have the authority of profane as well as sacred historians to confirm their reality ;-a circumstance which gives this argument irresistible

force ; for the enemies of revelation would have never recorded such accounts, had they not taken place.

The existence of God no less clearly appears from the exact fulfilment of many remarkable predictions, published long before the events took place. Who but a God of infinite knowledge, could declare from ancient times the things which were not yet done, and prove, by accomplishing them at the appointed period, " that his counsel should stand, and that he would do all his pleasure?" This however has been done in a great variety of instances which it is needless to mention. The certainty therefore of God's existence is incontrovertible.

That there is a God in heaven, is also strikingly evident, from the awful judgments which have been inflicted upon persons and nations, whose crimes have been particularly glaring. Some of the miraculous events just mentioned, such as the drowning of the old world-the destruction of Sodom-the plagues inflicted on Pharaoh and his subjects -together with the desolation of Sennacherib and his army-the extirpation of the Canaanites-the overthrow of the Persians, Greeks and Romans and the ruin and disa persion of the Jews, are instances which cannot but convinceeveryattentiveobserver,

not only that there is a God in heaven, but also “a God that judgeth the earth.”

The same truth might also be argued from the terror and dread which frequently haunt the consciences of the guilty, even when their crimes have effectually eluded human observation ; but I am persuaded, my brethren, it is not necessary to subjoin any addi. tional demonstrations. You are, I am convinced, fully satisfied with the proofs advanced ; and you feel an equal conviction with me, that “ There is a God in heaven." I hasten therefore to call your attention to a few appropriate reflections by way of practical improvement. And, first

, if there is a Supreme Being who created, and who still presides over all things, then certainly, it is a duty incumbent upon us, as his creatures, to render him divine worship. For since it is not a matter of indifference, whether we believe there is a God or not, so it can not be a thing of trifling importance whether we give honor to him or not. If he is the Author of our Being, and the only source of our happiness, surely, his claims to divine worship and adoration from us, are most equitable! Indeed, it is only by rendering him due homage and obedience, that we can properly acknowledge his Godhead, However strongly we profess to acknowledge his existence, we in fact deny thatprofession,

if we refuse to worship him. He that will not honour his Creator by paying him divine homage, not only seems to doubt the divine Existence, but evidently acts as if there were no God.

You are

What then, my dear brethren, can those of you think of yourselves, who are almost in the constant habit of NEGLECTING TO WORSHIP Him? You who can lie down at night, and rise in the morning, without bowing yourselves before God, either in private or in your families, come little short of the character of practical Atheists. living without God in the world, and acting. as if there were no Supreme Being to be served, reverenced, and adored. Oh, that this address might reach your hearts, and be so blessed to your souls, through the power of the Holy Ghost, that you may in future render him the homage and service which he justly claims ! Unless this be the case, you must indeed expect, ere long, to be treated as his adversaries. When every soul shall stand before him, you will be marked ; and that voice, which is louder than ten thousand thunders, will thus address the ministers of his vengeance, with reference to you—“Asforthesemineenemies, whowould not that I should reignoverthem, bring them hither, and cast them into outer darkness, where there is weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth." Let then the affectionate intreaties of your unworthy Minister, my beloved hearers, convince you that the Almighty God will not be treated with indifference and neglect, by such puny and dependent creatures as we are; and henceforth be persuaded to give up your hearts to him, in devout adoration and unreserved obedience.

But further, if the works of creation and providence, are demonstrations of God's existence, it becomes us to view and to contemplate him in these works. All his creatures were made to bear testimony of his power, and goodness, and glory. Mankind, endowed with superior faculties, are brought into the world, to contemplate, with an adoring and grateful mind, the infinite wisdom, the unspeakable kindness, and the inconceivable Majesty of God, as the author of all things. We call, therefore, upon you, my beloved friends, to trace and to study the Almighty in all his works--View his excellencies in every part of his creation, for every part is full of God.Even the inferior creatures of his power, the spider, the bee, and the silk-worm, all are calculated to direct the mind of the devout observer to nature's God!

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