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An American forest swept by fire presents the same scene of desolation as the shell-wrecked forests of Europe. A century will hardly suffice to restore the ruined forests of Europe; and a century will hardly suffice to restore fire-swept forests in America. This is something for every American to think of so that he may use his influence against carelessness with fire on every occasion 98




Young decidu-
ous trees have a

delicate as

work, the soft
green layers of
their branches
stretch against the
shadows behind
them and gradu.
ally fade back into
the fascinating
mystery of the
woods. It is good
to feel that such
beauty is in the

The great en
emy of the forest
is fire, sometimes
smoldering unsus.
pected so deep un.
der the surface of
the humus that
when a chance puff
of wind breaks it
into flame it is
only extinguished
after great labor
by trenching,
sometimes roaring
through the tree
tops with incred-
ible velocity; in
any case the fac.
tor of importance
is promptitude. In
the operations of
the Conservation
fire fighters, the
old back roads
through the woods
prove most use-
ful, making dis-
tant points quickly
accessible. A fire
map is issued
showing every
road, trail, station,

cache for
emergency tools
and equipment,
the condition, area.
and date of
burned regions.
and character and
position of all
woods and water

99 FOREST CLAD HEIGHTS OF THE ADIRONDACKS FROM INDIAN PASS The de se growth that covers these mountains is composed of both conifers nd deciduous trees. ermanent preservation of the forests upon the upper elevations is essential for the protection of steep slopes and to prevent great fire risks. The Conservation Commission is now engaged in acquiring such lands for the state, in order to insure a continuous forest growth upon them. New York is fortunate in the position of her forests, for winds may blow east from the ocean or west from the Great Lakes, and their moisture is precipitated in rain by the cool air rising from the forest, and falls over a wide expanse of farm land 100


On the green of the crowded tree tops sunshine alternates with cloud shadow. The spirit of primeval life adds a subtle charm to the beauty of the
little lake set in hills that sweep away in almost appalling vastness until they fade away into the horizon.

In the forest shade countless streams have set their courses to feed natural reservoirs and provide water power, navigable rivers, and a supply of
water for man and his agricultural lands. Wasteful lumbering, and especially an unguarded fire, would turn all this wealth and beauty into a profitless
waste. The forests are the people's birthright, and the state seeks to conserve this birthright for them

101 BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE, ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE ADIRONDACKS An island dotted gem of clearest water, set in a hollow of forested hills. In such a spot the spirit of many a city-crushed toiler is revived and invigorated for months to come. The massive peak of Blue Mountain, from the side of which this photograph was taken, commands the lake 102

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