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Scientific Publications


The American Museum of Natural History


VOLUME I.-ZOölogy and Palæontology.
VOLUMES II-VIII.-Anthropology.

VOLUME IX.-Zoölogy and Palæontology.
VOLUMES X-XIV.-Anthropology.

VOLUMES II, IV, V, VII, VIII, X-XIV, and an ETHNOGRAPHICAL ALBUM form the Memoirs of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Volumes I-X.


VOLUMES I-II.-Zoölogy and Palæontology.
VOLUME III, part 1.-Entomology.

The Memoirs are a series, quarto size, devoted to the publication of important monographs requiring large and superb illustrations. The Memoirs are issued at irregular intervals.


VOLUMES I-XXXVIII, parts 1-14.

The Bulletin, octavo size, contains the results of the scientific activities of the various departments of the Museum. One or more volumes, each containing about seven hundred pages, numerous plates, text figures and maps, are published annually.



The Anthropological Papers, octavo size, contain the results of the researches by the anthropological staff of the Museum. These scientific papers are issued at irregular intervals as parts of volumes, each volume usually treating one subject or several related subjects.


A Review of the Primates. By D. G. ELLIOT. 3 volumes.

Hitherto Unpublished Plates of Tertiary Mammals and Permian Vertebrates. By COPE and MATTHEW.

The Monograph series, royal octavo size, contains results of scientific researches which on account of their length and exhaustive character are not suitable for publication in the Memoirs.

A more detailed list, with prices, of these publications may be had
upon application to the Librarian of the Museum.

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