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50th THOUSAND The Success of the Year


By IRVING BACHELLER WHO IS EBEN HOLDEN ? The hero of a new novel that has in it the unwritten lore of the North Woods, the invigorating atmosphere of the mountains, the humor of field and fireside, the power of rugged character, the wisdom of the plain people. The most American of all novels. Everybody is reading it; everybody is talking about it.

" A forest scented, fresh aired, bracing and wholly American story of country and town life."-Edmund Clarence Stedman.

“ An honest and homely character described with much humor and naturalness.” -Secretary John D. Long.

A remarkable production, 'way and 'way ahead of 'David Harum.'”–Mary E. Wilkins.

“ A kind of life not in literature before." _William Dean Howells.
“ As far above •David Harum' as noonday is above dawn.”-Amelia E. Barr.
“ I pass the word along : READ •EBEN HOLDEN'!"-Margaret E. Sangster.
12mo, Gold Lettered on Red Cloth, Gilt Top, $1.50. At all Bookstores.




Two serial stories begin in the issue for :

:: N O V E M B E R : Sarah

contributes the open

The Orne Jewetting chapters of Tory Love A stirring American historical romance, which exhibits in a new field the rare qualities Miss Jewett's art. Its theme, the fortunes of the Loyalists in the days of 1777, has no hitherto been developed. Kate Douglas tells the be- Penelope's Irish Wiggin

ginning of

Experiences The final volume of the delightful - Penelope" Series, in which there is a touch of old Celtic romance, will be brought out in the ATLANTIC as a six-part serial, beginning in November. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER:-On receipt of 50 cents the publishers will send the ATLAN. TIC for three months to any NEW subscriber. . . . For more detailed announcements, send postal for 1901 prospectus. . . . All new subscribers for 1901, enrolled before December 20, 1900, will receive the November and December issues for 1900 free. HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO.,

Boston, Mass. Please mention The Book BUYER in writing to advertisers.


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CONTENTS Dædalus and Icarus

Frontispiece From Max Rooses "Fifty Masterpieces of Anthony Van Dyck." The painting is now in the collection of Earl Spencer. Penelope in Britain

Laurence Hutton.

371 A Review, with tour illustratic ns by Charles E. Brock, of Kate Douglas Wiggin's “Penelope's Experiences.” The Rulers of the South

Evangeline Wilbour Blash field. A Review, with five Iliustrations, of Marion Crawford's new volume on Sicily, Calabria and Malta. A Charming Old Gentleman

George W. Cable A Review, with two Illustrations from H. C. Christy's colored drawings, of a new edition of Thomas Nelson Page's

- The Old Gentleman of the Black Stock." American Belles

Mary Gay Humphreys

381 A Review, with three portraits, from Miss Peacock's "Famous American Belles of the Nineteenth century.” A New Edition of Ramona

. Mary Tracy Earle

384 A Note upon this handsome edition of H. H.'s famous book, with an Illustration by Harry Sandham. Recent History and Biography

Cyrus Townsend Brady

387 Notes upon lately published volumes, with tllustrations from paintings, and a drawing by Seymour Lucas. American Poetry

Biiss Carman

394 The Art Books of the Season

Royal Cortissoz A Review of magnificenily illustrated volumes L. pon masters of painting. With six Illustrations, from photogravures. Books about Books, and Oihers

Hamilton W. Mabie

403 A Review of many recent volumes of essays by and American hands. Tales of Travel, New and old

Philip G. Hubert, lr.

407 A Review, with three Mustrations, or a dozen handsome volumes oi travel from China to the Northwest. A Glance at Recent Fiction

Arthur Reed Kimball
Brief Notes, with Mustralions. upon the most important novels lately published.
New Holiday Books, and Fine Editions of Old Favorites

419 Brie! note and comment upon some oî the finest of the season's publications. Holiday Books for Young People

William Henry Frost

439 Descriptive Notes of the season's books for younger readers, with many Illustrations. Final Notes

457 Classified List of the Holiday Books

463 December, 1900; Vol. XXI, Number 5

Entered at the Post Ofice, New York, as Second Class Matter



The Publishers' and Booksellers' Index

which has for several years been a feature of the six Saturday issues of

The Evening Post

preceding Christmas, will appear on the first page three more times
this year on Saturday, December 2, 9, and 16.
200,746 agate_lines of Publishers' advertising were printed in

The Evening Post during 1899.
21,124 agate lines more than appeared in any other New York

daily newspaper in the same period.
79,587 agate lines more than appeared in any other New York

evening newspaper in the same period.
119,868 agate lines of Publishers' advertising printed in The

Evening Post from January 1 to October 31, 1900.
5,981 agate lines more than appeared in The Evening Post

during the same period last year.
60,609 agate lines more than appeared in any other New York

evening newspaper from January 1 to October 31, 1900. BROADWAY AND FULTON ST., NEW YORK

Please mention THE BOOK BUYER in writing to advertisers.

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12mo, gold lettered on red cloth, gilt top, $1.50. At all bookstores. LOTHROP PUBLISHING COMPANY, BOSTON

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