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AUGUST, 1900-JANUARY, 1901





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Actors, Twelve Great, by Edward Robins, 432
Actresses, Twelve Great, by Edward Robins, 432
Adams, Maude, Portrait, 535
Afield and Afloat, by Frank R. Stockton, 307
Aguinaldo's Hostage, by H. Q. Hancock, 445
Albee, Helen R. Biographical Note and Portrait, 263
Alma-Tadema, Laurence. Portrait and Note, 80
Almost as Good as a Boy, by Amanda M. Douglas,

451 Alphabet of Indians, An, by Emery F. Williams, 456 Alps from End to End, The, by Sir W. M. Conway,

408 Altsheler, Joseph A. Biographical Note, 80; Por

trait, 81; Review of “In Circling Camps," 110 America and Other Poems, by Bertrand Shadwell, 395 America's Economic Supremacy, by Brooks Adams,

292 American Anthology, An, by Edmund Clarence Sted

man, 394 American Boy's Book of Sport, The, by Dan C.

Beard, 453 American Fights and Fighters, by Cyrus Townsend

Brady, 303 Americans, by C. D. Gibson, 432 American in Holland, by William Elliot Griffis, 221 Among the Great Masters of Literature, by Walter

Rowland, 457 Among the Great Masters of Music, by Walter Row

land, 458 Andersen's Fairy Tales, 437 Andes, The Highest, by E. A. FitzGerald, 408 An Eagle Flight, by José Rizal, 415 Artistic Temperament, The. An Essay by Mary

Taylor Blauvelt, 542 Arts of Life, The, by R. R. Bowker, 406 As the Light Led, by James Newton Baskett, 220 As Seen by Me, by Lillian Bell, 222 As You Like It, by William Shakespeare, 587 Attwood's Pictures, 587 Aunt Hannah and Seth, by James Otis, 452 Austen, Jane: Her Contemporaries and Herself, by

Walter H. Pollock, 404 Autobiography of a Tomboy, The, by Jeannette Gil

der, 460-461 Bacheller, Irving. Portrait and Biographical Note,

84; Review of " Eben Holden." 118 Bacillus of Beauty, The, by Harriet Stark, 306 Ballad of the Prince, The, by Alice Archer Sewall,

456 Barrie, J. M. Portrait in Color from an Original

Sketch, by Ernest Haskell, on page 257. Review

by Henry van Dyke of “ Tommy and Grizel," 283 Battling for Atlanta, by Byron A. Dunn, 447 Bequeathed, by Beatrice Whitby, 219 Between Boer and Briton, by Edward Stratemeyer,

444 Black Gown, The, by Ruth Hall, 450 Blessed Damozel, The, by D. G. Rossetti, 436 Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts, The, by Abbie

Farwell Brown, 450 Books Received, 224, 589 Borrow, The Works of George, 436 Boston, Old Landmarks and Historic Personages of,

by Samuel Adams Drake, 428 Brenda: Her School and Her Club, by Helen Leah

Reed, 451 Brethren of the Coast, The, by Kirk Munroe, 447 Browning. The Complete Works of Mrs. E. B., 437 Browning, The Love Poems of Robert, 436 Buell, Augustus C. Portrait and Note, 188. Review,

by Molly Elliot Seawell, of “ Paul Jones," 657 Burns, The Complete Poems of Robert, 438

Century Book of the American Colonies, The, by

Elbridge S. Brooks, 454 Century Classics, The, 437 Chadwick, Rev. J. W. Biographical Note and Por

trait, 258; Review of “ Theodore Parker: Preacher

and Reformer," 393 Charles Edward, Prince, by Andrew Lang, 402 Chaucer, The Complete Poetical Works of, 438 Child of Glee, A, by A. G. Plympton, 452 Chloris of the Island, by H. B. Marriott Watson, 301 Children of the Revolution, by Maud and Mabel

Humphrey, 456 China and the Present Crisis, by Joseph Walton, 407 China's Open Door, by Rounseville Wildman, 407 China, The Crisis in. A List of Books Relating to

China, 24 China, the Long Lived Empire, by Eliza R. Scid

more, 19 Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes, by Isaac T. Head

land, 456 Christmas Carol, The, by Charles Dickens, 438 Christmas Sermon, A, by R. L. Stevenson, 436 Christmas Tree Scholar, The, by Frances Bent Dil

lingham, 452 Cobb, Thomas. Portrait, 186 Collected Poems, by Arthur Peterson, 396 Colonial Days and Ways, by Helen E. Smith, 430 Conquest of Arid America, The, by William E.

Smythe, 128 Counsel Upon the Reading of Books, by H. Morse

Stephens and Others, 297 Cricket on the Hearth, The, by Charles Dickens, 438 Crittenden, by John Fox, Jr., 462 Cromwell, Oliver, by Theodore Roosevelt, 215, 390;

by John Morley, 390. His Life and Character, by

Arthur Paterson, 392 Cruise of the Cachelot, The, by Frank T. Bullen, 62 Cruise of the Pretty Polly, The, by W. Clark Russell,

447 Cycle of Cathay, A, by Dr. W. A. P. Martin, 20 Dames and Daughters of Colonial Days, by Geral

dine Brooks, 429 Dancing Master, The, by Adrien Chabot. Translated

by Pauline W. Sill, 308 Daughter of Freedom, A, by Amy E. Blanchard, 447 Daudet, The Works of Alphonse, 436 David Harum, by E. N. Westcott, 462 Deacon Bradbury, by Edwin Asa Dix, 118 Dellenbaugh, Frederick, Portrait and Note, 540 Democracy and Empire, by Franklin Henry Gid

dings, 214 Detective Novel, The Germ of the. An Illustrated

Sketch by H. L. Williams, 268 Diary of a Dreamer, The, by Alice Dun-Smith, 406 Dinkelspiel's Conversationings, by George V. Ho

bart, 64 Diplomatic Woman, A, by Huan Mee, 223 Divided Skates, by Evelyn Raymond, 452 Dividend to Labor, A, by Nicholas P. Gilman, 60 Domestic Blunders of Women, The, by A Mere

Man.' 127 Domestic Dramas, by Paul Bourget, 416 Down South, by Rudolph Eickemeyer, 433 Dream Fox Story Book, The, by Mabel Osgood

Wright, 441 Droll Doings, 456 Dr. North and His Friends, S. Weir Mitchell, 414 Dumas. Tales of Alexander, 438 Dye, Eva Emery. Biographical Note, 260: Portrait, 261; Review of

McLoughlin and old Oregon, 130 Eagle's Heart, The, by Hamlin Garland, 462

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