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ANNOUNCE FOR THE SEASON THE RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM the Astronomer-Poet of Persia, rendered into English Verse by EDWARD FITZGERALD. With designs by Florence Lundborg, comprising forty-one full-page drawings illustrative of the text and numerous specially designed caryatid borders for the Life of Edward Fitzgerald, the Life of Omar Khayyam and the Notes, making a splendid volume of 125 pages, beautifully printed by Messrs. John Wilson & Son at the University Press on fine and delicately toned paper, small 4to, bound in cloth with bold and striking cover design stamped in black and gold, boxed, price $5.00. An edition de Luxe will be issued printed on Imperial Japan paper and elegantly bound in silk. This edition will be strictly limited to 250 impressions, each copy numbered. Subscribers' names will be registered and numbers allotted as the orders are received. Price, $10.00.

FOUR NEW' VOLUMES, LARK CLASSICS Selected from Ancient and Modern Literature. Issued from time to time in convenient pocket form, well printed from clear type, and artistically bound, with cover designed by Porter Garnett Paper, 25c. ; cloth limp, 50c. ; full paste grain roan, flexible, $1.00. SWINBURNÉ. LAUS VENERIS AND OTHER POEMs, being a selection from the author's best

Lyrical poems with introduction by Howard V. Sutherland. SHAKESPEARE'S SONNETS. A most dainty edition with special initial letters by Porter


seventh English Edition. No life is perfect that has not been lived-Youth in feeling-Manhood in battle-Old age in meditation. Again, no life is perfect that is not sincere. Preface to Fourth Edition,

LARK EDITION A selection of modern classics illustrated by modern artists. Charming little volumes suitable for presentation. Finely printed on deckle edge paper, dainty in form, paper boards, 75 cents. Ivory edition, printed on tinted deckle-edge paper, with two illustrations colored by hand, cover design in gold, $1.50. KIPLING. MANDALAY. With illustrations by Robert Edgren. MARKHAM. THE MAN WITH THE HOE. Decorations and illustrations by Porter Garnett.

JACINTA; A CALIFORNIAN IDYLL, and other Verses, by Howard V. Sutherland. 70 pages, fcap. 8vo, 750.

Verses which should win for the author hosts of new friends, especially among the readers of the West.-
JAMES H. BARRY in San Francisco Star.

HAWAII NEI (OUR OWN HAWAII) By Mabel Claire Craft. 1 vol. Buckram, 197 pages.
Beautifully illustrated with 16 half tones printed in color. Post paid, $1.50.

An exceedingly interesting contribution to the published material about our new territory.-The Nation.
This little book is delightfully readable.- New York Independent.
Mies Craft's book may be read with interest by anybody. It is exceedingly well done.- New York Sun.
The brightest and cleverest book that has been written about the Islands for a long time.- Hawaiian Star,

THE LITTLE BOY WHO LIVED ON THE HILL. By Annie Laurie (Winifred Black).
With Sixty-six illustrations by Swinnerton. 4to. Paper boards. Price, $1.00.

Parents who have experienced difficulty in finding books suited to children between the ages of four and six

will thank us for calling their attention to a unique publication just arrived from the Far West. The

book must be seen to be appreciated.---Bookman.
Just the funniest, most fascinating book for little folks. --Columbia Herald.

This is what we want-more books of humor for the wee ones.- Denver Book-Leaf.
For sale by all Booksellers, or sent prepaid on receipt of price by


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Important Jllustrated Works

Oliver Cromwell. By Theodore Roosevelt
With 40 illustrations from original drawings by F. C. Yohn, E. C. Peixotto, Seymour

Lucas, Frank Craig, Henry McCarter and other distinguished English and
American artists; also with portraits, facsimiles and documents, and rare memo-
rabilia from the best English collections. 8vo, $2.00.
OVERNOR ROOSEVELT’S monograph on Cromwell is a most vivid and condensed account

of the great Protector and his times, written with special reference to the birth of English liberty

and its relation to the growth of American liberty and American institutions. It is the most important and elaborate historical work that Governor Roosevelt has written.

The Rough Riders. By Theodore Roosevelt
POPULAR EDITION. With portrait and illustrations.

12mo, $1.00. A

career of the unique cavalry regiment of which he was one of the organizers and finally the commander. This volume has already been accepted as a brilliant page of American history, and this new edition will insure for it a still wider circulation.


