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John Lane's New Books

Flowers of Parnassus

The Lovers' Library

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A Series of famous Poems (Illustrated) under the

General Editorship of F. B. Money-Coutts 1. ELEGY IN A COUNTRY CHURCHYARD and

ODE ON A DISTANT PROSPECT OF ETON COLLEGE. By Thomas Gray. With eleven illus

trations by J. T. Friedenson. 2. THE STATUE AND THE BUST. By Robert

Browning. With nine illustrations by Philip Connard. 3. MARPESSA. By Stephen Phillips. With

twelve illustrations by Philip Connard. 4. THE BLESSED DAMOZEL. By Dante Gabriel

Rossetti With eight illustrations by Percy Bulcock. 5. THE NUT-BROWN MAID. Version by F. B.

Money-Coutts. With illustrations by Herbert Cole. 6. LYCIDAS and L'ALLEGRO. By John Milton.

With illustrations by A. Hugh Fisher. 7. THE DAY DREAM. By Alfred, Lord Tenny

son. With seven illustrations by Amelia Bauerle.

5 vols. 18mo, cloth extra, gilt top, 75 cents net, each.

Lambskin, extra, gilt top, $1.00 net, each. 1. LAVENGRO. The Scholar-The Gypsy-The

Priest. II. THE ROMANY RYE. A Sequel to “La

vengro. III. THE BIBLE IN SPAIN. The Journeys,

Adventures, and Imprisonments of aa

Englishman. IV. WILD WALES. V. THE ZINCALI; or, An Account of the Gypsles

in Spain.

8. A BALLAD UPON A WEDDING. By Sir John Suckling. Illustrations by Herbert Cole.

Size, square 16mo (54*4/4), bound in art green cloth, gilt top, lettered on back. Price, 50 cents net. In Leather, 75 cents net.

Seven Gardens and a Palace.

By Hon. Mrs. R. C. BOYLE.
The Birds of my Parish. By Evelyn H. POLLARD.
All About Dogs. By Chas. H. LANE. 85 Drawings.


1.50 2.50

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Side Lights on the Reign of Terror. By Mlle. des ECHEROLLES. $4.00 Tchaikowsky, Critical Study and Biography. By Rosa NEWMARCH. 1.50 Lucretius on Life and Death. By W. H. MALLOCK.


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John Lane, Publisher, 251 Fifth Avenue, New York

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John Lane's New Books




BOSTON HERALD: “So happily flavored with witty

and brilliant conversations, and so full of charm in its love avowals, that it is utterly irresistible. Altogether it is one of the most refreshing love stories of modern fiction.

PRICE, $1.50.




Mr. Phillips' masterly poem of “Paolo and Francesca,” a year ago, stamped him as a writer of more than ordinary poetic inspiration. His new work, “Herod,” just published, has received extraordinary praise from the best critics.



This powerful and dramatic novel, dealing with political and social life at Washington, is now in its 2 2d Thousand. It has genuine historical value, and is one of the strongest political novels ever written by an American. Price, $1.50. John Lane, Publisher, 251 Fifth Avenue, New York

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George W.Jacobs & Company's ze ze ne NEW JUVENILES & de ge

AT $1.25
A Plucky Girl


A Tale of the Fall of Athens

A Story for Boys. By ALFRED J. CHURCH, author

of i Stories from Virgil," etc. 12mo, Cloth.
author of " A Sweet

Illustrated. Price, $1.25.
Girl Graduate," etc.

Callias is a young officer of Athenian distinction, who 12mo, Cloth, illus- having been banished from Greece by its conquerors, finds

it necessary to live in foreign countries, and takes with trated. Price, $1.25. him the daughter of one who had ever proved faithful to

the cause for which he had fought.
If American girls would
like to know a little of With Washington
their English cousins;
of the lives they lead; in Braddock's
of the atmosphere in

NI WITH which they are reared,


VESHINGTON and of the few possibili- By EDWARD ROBINS.

