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TO the many Compilations published for the use of Schools,

it seemed expedient that a Seleétion jould be added from the Bible. And with respect to the propriety of selečting, where all is presumed to be excellent, it will not surely be denied by the judicious and impartial, that some parts of Holy Scripture are better adapted than others, to the perusal of readers in the puerile age,

It appears that the practice of initiating young people in reading by the New and Old Testament, which was once universal, is rather on the decline ; and one reason of it may be, a disapprobation of reading them, WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION, at a time when the understanding is immature.

But while the New and Old Testament have lost ground in Schools, many trifling and uninteresting Books have supplied their place; books which impress ideas but feebly, and which, if they are remembered, furnish the mind with little more than lumber. Even histories of Jesus Christ and of the Bible, conveyed in the language of a poor writer, tend to debasé subjects, which, in the sacred text, appear with an air of native majesty.

It is desirable that the more important matter of Holy Writ should make an early impression, and be remembered for life ; and it is therefore right to let it be read, as in the days of our forefathers, during the course of early education, when all that is received is likely to be long retained. A sample once relished by the learner, may invite him in due time to feast upon the whole.

Such ideas on the subje&t suggested the expediency of the following selection. In beginning it, the Editor was glad to



lean on authority. He therefore adopted in the New Testa-
mert the Chapters particularly recommended by Dr. An-
thony Blackwall, the celebrated author of the Sacred Clas-
fics, who, from his peculiar studies, may be supposed well
prepared to direct such a choice.

His words on the subječt of his selection, which is here
followed in the First Part, are these :

« In this collection you will find the Book of God,
« written by the Evangelists and Apostles, comprised in

a most admirable and comprehensive Epitome +.”

In the Second Part, which consists of Extracts from the
Old Testament, the Editor has endeavoured to select, accordo
ing to his own judgment, the most entertaining and improving
passages and books; and if he has in any respect erred, he
hopes the rectitude of his intention will secure pardon.

In the Third Part he has inserted most of those beautiful
and moral books of Apocrypha, the Wisdom of Solomon, and

As the great objections to the Editions of Bibles usually intro-
duced into Schools are, a small Letter and a crowded Page,
regard has been paid in this Selection to the external circum-
flances of a good Type and a pleasing appearance of both Page
and Paper. These are of consequence to the young learner,
as they leffen the tedium of reading, by easing the eye.

Sincerely hoping that this Publication may contribute fome-
thing, as an elementary book, to the promotion of religious
knowledge and rational piety in the most docile age, it is
respectfully offered to the superintendants of education.

+ Yrd. Blackwall's Introduction to the Classics, pag. 132, 133.

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From the Gospel according to St. MATTHEW.

ful: for they hall obtain

mercy. ND seeing the multi- 8 Blessed are the pure in

tudes, he went up into heart: for they shall see a mountain : and when he God. was fet, his disciples came

9. Blessed are the peaceunto him :

makers : for they shall be 2 And he opened his called the children of God, mouth, and taught them, 10 Blessed are they which saying,

are persecuted for righteous39 Blessed are the poor in nessfake: for their's is the spirit: for their's is the king- kingdom of heaven, dom of heaven.

11 Blessed are ye when 4 Blessed are they that men shall revile you, and mourn : for they shall be persecute you, and shall say comforted.

all manner of evil against 5 Blessed are the meek: for you falsely for my fake. they fhall inherit the earth. 12 Rejoice, and be ex

6 Blessed are they which ceeding glad: for great is do hunger and thirst after your reward in heaven: for righteousness: for they shall lo persecuted they the probe filled.

phets which were before 7 Blessed are the merci- you.


13 Ye

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139 Ye are the falt of the ness shall exceed the rightes, earth: but if the falt have ousness of the scribes and lost his favour, wherewith Pharisees, ye shall in no case shall it be falted? it is thence-enter into the kingdom of forth good for nothing but heaven. to be cast out, and to be 21 q Ye have heard that: trodden under foot of men. it was faid by them 'of old

14 Ye are the light of the time, Thou shalt not kill; and world. A city that is set whosoever shall kill, shall be on an hill cannot be hid. in danger of the judgement :

15 Neither do men light 22. But I say unto you, a candle, and put it under a That whosoever is angry bushel, but on a candle- with his brother without a stick; and it giveth light un-cause, shall be in danger of to all that are in the house. the judgement : and whoso

16 Let your light fo fhine ever shall say to his brother, before men, that they may Raca, shall be in danger of see your good works, and the council : but whosoever glorify your Father which is thall say, Thou fool, shall be in heaven.

in danger of hell fire. 17 Think not that I 23 Therefore, if thou come to destroy the law, or bring thy gift to the altar, the prophets: I am not come and there rememberest that to destroy, but to fulfil. thy brother hath ought a

18 For verily I say unto gainst thee; you, Till heaven and earth 24 Leave there thy gift pass, one jot or one tittle before the altar, and go thy Thall in no wise pass from way ; first be reconciled to the law, till all be fulfilled. thy brother, and then come

19 Whosoever therefore and offer thy gift. shall break one of these least 25 Agree with thine adcommandments, and shall versary quickly, whiles thou teach men so, he shall be art in the way with him : left called the least in the king- at any time the adversary dedom of heaven: but whoso- liver thee to the judge, and the ever shall do, and teach them, judge deliver thee to the ofthe same shall be called great ficer, and thou be caft into in the kingdom of heaven. prison.

20 For I say unto you, 26 Verily I say unto thee, That except your righteous- Thou shalt by no means



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