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CAROLYN WELLS Wanted: A Matchmaker. A Christmas

Idle Idyls. Illustrated by Oliver Herford. Story. By the author of Janice Meredith," 12mo, cloth, $1.50. " Hon. Peter Stirling," etc. With illustrations by H. C. Christy, and decorations by Margaret Arm

SPENSER WILKINSON strong. 8vo, cloth, $2.00. SHAKESPEARE_LOW

War and Policy. By the military critic of

the London Morning Post. 12mo, cloth, $3.50. As You Like It. With five full-page photo

gravure illustrations, and numerous drawings CAMILLE BELLAIGUE and decorations to accompany the text, by Will H. Low. 8vo, $2.50.

Musical Studies and Silhouettes. Trans.

lated from the French, With illustrations. THE BOOKMAN CLASSICS 12mo, cloth, $1.50. Printed throughout in two colors, on deckle-edged paper, with frontispieces in color, well and hand

G. W. STEEVENS somely bound. Size, 12mo, $1.50 each.

Glimpses of Three Nations. By the auThe Sentimental Journey; Robinson thor of “With Kitchener to Khartoum," etc.,

Crusoe; The Scarlet Letter; Tom with a Preface by Christina Steevens, etc.
Brown's School Days.


The Real Chinese Question. By the auShips That Pass in the Night. 12mo,

thor of "The Real Chinaman." 12mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50.


HAMILTON W. MABIE Pippa Passes. With decorations and illus

Norse Stories. By the author of Under trations by Margaret Armstrong. 8vo, cloth,

the Trees," "My Study Fire," etc. 16mo, cloth, $1.50.


LEO TOLSTOY Pictoris Carmina. (A Painter's Songs.) The Slavery of Our Times. By the author Svo, cloth, with 8 illustrations by the author in

of "Anna Karenina," "Resurrection," etc. 12mo, heliotype, $2.00.

cloth, $1.25. C. F. CARTER

AUSTIN DOBSON The Wedding Day in Literature and Art.

A Life of Fielding. By the author of 12mo, cloth, fully illustrated, $2.00.

"Proverbs in Porcelain," etc. New edition, re. Special edition for the holidays. Full white

vised. 12mo, cloth, $1.25. leather, boxed, $5.00. PIERRE GUSMAN

DEAN FARRAR Pompeii. With a Preface by Max Colignon The Life of Lives; or, Further Studies in

Member of the Institute. Ornamented with 600 designs in the text and with 32 colored illustra

the Life of Christ. By the Dean of tions. Net $12.50.

Canterbury, author of "The Life of Christ," etc.

12mo, cloth, $2.50. ELIZABETH B. BROWNING

MARTHA FINLEY Mrs. Browning's Poems. A new edition

of her poems in a dainty form. Bound in full, Elsie's Young Folks. By the author of flexible leather, with decorated title-page and

the "Elsie” books. 12mo, cloth, $1.25. frontispiece in photogravure. 16mo, boxed, 5 vols., cloth, $3.75 per set; full flexible leather, HARRY THURSTON PECK $6.25 per set.

The Adventures of Mabel. For children ESTHER SINGLETON

of five and six. New edition. Illustrations by Wonders of Nature. Described by Great Melanie Elizabeth Norton. Large 12mo, $1.00.

Writers, and profusely illustrated with views from nature. 8vo, cloth, $2.00.

ELIZABETH W. CHAMPNEY HAMILTON WRIGHT MABIE Anneke, a Little Dame of New Nether1. Nature and Culture. II. Books and

lands. By the author of the “Witch

Winnie" books. This is Volume II, in the series Culture. New illustrated editions. of “ Dames and Daughters of Colonial Days." Cloth, each, $1.00; leather, $1.25.

12mo, cloth, $1.50. AT ALL BOOKSTORES.

DODD, MEAD & COMPANY, Publishers, New York

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A Daughter of Freedom

The Prairie Schooner By Amy E. Blanchard. 312 pp. Cloth. $1.50 By W. E. Barton, D.D. 382 pp. Cloth. $1.50

This book, which completes Miss Blanchard's The world-famous Black Hawk War which notable series of Revolutionary stories equals, brought to public notice many men who afterif not excels, all the others. It tells about wards became famous, such as Abraham the burning of Norfolk, the downfall of Lincoln, Jefferson Davis and others, is spiritedly Savannah and Charleston, and the final series described in this splendid book, and one is of American victories which led up to the thrilled by the spirit which prevaded the two surrender at Yorktown.

young heroes of the tale. The Godson of Lafayette The Pathfinders of the By Elbridge S. Brooks. 333 pp. Cloth. $1.50

Revolution This latest book by Mr. Brooks treats of

By William Elliot Griffis. 316 pp. Cloth. $1.50 one of the most peculiar characters which has ever been noted on our historical pages-Rev.