IN ties and limited oppor- 12mo, Cloth. Illus

BRAD tunities of at least one trated. Price, $1.25.

class, let them read "A
Plucky Girl," by Laura
The story describes,

T. Meade,
thrillingly, the adven-

PAIGN tures of the campaign,

the treachery as well as The Girls of Bonnie Castle the devotion of the In

dian, midnight attacks, By Izola L. FORRESTER 12mo. Cloth. Illustrat

battles, victory and deed. Price, $1.25.

feat. Add to this the

historic background of For sprightliness, vigor and naturalness, this story can- this famous campaign not be surpassed ; it is animated, full of spirit, and has and we have a story sure the added charm of being perfectly true to life... It can of a warm welcome by

ROBINS best be likened to Miss Alcott's “Jack and Jill."

every young reader.

AT $1.00
A Roman Maiden

Dimple Dallas ;
By EMMA MARSHALL, author of “Master Martin,"

Or, the Further Fortunes of a Sweet Little Maid etc. izmo. Cloth. Illustrated. Price, $1.00. By Amy E. BLANCHARD, author of “A Dear Little

12mo. A quaint story of the fourth century which maids of

Girl," etc.

Cloth. Illustrated. Price, the twentieth century will thoroughly enjoy. Hyacintha

$1.00. is the daughter of one of the most noble houses of Rome, "A charming addition to the Little Maid Series, and a and as such she is permitted to enter the Temple of book that every little maid will love." We again meet Vesta as a Vestal Virgin. The charm and simplicity of dainty Dimple and funny little Bubbles, with Florence, life in the Temple of Vesta are beautifully described, and Rock and all the other friends. Some new friends are ina tender little love story gives to the book the needed troduced, too, who do not prove nearly so agreeable as touch of romance.

our old acquaintances.

Mabel's Mishap

Marjorie's Doings
By Amy E. BLANCHARD, author of “Thy Friend

By MRS. GEORGE A. Paull, author of "The Prince Dorothy,” etc. 12mo. Cloth. Price, 50 cents. Dimple” books. 12mo. Cloth. Price, 50 cents. Any little girl who has ever gotten into trouble through disobedience or carelessness, and then tried her best to

Marjorie is one of the dearest and sweetest little girls remedy that trouble, will appreciate this pretty tale and

to be found either in fiction or real life; so charmingly will sympathize with the little heroine in her earnest

simple and unaffected, and so loving withal, that it is a

delight to read of her “doings. efforts, many failures and final success. Fanny and Her Friends

Tommy's Adventures By EMMA MARSHALL, author of “Master Martin," By Emily PARET ATWATER. 12mo. Cloth. Price, etc. 12mo. Cloth. Price, 50 ceuts.

50 cents. Fanny is a little English girl, but the story of her life, In these adventures Tommy has long conversations with its sorrows and pleasures, her friendships formed with first an ant, then a bee, a butterfly, a cricket and a and broken, and her final happiness, will prove interesting spider, and in this way learns much of the lives and habits reading for little women of any country.

of these little insects. For Sale by all Booksellers, or sent postpaid, upon receipt of price, by the Publishers, GEORGE W. JACOBS & COMPANY, 103-105 South Fifteenth Street, PHILADELPHIA


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George W.Jacobs & Company's sele g, s, HOLIDAY BOOKS 88 89 90

Women of the American

Revolution By ELIZABETH F. Ellet. With an introduction by Anne Hollingsworth Wharton, author of " Heirlooms in Miniature," etc. A photogravure frontispiece to each volume and eighteen other half-tone portraits. Bound in cloth, with handsome cover design in gold. Two volumes in a box, Price, $4.00. The same in half caii or half crushed Levant. Price, $8.00. In these two volumes, a vast amount of information, of characterization, of incident and anecdote has been preserved for the use of the historian and scholar, as well as for the pleasure and instruction of the casual reader.From the introduction by Miss Wharton.

Odd Bits of Travel with Brush and

Camera By CHARLES M. TAYLOR, JR., author of “British Isles Through an Opera Glass," etc. With 55 fullpage illustrations, reproduced from photographs, and colored frontispiece. Crown 8vo, uncut edges. Bound in cloth, with handsome decorative cover design in gold and black. 359 pages. Price, $2.00.

These "bits” of travel charmingly describe little sojourns in England, France, Holland and Germany-principally in Holland, with its ancient, interesting customs and its quaint people. It tells of many an odd nook and corner in the Old World," and many a picturesque spot that will delight the artist or photographer and charm any lover of the beautiful.


SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION Including “ Historical Memorials of Canterbury," in one volume, and “Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey," in two volumes. Each volume will contain about 20 platinum prints, printed on the finest platinum paper and mounted on fine plate paper; each illustration tissued and the tissues rubricated. There will also be a rubricated title-page, and the entire book will be printed on special paper in large octavo form, and bound in three-quarters crushed Levant. Limited to 250 sets. Price, $12.00, net, per volume, or $36.00 net for the set.

REGULAR EDITION With numerous full-page photogravure illustrations, bound in cloth, with special cover design in gold. Price, $ per volume, or $9.00 for the set. Same in half calf or half crushed Levant, $6.00 per volume, or $18.00 for the set.

American Wit and Humor Compiled by D. K. SIMONDS, with handsome cover

design in gold and frontispieces of Mark Twain and Oliver Wendell Holmes. 2 vols. Cloth, in a box, $1.00. Half calf or full leather, stiff boards, $2.50. Full limp leather, $2.00.

America has never been deemed a witty nation ; but Mr. Simonds has taken the time and the trouble, not only to observe the humorous sayings of his countrymen; but to collect them in two dainty little volumes.

365 Desserts A dessert for every day in the year, compiled from

Marion Harland, Mrs. Lincoln, Good Housekeep-
ing, Table Talk, and others. Ihmo. Cloth.
Price, 50 cents.
The present book, with its varied and full assortment
of desserts, suitably arranged for the different seasons of
the year, will be found of great assistance to those who
have in charge the preparation of meals, and will be
welcomed by all lovers of good cuisine.

Conrad Weiser

Life of Charles Thomson
And the Indian Policy of Colonial Pennsylvania.

Secretary of Continental Congress and Translator

of the Bible from the Greek. By Lewis R. By JOSEPH S. WALTON. 8vo. Cloth. With numerous full-page illustrations. Price, net,

HARLEY, PH.D., author of "Francis Lieber : $2.50.

His Life and Political Philosophy." Svo. Cloth.

Price, net, $ Man and the Spiritual World. Life of Francis William Crossley As Disclosed by the Bible. By Rev. ARTHUR Edited by J. RENDEL HARRIS, with an introduction CHAMBERS, author of Our Life After Death," by Alexander M’Laren.

Cloth. Price, etc., etc. 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.25.

net, $1.50. For Sale by all Booksellers, or sent postpaid, upon receipt of price, by the Publishers, GEORGE W. JACOBS & COMPANY, 103-105 South Fifteenth Street, PHILADELPHIA


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FREDERICK A. STOKES CO.'S Most Successful Novels of 1900.




IN THE MIDST OF ALARMS. New Illustrated (Ninth) Edition.
316 pages, gilt top,


GEBER. Third Edition. 487 pages, BESANT, SIR WALTER.

THE FOURTH GENERATION. Third Edition. 357 pages, gilt top, $1.50 CASTLE, ECERTON.

CONSEQUENCES. Third Edition. 417 pages, gilt top,

434 pages,


314 pages, gilt top, . $1.50 CRANE, STEPHEN. WOUNDS IN THE RAIN. Fourth Edition.

347 pages, gilt top, $1.50 HICHENS, ROBERT S. TONGUES OF CONSCIENCE. Second Edition.

368 pages, . $1.50 HOBBES, JOHN OLIVER.

ROBERT ORANGE. Fifth Edition. 341 pages, gilt top, $1.50 HOPE, ANTHONY. QUISANTÉ. Fourth Edition. 376 pages, gilt top,

$1.50 LEWIS, ALFRED HENRY SANDBURRS. Second Edition. 318 pages,

$1.50 PHILLPOTTS, EDEN LYING PROPHETS. Fourth Edition. 496 pages,

$1.50 WALKEY, S. FOR THE SAKE OF THE DUCHESSE. Third Edition. 247 pages,

$1.25 WELLS, H. G. LOVE AND MR. LEWISHAM. Third Edition.

323 pages, $1.50 Each of these books is 474x772 inches in size and is bound in cloth.

For Sale by all Booksellers, or sent Postpaid.

An Illustrated Catalogue of Holiday, Juvenile and Miscellaneous Books and of Calendars sent free to

any address. On receipt of ro cents this Catalogue and a Christmas Number of the POCKET MAGAZINE will be

sent to any address.

Frederick A. Stokes Company, 5 and 7, East 16th Street, New York

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