With Both Armies in South Africa

By Richard Harding Davis With many illustrations from photographs. 12m0, $1.50 THE HE frankness and the fearlessness with which Mr. Davis described, in his articles for Scribner's

Magazine and in his newspaper letters, what he saw and heard in South Africa, coupled with his extraordinary faculty of observing the significant thing and for making it vivid, give a unique quality to this book, and differentiate it sharply from the score or more of volumes dealing with various aspects of the same subject. Mr. Davis was alone, moreover, in observing the war from both the British and the Boer points of view, and his book has therefore, in addition to its piquant personal quality, a completeness which is one of its most valuable characteristics. It is copiously illustrated.

The Old Gentleman of the Black Stock By THOMAS NELSON PAGE. With 8 full-page illustrations in colors by Howard

Chandler Christy. 12mo, $1.50. A

HOLIDAY edition of one of the most highly praised and most popular of Mr. Page’s stories, ii

attractively illustrated in colors. The Boston Transcript calls it “a charming tale in the author's best manner.” It will be issued in a similar form to “ Santa Claus's Partner,” which was one of the most successful of the Christmas books of last season. It is confidently expected that the new

volume will exceed the former (now in its ch thousand I in popularite

Important Illustrated Works

THE AMERICAN ANIMAL BOOK Mooswa and Others of the Boundaries By W. A. FRASER. With 12 illustrations by Arthur Heming. Cr. 8vo, $2.00. AUTHOR and illustrator have co-operated in making this story of the woods and their chief

. wilderness with the thoroughness of long familiarity, and together they have vividly portrayed the world of the trackless Northern forest. Carcajou, the wolverine; Mooswa, the moose ; Muskwa, the bear; Black Fox the King, and the various other fur-bearing animals are the dramatis persone of a fascinating story which depicts animal life from the inside.

The Life of Sir Joshua Reynolds By SIR WALTER ARMSTRONG. With 70 photogravure illustrations and 6

lithographic facsimiles. Folio, $25.00 net. THIS HIS work is uniform with the work on “ Gainsborough ” by the same author, which, when

published two years ago, was in many respects the most sumptuous life of an artist which had up to that time been produced. Since then the author has given great study to the preparation of this new volume which, it is confidently expected, will exceed the former in value.

Prince Charles Edward. By Andrew Lang

Profusely illustrated with photogravures from original sources. A

MOST elaborately illustrated and sumptuous volume. This work is being prepared by

Messrs. Goupil & Co., of Paris, and will be uniform with “ Mary Stuart, Queen Elizabeth” and others in the same series. The text will be especially valuable, Mr. Lang having had access, by special permission from Queen Victoria, to the Stuart papers at Windsor from which he has derived much new and hitherto unpublished material of great value. The work will be royal quarto in form and will be published in the following two styles :

Edition de Lure, on Japanese paper, with facsimile frontispiece in colors, about twenty-eight

other full-page illustrations and twelve smaller ones, containing also a duplicate set of all the portraits, the additional copy of the frontispiece being in monochrome.

Limited to 350 numbered copies for the entire world, 30 of which are for America. $50.00 net. Edition on fine paper, with facsimile frontispiece in colors, and other plates as above, but

without the duplicate set of portraits. Limited to 1500 copies for the entire world, 250
of which are for America. $20.00 net.
Oriental Rugs.

By John Kimberly Mumford
With 16 full-page illustrations in colors and 16 full-page half-tone illustra-

tions. Large 8vo. In Press. Contents: HISTORY;

DESIGN ; WEAVING ; CAUCASIAN ; TURKISH ; PERSIAN ; TURKOMAN OR TARTARIAN ; KHILIMS ; INDIANS. THE purpose of the book is to place the reader in possession of the fullest possible information

regarding rugs, both genuine and spurious, to give an idea of the comparative worth of various oriental weavings and the means of distinguishing them. Incidentally it throws much light upon the life and work of the weavers. An entirely new process has been employed in the production of the colored illustrations, and it is believed that the great difficulty of properly reproducing the selected rugs has been overcome most satisfactorily. Most of the examples are from private collections.






Important Jllustrated Works


Overheard in a Garden. By Oliver Herford Author of The Bashful Earthquake,A Child's Primer of Natural


, elsewhere published. The whole exhibits this delightful artist and versifier's fancy at its best, and is sure to be a grateful morsel for his ever-increasing circle of admirers.

The coverdesign and illustrations are done with characteristic cleverness. The Girl and the Guardsman. By Alexander Black.