This is a story based upon the famous march Eleazer Williams, who was possessed with the

of Major-General John Sullivan into the then belief that he was the lost Dauphin of France,

wilderness about Lake Region of New York son of Louis XVI., and heir to the throne.

in 1779. It is a historical tale, rich in IroThe book is thrilling in every chapter and is quois Indian lore, and treats in picturesque historically accurate.

language of one of the formative periods in

Revolutionary history.
The Treasury Club
By William Drysdale. 330 pp. Cloth. $1.50

The Great-Painters' Gospel This book tells how the vast daily business

By Prof. Henry Turner Bailey.

Cloth. Price $2.00 of the United States Treasury is conducted.

This is a classified collection of pictures on The young hero of the story, a boy full of strength and determination, out of his own

the life of our Lord, for Sunday-school teachers business experiences, is able to learn many in

and people who are interested in Bible study. teresting facts concerning the inside workings ranged according to the harmony of the

These pictures have been selected and arof the department.

a and stirring life.

Gospels, and grouped in such a way as to

facilitate comparisons between the works of Reels and Spindles various artists. By Evelyn Raymond. 369 pp. Cloth. $1.50 The author in this, her latest book, pictures

Peloubet's Select Notes a young girl who, brought up in an aristocra


S. S. LESSONS FOR 1901. tic old mansion was compelled to take her

By Rev. F. N. Peloubet, D.D. place in a mill of her home town. Every

370 pp. Price, cloth, postpaid, $1.25. reader is greatly moved as he learns how she The Select Notes needs no introduction to many met her sudden trials, but was finally brought thousands of people. For twenty-six continuous to a large success.

years they have been proving their worth in nearWith Preble at Tripoli ly every Sunday-school in the civilized world. By James Otis. 349 pp. Cloth. $1.50

The Roger Books This latest book of James Otis takes up in

Edited by Anna L. Burns. 10 Vols. Over the most entertaining fashion the causes which

400 Illustrations. The Set, $2.50 lead to the war with Tripoli, and recounts the Artistic cover, pleasing pictures, clever part played by the old ship Constitution in stories, are all found in The Roger Books. Com. Perry's campaign against the pirates. The ten little volumes are attractive to the eye, The historical data is absolutely correct. and even better to read.

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DAVID HARUM A Story of American Life. By Edward Noyes West

corr. Illustrated edition, entirely reset. With some seventy full-page and text pictures by B. West Clinedinst, and other text designs by C. D. Farrand, and a Biography of the Author by Forbes Heermans. 12mo.

Gilt top, uncut, $2.00. EDITION DE LUXE printed in tints, with copperplate photo

gravures, large paper, uncut, 8vo, $10.00, nei.

In response to the many inquiries which have shown a general desire for an illustrated edition of "David Harum,” the Messrs. Appleton, have fortunately been able to arrange with the distinguished artist, Mr. B. West Clinedinst, N. A., who has been peculiarly interested in the book, and has accepted the commission with an enthusiasm and perfect appreciation which have produced the happiest and most sympathetic results. Mr. Clinedinst's study of the character and his rendering of types show a comprehension of Mr. Wescott's creations and a quick sense of humor which would have delighted the lamented author. THE “CHRISTMAS STORY” FROM

DAVID HARUM Crane Edition. Illustrated with pictures of William H.

Crane in character, and stage photographs. With preface and specially designed cover. Cloth, 75 cents; pocket book edition, $1.00.

No other episode in Mr. Westcott's famous book presents the tenderness and quaintness and the full quality of David Harum's character with the richness and pathos of the story which tells how he paid the "int'rist upon the "cap'tal” invested by Billy P. Fortunately, this story lends itself readily to separate publication, and it forms an American "Christmas Caro! which stands by itself.

COMMODORE PAUL JONES By Cyrus TowNSEND BRADY, author of " Reuben James,"

," "For the Freedom of the Seas," "The Grip of Honor," etc. A new volume in the Great Com manders Series, edited by General James Grant Wilson. With photogravure Portrait and Maps. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"No better biographer than Mr. Brady could have been found for the first admiral of our fleet. The book is good biography, but it is also good patriotism.-N. \'. Mail and Express.

CUPID'S GARDEN A volume of Fiction by ELLEN THORNEYCROFT Fowler, author of "The Farringdons," etc. With Preface and new Portrait of the Author. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

THE BRASS BOTTLE A Romance. By F. ANSTEY, author of " Vice Versa,"

With Frontispiece. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50. THE STORY OF THE SOLDIER By General G. A. Forsyth, U. S. Army (retired). Illustrated by R. F. Zogbaum. A new volume in the Story of the West Series, edited by Ripley Hitchcock. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

THE INDIVIDUAL A Study of Life and Death. By Prof. N. S. SHALER, of Harvard University. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.


THOMAS HENRY HUXLEY By his son, LEONARD Huxley, In two volumes. Illustrated. 8vo. Cloth, $5.00 net.

The life of Professor Huxley is practically told in the letters contained in these volumes, which, with the connecting and purely biographical text, present one of the most interesting and important personal narratives of recent years.!

It is impossible to summarize a work so rich in its personal, social, literary, and scientific interests. Few men have been so fortunate in the quality of their correspondents, and these volumes present a remarkable series of letters from some of the most distinguished men of the century.

DR. EGGLESTON'S NEW HISTORY THE TRANSIT OF CIVILIZATION From England to America in the Seventeenth Century.

By EDWARD EGGLESTON. Uniform with "The Beginners of a Nation." Small 8vo. Cloth $1.50.

In this unique volume the eminent historian pictures the literary, scientific and other influences which were brought to this country from Europe in the early years of our history. He shows the religious ideas which the emigrants of the seventeenth century brought with them, and the modification of these ideas. Mother English, folk speech, folk lore, and literature are presented with an unequalled richness of knowledge. The moral code and weights and measures of conduct are explained. The medical practice of that century in England and in its American developments has never been described as it is in this book. It is well within bounds to say that no such book on culture in the seventeenth century has ever appeared in England or America.


THE EAGLE'S HEART A Story of the West. By HAMLIN GARLAND. 12mo.

Cloth, $1.50.

The N. Y. Mail and Express says: "Mr. Garland gives us as true an historical novel as any of the colonial period or the days of the War for Independence. He presents the dignity of the life and its service to the nation. The Eagle's Heart' is a splendid achievement, lifted above the rank and file of creditable work by the larger outlook, the deeper insight that differentiates the art of fiction from the mere gift of writing novels.'

NEW JUVENILE BOOKS FOR THE HONOR OF THE SCHOOL A Story of School Life and Interscholastic Sport. By

RALPH Henry BARBOUR, author of "The Half-Back. Illustrated by C. M. Relyea. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

IN THE DAYS OF JEFFERSON Or, The Sir Golden Horseshoes, A tale of Republican

Simplicity. By Hezekiah BUTTERWORTH, author of "In the Boyhood of Lincoln," "The Story of Magellan," "The Treasure Ship," etc. Illustrated by Frank T, Merrill. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

REUBEN JAMES A Hero of the Forecastle. By Cyrus TOWNSEND BRADY, author of "Paul Jones," "The Grip of Honor," etc. A new volume in the Young Heroes of Our Navy Series. Illustrated by George Gibbs and Others. Cloth, $1.00.




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BATTLING FOR ATLANTA By EMMA WOLF, Author of "Other Things being Equal,"

(The Young Kentuckians Series) "The Joy of Life," etc. 12mo, $1.00

By BYRON A. DUNN, Author of General Nelson's Scout,"

"On General Thomas's Staff." Illustrated, 12mo, $1.25 The iron force of tradition in the Jewish race, the influence

A lifelike and exciting tale of Sherman's brilliant campaign, of the Ghetto on its descendants of to-day, the injustice and

being a sequel to the author's "General Nelson's Scout, ignorance too often displayed in the attitude of Gentiles

and “On General Thomas's Staff." towards Jews--these are the motives of this most interesting

"Wholesome in spirit and exciting in plot. : : . The novel. “The worh of Miss Wolf stands out luminous and arres

reader is given an excellent view of both armies, their move tive amid the thousand and one tales of our over productive

ments, and the various manœuvres by shrewd generals

which make war a game of such irresistible fascination. generation."-IZRAEL ZANGWILL.