With 20 full-page illustrations, decorative designs, etc. 12mo, $1.50.


book is a novel, with a strongly marked dramatic quality. The plot deals with love and war, the hero being a National guardsman who volunteers for service in the Philippines. The complications which follow the report of his death involve the girl to whom he was engaged and his intimate friend, and are set forth with vivacity and interest.

C History and Biography Paul Jones : Founder of the American Navy. A History By AUGUSTUS C. BUELL. Portraits, maps and plans. 2 vols., 12m0, $3.00. A

of fourteen years' researches in England, France and St. Petersburg, as well as in this country, and compiled from original sources—Jones's letters and journals, 'contemporary pamphlets, memoirs,

The author presents a wonderfully graphic and interesting portrait of the most romantic figure in American Revolutionary history, and reveals many hitherto unknown chapters of a remarkable career.

Military Reminiscences of the Civil War By JACOB DOLSON Cox, A.M., LL.D., formerly Major-General command

ing 23d Army Corps. With poriraits and maps. 2 vols., 8vo, $6.00 net. PROBABLY the most notable authoritative work of those that yet remained to be written about

the Civil War. General Cox figured largely in the contest as a participator, being one of the generals on whom Sherman, his immediate chief, most relied. But he was also a jurist and military critic of distinction, and in this, the most elaborate, judicial and important of his works, the comments and characterization as well as the narrative are noteworthy. Discussion, however, gives precedence to the record of interesting facts which General Cox alone was competent to relate, and the book is full of new data as well as of new views.

Napoleon III. at the Height of His Power By IMBERT DE SAINT-AMAND. Translated by Elizabeth Gilbert Martin.

With portraits. 12m0, $1.50. AF FTER the Italian War Napoleon Third reached his greatest eminence, and was for a time the

arbiter of Europe. This volume, the fifth in the series which M. de Saint-Amand has devoted to this momentous and varied reign, describes his court and its remarkable influence at the crowning point of its historic interest.


History and Biography



Recollections of a Missionary in the Great West By CYRUS TOWNSEND BRADY, author of The Grip of Honor,For the

Freedom of the Sea,etc. With portrait. 12m0, $1.25. THESE

HESE anecdotes and reminiscences, full of humor and of other winning phases of human nature,

give a vivid picture of the daily life of a missionary in the Great West ten or fifteen years ago. They illustrate the serious side of the life as well—the unselfish devotion to the work of helping one's fellow men characteristic of the true missionary spirit, which gives the book a decided value.

A History of the American Slave-Trade By JOHN R. SPEARS, author of "The History of Our Navy,etc. Fully illus

trated by Walter Appleton Clark. 8vo, $2.50. MR. R. SPEARS'S book gives a full and complete account of the steps by which the African slave

was introduced into this country and slavery perpetuated. As might be expected the work is particularly strong in its review of the maritime conditions of the negro traffic. A specially noteworthy feature is contributed by Mr. Clark's drawings.

Men and Measures of Half a Century Sketches and Comments. By the Hon. HUGH McCULLOCH, Secretary of

the Treasury in the Administrations of Lincoln, Johnson and Arthur.

New edition. Crown 8vo, $2.50. IT T has evidently been his habit to study men as well as books, and so this work contains a large

array of entertaining and useful recollections, the charm of which is increased by a certain simplicity of manner in the telling of them.”—New York Tribune.


Literary History of America By BARRETT WENDELL, Professor of English at Harvard University. 8vo, $3.00. THE HE author endeavors to define the ways in which the native character and thought of America

have diverged from those of England. Touching briefly on the seventeenth century, with a special chapter on Cotton Mather, he discusses the eighteenth century at greater length, with special chapters on Jonathan Edwards, Benjamin Franklin, and the American Revolution. The nineteenth century is treated in more detail, with special chapters on Brockden Brown, Irving, Cooper, Bryant, Poe, Emerson, Whittier, Longfellow, Lowell, Holmes, and Walt Whitman.

A General History of Europe, 300-1900 By Professors OLIVER J. THATCHER and FERDINAND SCHWILL, University of

Chicago. With maps, chronological tables, etc. 12m0, $1.50 net. THE great success which these two authors have attained in their two standard text-books for

college use, Europe in the Middle Age” and “ Modern Europe,” is sufficient guarantee that this new book will meet with the greatest favor.

The Transition Period. By G. Gregory Smith (Periods of European Literature.) Edited by George Saintsbury.

Crown 8vo, $1.50 net.

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