By Alice ILGENFRITZ Jones, Author of "Beatrice of Bayou A thrilling tale of Roman life during the reign of Tiberius.


Tamo, $1.25 “For stirring adventures and romantic love scenes one The hero of this historical novel was a noted character in need go no further. Mr. Ellis has written a book that will the early history of Louisiana, and this strong and spirited be eagerly read by all who like a stirring and well-told story has an unusual variety of romantic scenes and advenstory,"--Chicago Tribune.

tures, the earlier career of the hero being spent amid the "Full of adventures, striking contrasts, and thrilling situ- most important events of the Old World, and his later in ations."-Christian Register, Boston.

the pioneer movements of the New. THE KING'S DEPUTY


This is a very spirited and dashing story of life at the Vice- By MARY IMLAY TAYLOR, Author of “On the Red Staircase," Regal Court in Dublin toward the close of the eighteenth *** The House of the Wizard," etc. 12m), $1.25 century.

“A novel of more than ordinary power, and one in "The book is vigorous, Irish, and full of go.”The which the well-known artistic touch of the author is given Athenæum, London.

with the most effective delicacy."The Cleveland World. " The plot is clearly drawn and well balanced, while the " From opening to close a strong interest imbues the characters have substantial value as types of the people who pages. It is a tale of adventure told with spirit.”The constituted an Irish court of a century ago.'

Independent, New York. Home Journal, New York. NORTHERN GEORGIA SKETCHES NORTH CAROLINA SKETCHES By WILL N. HARBEN. 16mo, $1.00

PHASES OF LIFE WHERE THE GALAX GROWS “The humble life of the common white folk and the By Mary NELSON CARTER. 16mo, $1.00 negro, free or bound, is pictured graphically, humorously or Lise and character among the peculiar people of the moun. pathetically, as the situation demands, but always with fine tains of Western North Carolina are here vividly reproduced. literary form and effect."- The Churchman, New York.

“ Each sketch speaks for itself and besides being charm“We commend the volume unhesitatingly to those who ingly written it accurately, portrays existing conditions, enjoy wholesome stories and who wish to know something showing that the author has caught the atmosphere of of life in Northern Georgia."- Atlanta Constitution.

the locality of which she writes."

."-Allanta Constitution. OH, WHAT A PLAGUE IS LOVE! THE HANDSOME BRANDONS By KATHARINE Tynan, Author of "The Dear Irish Girl," etc. By KATHARINE TYNAN, Author of The Dear Irish Girl," etc. 12mo, 75 cents

12mo, Illustrated, $1.50 "Leigh Hunt would have delighted in Miss Tynan. He A story of an Irish family told with the beauty, pathos, knew how to value high spirits in a writer, and the gayety. and delicacy which distinguish Miss Tynan's art. of this cheerful story would have charmed him immensely.' "A novel of genuine freshness and wholesome romance.' - The Saturday Review, London, England.

Chicago Evening Post. "A jolly love story, characterized by a fine blending of "A fresh and delightful story of Irish life with a character humor and sentiment."-Detroit Free Press.

peculiarly its own."The Congregationalist. For sale by booksellers, generally, or mailed on receipt of price by the publishers A. C. MCCLURG & CO.



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IN a business transaction of large magnitude we recently secured several thousand sets in sheets of the " Encyclopædic Dictionary,"

and have decided to offer them to our subscribers at less than their actual cost to us. We bind the Dictionary in six large volumes, cloth, and offer it to subscribers 10" The Christian Advocate "only, at the price given below. There is no better value offered any. where this year. 5,300 pages, over 3,000 illustrations; 250,000 words defined; nearly 3,000 engravings directly accompanying the text, and 64 magnificent new plates in colors and monotone. 1. We offer to send " The Christian Advocate" for 1901 to any address in the United States for $2.50, postage

prepaid, and will send a copy of “ The New Century Home Book” to every subscriber, new or old, for 1901. All new subscribers will receive the paper from the date of subscription to the close of 1901 for $2.50, in

cluding postage. II. We will send “The Christian Advocate" for 1901, including a copy of “The New Century Home Book," and one set (six volumes, cloth) of the great“ Encyclopædic Dictionary "' for $7.00 cash with order.

If you are not fully satisfied on receipt of the books, you

can return same ro us and we will refund you your money.
Orders will be entered as received. You are to pay freight or express charges.

Address for further particulars
EATON & MAINS, Publishers, 150 Fifth Avenue, New York.

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